Three Things You Should Include In Your 2020 Instagram Marketing Strategy

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Last Updated: May 28, 2021

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If you’re looking to grow your brand in 2020, having an Instagram Marketing Strategy is crucial. Gone are the days of posting randomly with no strategy behind your content. Visuals have  overtaken the majority of our communication (think text emojis, memes, GIFs, and Snapchat selfies) and this includes our social networks, most notably Instagram. 

If you’ve been hesitating to create an Instagram marketing strategy, know that 71% of all U.S. businesses are using the platform. If you’re in the 29% percent, you might want to think about how an Instagram marketing strategy can help grow your business. In this article, we’re going to break down the three things you should focus on for your Instagram marketing strategy heading into 2020: content marketing, engagement marketing, and influencer marketing. Master these three areas and your business will be booming on Instagram. 

Content Marketing

As mentioned, Instagram is a visual platform. Ensuring your content is visually appealing, engaging, and bringing value to the viewer is extremely important. If your posts are all of the above, the likelihood your content will get Instagram followers for your account is much higher.

Going into 2020 we want to provide you with innovative ways to up your content marketing game. These tips and tricks will give you a leg up above the rest, and bring in real followers to continue engaging with your content. 

First figuring out what the best posting schedule is for you. Depending on your industry, demographics, and other unique characteristics, there are best posting times on Instagram. In the good ole days of a chronological feed and before Instagram Insights, finding the right time to post was a bit of a guessing game. Insights have taken the guessing out of figuring out the best time to post, by letting you know when your audience is most active. If you’re looking to keep your current followers engaged and gain more real followers, paying attention to the best posting times needs to be part of your Instagram marketing strategy

Photos aren’t the only type of content you should be posting, quite au contraire. If you’re not already using video, go into 2020 with the goal to create more video content. They say a picture’s worth a 1,000 words, but what if we told you a video would be worth so much more? Consumers love video so it’s no shock that Instagram Video posts receive twice the engagement of other posts. Engagement is vital in an Instagram marketing strategy and we’ll touch more on engagement marketing soon. 

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Instagram’s recent addition, IGTV gives users even more opportunities to post video content. This feature is great in increasing user engagement and leading to more real followers. If you’re looking to get Instagram followers who will stick around for more, posting quality IGTV videos is a great start. 

Now that you’ve established the first crucial part of an Instagram marketing strategy, content, you need to learn how to make your content viewable. Hashtags are how users can find your profile. To make sure you’re choosing the right ones, think would someone find me if they typed in this hashtag?  

Everyone knows how to use hashtags, but the real question is are you using them effectively? Using hashtags strategically could make the difference in your Instagram marketing strategy, help attract real followers, and boost engagement. The trick is finding hashtags to use that reflect your post and brand, but are not so overused that your content is lost in the shuffle. With trial and error, finding a mix of up to thirty hashtags for your niche will up your engagement and track real followers to your page. If you want to get Instagram followers through hashtags, but do not know where to begin, an Instagram marketing service like Kicksta can be of help. We created a hashtag generator to create the hashtag wall for you. 

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Engagement Marketing

What is engagement marketing anyway? Engagement marketing is using strategic content and content marketing tools, to engage people and create meaningful interactions over time, aka what influencers do daily. There’s no point in posting content if it isn’t going to engage your audience and attract real followers, so mastering this part of your Instagram marketing strategy is as crucial as the others. 

Younger generations are less susceptible to traditional advertising and marketing methods, and instead crave a genuine connection and desire to establish relationships with brands they like and support. Through Instagram, brands can directly access their audience and share content with these consumers. Engagement marketing is vital in an Instagram marketing strategy because Instagram is the platform with the highest engagement rates, roughly 10x more than Facebook

Implementing your engagement marketing tactics as part of your overall Instagram marketing strategy can be daunting. Thankfully, utilizing an Instagram marketing service can make those worries diminish. Kicksta focuses on engagement, growth marketing, and turning real followers into customers. 

Kicksta interacts with users like you would, saving you time and effort to put into other aspects of your Instagram marketing strategy. This type of engagement marketing strategy will build those authentic relationships you’re looking for and thus bring in real followers, not bots. 

Liking and commenting are not the only forms of engagement marketing. To engage real followers you’ll have to stay active in your DMs, on stories, and with feed posts. Think of these as free customer service tools to communicate with your followers. If your end goal is to get Instagram followers and build a community, you can not neglect the people asking questions! Set aside time each day to reply to the DM’s and comments of your followers. Doing so will boost your engagement and retain the real followers coming to your page. 

