Different Ways to Get Creative on Instagram Stories

November 17, 2016 by kicksta

Last Updated: February 24, 2020

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With an increasing number of people jumping on Instagram Stories (100 million daily to date), it’s important to extend your brand’s identity and start to get creative on Instagram Stories in that space. Here are 7 tips on how to get creative on Instagram Stories.

1. Font Color

Why stick with green when you can have green, blue, and pink? Just highlight the word or letter that you want in a different color and choose from your color palette.

2. Colors Galore

At first glance, the color palette of Instagram stories looks like your standard nine-color palette. But if you press down on an individual color you can access the entire color wheel. 

3. Ballpoint or Felt Tip

Drawing without a stylus isn’t easy, but having the option to change up your pen tip helps. Press the far left bubble icon in your color palette to adjust the size.

4. Filter That

You never know which filter you’re gonna need. Luckily, you can access many of your Instagram favorites within Stories, simply by swiping to the right after taking your photo or video.

 5. Thought Bubbles

Changing your pen tip is also an easy way to create a thought bubble. Use a smaller tip to create dots up to one larger bubble, which you can create by using the largest pen tip size possible.

6. Size Up your Emojis

No eye-rolling emoji deserves to be as small as a pea. Show it and any text some love by pinching it with your fingers to expand. Or, if you so choose, smaller. The only downside here is that the larger you make your emoji, the more pixelated it will appear. Major eye-roll.

7. Add A Geotag

If you see celebs adding Snapchat-like Geotags, they’re pulling them from their camera roll. So, if you really want to show that you’re in West Hollywood like Demi Lovato, this requires you to go into Snapchat first, save the photo, and then add it to your Instagram story. 

8. Make Your Story A Recipe Book

Are you a healthy lifestyle brand? Lauren Conrad discovered one of the coolest uses for Instagram Stories. Start with the ingredients and walk friends through every part of the delicious process. 

Getting creative on Instagram Stories more creative is fun for you, good for your audience, and best for your brand.

If you feel like Instagram is evolving too fast for you, don’t worry! We got you covered. Check out Kickstagram’s Blog  with all the latest Instagram marketing tips, features, etc..

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