Instagram Live Shopping: What Does It Mean For Your Brand?

Instagram live shopping
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Last Updated: Jun 1, 2021

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Instagram Live Shopping is evolving the way brands promote their products. The platform recently introduced Live Shopping, which allows brands and creators to sell products directly through their Instagram Live broadcast. 

Instagram Live already made its mark previously as a great way for brands to get more personal with their audience. Now with the Live Shopping feature in full effect, brands can expect to see more engagement, an increase in conversions, and better results overall. 

Simply put, Instagram Live Shopping is an e-commerce feature that allows accounts that have access to Instagram Checkout to tag products from their Facebook shop or catalog before going live. 

How It Works

With live shopping, brands can add up to 30 approved products to a collection for a promotion. To learn more about Instagram-approved products, read their help page here. During the live stream, an account can pin their number of approved items one by one. These products will appear at the bottom of the screen during the video, allowing viewers to see the promoted products during the stream. 

If the viewer finds the product useful, they can either buy or save one or more products that were included in the live stream. The integration of Live Shopping on Instagram is certainly gaining traction for brands and is a well-needed convenience for consumers to get instant access to some of their favorite products.

Why Use Instagram Live Shopping?

Instagram Live Shopping is a game-changer for brands who want to increase their visibility and product promotion. At the same time, Live Shopping offers more ways for consumers to get their hands on some of their favorite products. Let’s take a closer look at why brands should already be leveraging this feature. 

Instagram Live Vs. Instagram Stories And Posts

Instagram Live is a clear winner over stories and posts when it comes to product promotion. With Instagram Live, your followers can be notified when you start a new video. If you already have loyal followers waiting to tune in to your next live stream, you can take it a step further and introduce them to your promoted products. With notifications, brands can essentially increase product visibility with ease.

Additionally, Instagram Live brings more engagement when compared to stories and posts. In fact, 82% of people prefer live stream video content over standard social media posts. This means that brands can expect to see a better response rate when promoting products through their live stream broadcast.

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Promote More Products

Going live doesn’t just provide better interactions between brands and followers. Utilizing the Live Shopping feature on Instagram means that brands can promote more products. As stated previously, you can add up to 30 approved products to your live video. This means that brands can easily maximize their products’ accessibility to potential customers. In addition, brands are more likely to spark interest in these products since going live leads to more engagement.

Direct Followers To Purchase

Another benefit of Instagram Live is that you can easily direct followers to purchase. Live allows brands to not only be transparent and boost engagement but also speak directly to their audience. This creates the perfect opportunity to move followers along the sales funnel. Essentially, brands can talk about the features and benefits of their promoted products and encourage potential customers to make a purchase. At the same time, live video allows viewers to conveniently buy a product without going through too many steps. 

Increase Engagement With Pinned Topics and Reactions 

Other benefits of using Live Shopping include the ability to pin topics and react to your followers’ comments. When you pin the topic of your live stream video, you can give your followers insight into what your live stream is all about. This also means you are more likely to create buzz around your stream and garner your followers’ interest. Even more, Instagram Live allows brands to react to messages as people like and comment on the video. This feature improves interactions between brands and followers, which not only leads to more engagement but also more loyal followers willing to invest in products. 

instagram live shopping

Who Can Use Instagram Live Shopping?

As of right now, the only accounts eligible for Instagram Live Shopping are those with Instagram Checkout. However, Instagram Checkout is only eligible for U.S-based brands and creators. 

Instagram hasn’t stated when Live Shopping will be rolled out globally. However, we can probably expect an expansion soon due to Instagram’s recent advancements in the e-commerce industry. 

Instagram Checkout: What Is It and How Can You Get It?