Lastly, an easy way to engage with your audience is through Instagram stories. If you’re looking to get real followers as part of your Instagram marketing strategy (which you should be) stories are not to be neglected. Stories were created to allow users to market in real-time, diversify content, and increase visibility. 

examples of Instagram story content

Increasing visibility alone should be a reason to implement using stories in your Instagram marketing strategy. Because of Instagram’s algorithm, if you post regularly on stories your chances of being first on the list are much higher. Posting stories effectively will increase your opportunity to get Instagram followers more quickly. Instagram’s hashtag and location stickers on stories will amplify your reach, leading real followers to your profile. 

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Influencer Marketing

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again, influencer marketing is on the rise.

“More than 80% of marketers reported Influencer marketing as one of the most effective aspects of their Instagram marketing strategy.


Brands can utilize influencers, both big and small, to connect with their ideal audiences. Influencer marketing has grown in popularity, that for many companies, it is a dedicated marketing channel. This part of your Instagram marketing strategy is not to be ignored as 72% of Instagram users report making purchase decisions based on something they saw while browsing the app. To not capitalize on influencers is only hindering your brand’s potential.  

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The key to success is finding the right influencers for your brand and campaigns. It may seem like working with the Internet’s top celebrities is the easiest way to get Instagram followers and attract attention to your brand, however, this may not always be the best Instagram marketing strategy. 

First, find micro-influencers. Although they have fewer followers, usually under 100k, their posts generate much higher engagement rates than macro-influencers and celebrities. These ordinary people are social media celebrities who are considered experts in their specific niche whether it be travel, beauty, food, health, business, etc. Their opinions are highly regarded and persuasive, making them excellent marketing tools. If you’re looking to target an extremely specific audience and potentially get Instagram followers from these people, working with micro-influencers is a great place to start. 

Bottom line micro-influencers are cost-effective, affordable, their audiences are loyal, and they offer very targeted brand awareness for their respective niche. Macro-Influencers can help your brand in many of the same ways but it will cost more and be spread to a wider, less specific audience. 

Pro Tip: Influencer marketing isn’t about working with people who have the biggest audience, it’s about gaining exposure and working with people who have the right audience. These audiences will help your brand make connections with people, get Instagram followers, and spread awareness of a new product or service. 

To create an influencer marketing strategy you’ll want to make a plan like you would for the rest of your Instagram marketing strategy. First, define your goals. Are you looking to increase brand awareness? Build a brand identity? Increase engagement? Get Instagram followers? Lead generation? 

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Once you establish your goals, it’s time to create the proper campaign to help you achieve them. Depending on the goals, there are various influencer marketing strategies you can consider to help grow your brand, audience, attract real followers, etc. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Gifting products: Sending an influencer product in exchange for a review or mention.
  • Sponsored content: Paying the influencer to feature your product on their social channels and/or blog. 
  • Contests and Giveaways: Running a contest and asking the influencer to share the giveaway with their followers too.
  • Affiliates: Provide influencer with a unique code that gives them a percentage of each sale driven from their channels.
  • Discount code: Give an influencer a unique code for your product or service which gives their audience a discount, but they do not receive a commission from it,
  • Brand Ambassadors: These loyal fans will promote your brand, products, or services in exchange for exclusive offers, free products, or being featured by your brand.

Each influencer marketing campaign will be unique and can include one or a few of the above criteria. This is just a guide to help you implement this part of your overall Instagram marketing strategy. Once you’ve identified your goals and type of strategy that fits your brand and budget, you’ll have to identify your target audience before reaching out to influencers. 

Sit down and spend time outlining details about the audience you want to target. Missing this step will hurt your chances of attracting real followers to your brand’s pages. Once you’ve established your audience (demographics and psychographic segmentation), you’re ready to find the right influencers. Always remember when reaching out to people to make sure they truly are a good fit for your brand and goals. As mentioned, the right audience is better than the biggest one.

Your Instagram Marketing Strategy in 2020

Heading into 2020, give your Instagram marketing strategy the care it deserves! Instagram is a great place to find a greater audience and will cost your company much less than traditional advertising methods. If your end goal is to grow your brand, attract real followers, and create a loyal community, than implementing the above strategies for content, engagement, and influencer marketing will be your keys to Instagram success.

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