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How to Use Instagram Marketing for Etsy Stores

instagram marketing for etsy stores

As an Etsy business owner, you’ve probably been gifted with one of those extremely creative minds that so many people are after. But if you have not already thought about Instagram marketing for your Etsy store, that might be a key component your missing.

Creating awesome products for your business is only have the battle.

In today’s digital day and age, it is no longer enough to simply have the talent to produce incredible products.

You also need to be smart enough to know how to get the right eyes on your goods.

Why you need Instagram Marketing for your Etsy Store

Sure, social media is great for this. But , one social media channel reigns supreme for Etsy businesses—Instagram.

Due to the people, products, and preferences that most frequently pertain to Etsy’s unique platform, Instagram is by far one of the best ways to generate real, high-quality leads for your digital business.

So, how can you take your Etsy business to the next level by way of Instagram?

Instagram Growth Hacks

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No worries—the answers you so dearly crave can be found in the following four tips:

1) Use Your Profile to Dangle a Carrot of Sorts

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While dangling a carrot—or any other kind of delicious food, for that matter—could very well be considered a form of cruel and unusual punishment, as a successful Etsy shop owner on Instagram, you use the tactic to take people from your profile, directly to your Etsy page.

Instagram has never been much for words, so use the little space you have to make your personality known. Be genuine, succinct and real, using an emoji or two along the way to help build an emotional connection with your account visitors.

Lastly, add a shortened link that leads back to your website. Even better, if you have some sort of free gift—be it a coupon, e-book or helpful template—waiting for them when they arrive, you’ll not only be driving traffic, but will build a bit of PR clout with soon-to-be customers in the process.

2) Experiment to Find Out What Your Audience Wants

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Digital marketers can’t seem to stop talking about “quality content.” At this point, the phrase has almost become a buzzword, but there’s a reason for it—it’s that important. Now, let it be known that there’s a tremendous difference between talking about the posting of quality content and actually doing it.

Anybody can chit-chat all they want, but few are the Instagram accounts that have wholeheartedly embraced the importance of quality images. If you’d like to soon find your Etsy business linked to a quality Instagram account, use a few of the following ideas to help you get there as quickly as possible:

      • Your Personal Work Space – What might seem like an old, run-of-the-mill desk or workshop to you might actually be something of real interest to your Instagram fans. Truthfully, it’s not that they’re interested in your workspace or anything—what grips them is being granted access to a behind-the-scenes look at a day in your life.
      • The Various Stages of Production – Whether it be a jaw-dropping painting or simple knick-knack, showing how a product goes from a mere idea to a full-blown, bonafide product is nothing short of entertaining. Once again, its that exclusive look that your followers are hoping to catch a glimpse of. You have access to it—give it to them.
      • The Final Product – When on your site, people purchase what they can see. Sure, a product description will help them get a sense of what they could potentially invest in, but a top-notch image seals the deal. Your Instagram images—without being overly advertorial, mind you—do the exact same thing.
      • Creative Inspiration – Think about it for a moment—what truly inspires you? Here at Kickstagram, this is a question we simply can’t answer for you. When approached correctly, this Instagram tactic allows you to tell a story of sorts to your base of devoted followers. They’ll love you for it, tell their friends and your account will grow.
      • The Talent – Your business isn’t a logo—it’s you, right? So, as a human of flesh and bone, step out from behind your smartphone camera, and feature yourself, from time to time. And no—it’s not self-absorbed; it’s smart marketing. No joke—this stuff works for your fiercest Etsy competitors, and it’ll work for you, too.

With all of this in mind, by no means should you confine yourself to our miniature list of image options. As an Etsy shop owner, your genius comes from you creativity. If you can imagine it and capture it in a quick, high-quality image, it’s likely to build a great deal of rapport with your niche target audience.

3) Use Hashtags and Handles Wisely

instagram marketing for etsy stores - janetomyausten

Few things are more painful than seeing an awesome Instagram post with either no hashtags or a series of silly, unusable hashtags that do little more than annoying users. Yes, there’s a place for it within the body of any post’s copy, but hashtags are primarily used more for the business side of things.

Hashtags allow your posts to be discovered by people who are looking for content just like yours, yet are unaware of your Instagram-for-Etsy account’s existence. When they search for keyword-specific content using Instagram’s search bar, if your posts contain corresponding hashtags, yours are the posts they’ll see. Here are a few hashtags that, as an Etsy shop owner, you should highly consider using:

      • #Etsy
      • #EtsyFinds
      • #Mompreneur
      • #ShopHandmade
      • #HandmadeBusiness

… and the list goes on and on. As such, don’t feel like you need to take random shots into the dark as to which hashtags will work best for your Etsy business. There are plenty of free tools online to help you find the best hashtags for your business’ Instagram posts.