If you’re interested in Live Shopping on Instagram, you’re probably wondering what Instagram Checkout is and how you can get it. Instagram Checkout is a feature created by the platform that allows users to make a purchase without leaving the Instagram app. This feature is the platform’s solution to creating a streamlined process for converting followers into customers

This means that followers can tap to view a product from a post and then move on to the payment process if they’re ready to make a purchase. Doing this all through Instagram conveniently minimizes the number of steps needed to make a purchase. Not only that, but brands can see better conversion rates as they improve the customer experience. 

If you’re still confused about Instagram Checkout, take a look at this simplified step-by-step guide on how the process works. 

Step 1: The user will tap the product they want to use.

Step 2: Once a product is chosen, the user will pick their specifications for the product depending on what it is. For instance, they may choose the color and size of the product. 

Step 3: Click the “Checkout On Instagram” button. 

Step 4: Enter payment details.

Step 5: Click “Place Order.”

instagram live shopping

How Will Instagram Live Shopping Help My Brand? 

Instagram Live is one of the best features that the platform has to offer especially when it comes to improved engagement. That’s why it is the perfect place for product promotions. Essentially, Instagram Live Shopping provides more opportunities for potential customers to purchase from your brand.

Improve Authenticity

Consumers care about authenticity when making purchasing decisions. With that said, live videos give brands a chance to speak directly to those interested in a specific product. Brands can quickly answer questions that will undoubtedly improve the buying experience. As a result, businesses can expect more sales with the integration of Live Shopping.

Along with this, Live Shopping gives brands the chance to conduct demos and tutorials of promoted products. This not only establishes trust but also improves the likelihood of converting viewers into customers.

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Simplify the Buying Process

Instagram Live Shopping also helps brands when it comes to simplifying the buying process. In a digital world, it’s pretty easy to lose the interest of prospects. This is because there are already so many options for consumers to choose from. For this reason, brands need to minimize the steps needed to make a purchase. You don’t want to put prospects in a position to think too long. Instead, it’s integral to focus on streamlining the process by including as few steps as possible. This is one of the biggest advantages of leveraging Live Shopping. Followers can watch the live, view products, and make a purchase right through Instagram. 

instagram live shopping

Improve Selling Capabilities with More Products

In addition to this, Live Shopping improves brands’ selling capabilities when compared to other options. Being able to sell more products with a live stream helps brands cut down on time promoting products while keeping their audience engaged at the same time.

More often than not, you only have one opportunity to capture a viewer’s attention. Having the flexibility and convenience of promoting multiple products in a single live video means that you can diversify your product offerings and give viewers more options to choose from without ever leaving your video. 

Increase Conversions and Sales

Along with this, promoting more products leads to increased conversions and sales. Essentially, you want to promote your products as often as you can in the most organic way possible. The more you can get your products in front of your audience, the better your results will be. For this reason, live video is the perfect marketing strategy for businesses that are ready to increase their product promotion and grow their brand.

Get Personal With Your Followers

Leveraging Live Shopping also allows brands to interact with their followers in an authentic and transparent way. Instagram Live Shopping means that you can connect with followers and showcase your products on a personal, unfiltered level. What’s great about this is that it allows brands to understand their customers’ reactions, wants, and needs. This is extremely important since your customers’ needs will continue to evolve.

The more you understand your audience, the better you will be able to address pain points, stay relevant, and nurture loyal customers.

At the same time, your audience is more likely to be invested in your brand when you are transparent with them. In fact, trust is a top priority for consumers today. Most consumers will conduct research before ever making a purchase. Part of that research includes filtering brands that can meet their needs and are honest about the quality and value of the product. Promoting products through Instagram Live allows brands to build that trust and nurture potential customers in the process. 

Instagram Live Shopping

Instagram Live Shopping is certainly making waves for brands and consumers alike. For brands and creators, Live Shopping offers an effective way to boost engagement and promote products. Thanks to the success of Instagram Live, these brands can expect to see improved sales and better responses from their followers. 

For consumers, brands that can provide their favorite products with a streamlined shopping experience will gain a clear competitive advantage. Consumers today prefer the convenience of shopping with trusted brands and creators without performing too many steps in the process.

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