4) Make Meaningful Connections With Others

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We get it—you’re painfully busy and probably barely have enough time to snap a few Instagram-worthy photos throughout the day, right? Well, if that’s the case, we’ve got a tough pill for you to swallow—if you’re serious about this whole Instagram marketing thing, you’ll need to up the ante with plenty of real-time engagement. That’s right—you’ll need to do your absolute best to respond to each and every one of your fan’s comments.

But that’s not all you can do—liking others’ photos and interacting with your fans’ content will make your work not only more approachable, but much easier to engage with. Obviously, this is a long-term commitment, but before long, you’ll find that you’ve connected with a customer or collaborator somewhere along the way.

Instagram Tips from Artists & Crafters

So clearly, Instagram marketing is key to get the right traffic over to your Etsy store.

But don’t take our word for it.

Here are 10 tips from actual artists and crafters on how to Instagram to market your business

“Do what feels like you! It’s easy to fall into using the same presets and filters that are trending, but sometimes it’s better to stand out than blend in. Make sure your posts are authentic and meaningful rather than what’s popular.” –Cassie Gaston Crafted to Create, @craftedtocreate

“Instagram has honestly become the biggest part of my art business! As a visual platform, it is a site that is made for artwork – how you create it, every day practices as an artist, materials, and tools… I cannot stress how much Instagram has pushed forward my career. From the sheer number of artists I get to connect with, to the patrons and enthusiasts I meet at different events who I only know through Instagram – it has aided my success in sales at specific events such as the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Art Walks and even my own personal events. I am always changing my style on Instagram but my biggest suggestion/tip is make the information relevant to your business! I do not post too much about personal life stuff unless I pop it in my stories. And HASHTAGS – oh my gosh – use them! I do post at least once per day – realistically I should post 2-3 times per day. I aim for 7 am and 7 pm – I find this works best for my audience.”- Samantha Williams-Chapelsky, @samanthawilliamschapelsky

“Do research around hashtags and use them wisely. Have some hashtags that you always go for depending on your niche, where you can build your followers. Try to include a mixture of more popular hashtags and more specific ones to maximize exposure and coverage. And don’t forget to engage with the hashtags you use by liking, following, and leaving thoughtful comments on posts using the same hashtag.” –Yilin Wang Creative Voyagers, @creativevoyager

“A good tip would be take the time to research your hashtags. Create a couple different lists that you can use and switch up every now and then so you are not being repetitive. Also its “not all about you” If you want to slowly build don’t be afraid to engage with others. It is important to also share other accounts, comment on their posts and create genuine relationships. Networking is a wonderful thing and so is being authentic.” – Carrie Augie by Carrie Jewelry, @augiebycarriejewelry

“The best advice I’d ever had for Instagram was in relation to content writing. I was told to imagine that I was sat next to my best friend, with a cocktail in hand. Then explain the picture to them in your own words. This has really helped our interaction on Instagram because people can reply in a relaxed way. It has also made it more fun to manage.” – Gremma Pratt Mayinspire, @mayinspire

“Take a perfect picture in the natural light, use an Instagram filter to make it more clear. A beautifully captured photo always helps to attract more followers, but make sure you are using relevant hashtags too. Flatlay clicks are trending. Place the products or things nicely on a flat surface & also try to tag the brands, sometimes brands repost creative content so you can get new followers.” – Khadija, @creative_mind_khadija

“Test audiences to promote your content to. You can start with $5-10 per post. Test as few audiences at time as you can. You will learn who your content does well with in addition to getting additional exposure.” – Luz Donahue,  @luzdonahueart

“Be vulnerable. Life isn’t perfect, so your Instagram feed shouldn’t be perfect either. Rather than focusing only on your wins, show when you fail too. Talk about those harder times and you’ll better relate to your followers and inspire them to continue pushing toward greatness themselves.” –Sandy Pell Pellvetica, @sandypellart

“Stay true to who you are and what you do. Social media is like the lunchroom. You find your clique and make other people watch you.” –Robinne Adams-Smith, @youngeruditesociety

“Instagram has been a great platform for me to tell my story and engage with genuine interested people. Because of them I found even more motivation to become a better more evolved man. My stories have had replies from people all over the world, places I never thought of reaching. My products have been shipped to over 8 countries. It gave me a great confidence boost by just being who I am. And sometimes, my followers helped me realize ven better who I am not.” – Andy Kirchner 2nd Life Curacao, @2ndlifecuracao

Wrapping Things Up

Few are the industries that don’t stand to benefit from some Instagram marketing savvy.

Needless to say, if you currently find yourself fully ingrained in a booming Etsy business, Instagram is just what you need.

Even better, if you can closely follow each of the above tips and tidbits, into time at all, you’ll have made a name for yourself on Instagram, in addition to Etsy. Best of luck!

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