7 Tips To Get More Customer Reviews On Instagram

7 Tips to Get More Customer Reviews on Instagram
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Published: Sep 8, 2023

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Ranked third as the biggest social network, marketing on Instagram is a powerful channel for enhancing your overall business strategy. From expanding brand awareness to increasing sales, Instagram offers various free tools for small businesses and large enterprises.

Moreover, you can gather customer reviews on Instagram. Social proof from happy customers can help you generate loyal buyers, impacting your brand’s longevity. In addition, authentic reviews from existing customers can influence your target audience to take action.

The following discussion will mainly discuss the seven tips to get more customer reviews on Instagram, from hosting a contest to collaborating with influencers. Before delving into more details, let’s explore the basics first!

How To Share Customer Reviews on Instagram?

For the past few years, user-generated content (UGC), like reviews and testimonials, has produced the highest engagement rates than any other content on Instagram. UGC can come in various formats, including images, videos, and engaging captions.

However, generating reviews can be challenging for brands. You must motivate customers and actively approach them to produce visual or written reviews about your product.

But how to successfully handle this matter?

Before discovering ways to gather customer reviews on Instagram, let’s explore content formats to share customer reviews on Instagram:


Video post by starbucks

Videos provide a dynamic way to engage your potential customers. Content like tutorials, explainer videos, and product comparisons can capture attention and offer a deeper interaction than static images.

In terms of customer testimonials, you can encourage existing buyers to share their thoughts by recording their experiences. In this case, creating Instagram Reels and Stories is the most suitable option.

Repost their customer testimonials into your brand’s Instagram stories to show appreciation. While you expose reviews on stories, you also expose authentic experiences to potential buyers, motivating them to purchase your product.


User-generated content by Apple on Instagram

Images are the vital content type on Instagram. They allow you to showcase products, experiences, or any visual element related to your brand. 

Images can convey emotions, aesthetics, and messages effectively through visuals. To create product reviews using images, customers can take a photo of your product or while using it.

You can also give examples of how to incorporate reviews on pictures. For example, take a photo of your product and give it five-star ratings to show its effectiveness.

You can also screenshot several positive reviews and compile them using an editing app. Also, add a brief explanation of how your product works to demonstrate credibility.

Compelling Captions

User-generated content caption by @tarakelliesmith_

Even though Instagram is a photo-sharing platform, written captions accompanying your posts are crucial elements. Instagram captions allow users to provide context, tell stories, and encourage engagement. 

They complement the visual content and provide additional information or narratives. When it comes to reviews, written captions are essential to accompany image content.

Encourage your customers to elaborate on their experience while using your products. Briefly explaining product benefits is a way of giving recommendations, which is a part of the soft-selling strategy.

Highlight Reels

Instagram Story Highlights are a way to collect and categorize your Stories for your profile visitors to see. Create a Highlight specifically for customer reviews. Each Highlight can focus on a different aspect of reviews, such as product reviews, service reviews, etc.

Story highlights on Customer Testimonials by @lovemorningmoon

While some people love watching interactive presentation videos on Reels, others may prefer reading captions. That’s why incorporating various content formats to present customer reviews is essential to engage a broader audience.

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How to Get More Customer Reviews on Instagram

As we understand how to incorporate reviews on different content formats, let’s explore ways to encourage your customers to produce reviews for your product, service, or brand.

Here are the seven ways you can consider:

Tip #1: Host Giveaways or Contests

Creating contests or giveaways is a quick route to encourage customer reviews on Instagram. Before hosting one, you must prepare several aspects, such as creating rules, setting winner criteria, and preparing awards.

Create a contest where participants must share their experience with your product or service in the form of a review. This could involve sharing a photo, video, or written post showcasing how they’ve benefited from your offer.

Giveaway by @_msillyy

Set your entry rule by requiring customers to leave reviews and mention your brand.

Also, provide branded hashtags so you can easily track their entries.

Most importantly, provide attractive prizes or rewards for winners, such as giving new product samples, discounts, or even featuring their content on your profile. The incentive will motivate more customers to share their reviews.

Once the contest ends, announce the winners and share their reviews on your profile. This not only rewards participants but also showcases real experiences with your brand.

Tip #2: Promote Reviews in Stories

Instagram Stories are a dynamic way to promote customer reviews and engage your audience. You need to make the first step by creating content containing customer reviews. You find your product ratings and reviews on your website or eCommerce.

Promote Reviews in Stories

Design eye-catching and engaging Stories that highlight positive customer reviews. You can use text overlays, stickers, and animations to make the content visually appealing. Then, share your content on stories to encourage customers to share their experiences.

After you get customer reviews, you can directly repost them on stories. You can also use the “mention” sticker to tag the customers who left the reviews. This increases the sense of community and encourages more customers to participate.

Another alternative is to use stories to announce limited-time promotions or offers in exchange for reviews. This strategy creates a sense of urgency and can drive purchase decisions.

Tip #3: Ask for Customer Feedback Directly

Sometimes, all you need to do is ask your customers directly for feedback. You can leverage the Instagram comment section and Direct Messages (DMs) to reach out to your customers after they purchase your product.

If you want to use the comment section, write engaging captions asking your followers to share their experiences with your products or services. You can encourage them to leave comments or send you direct messages with their reviews.

Another way is by responding to comments and conversing with your followers. Monitor your Instagram posts and respond to users’ comments immediately.

This strategy also helps humanize your brand and demonstrates excellent customer support.

Customer Reviews by @anytimefitnessfp

However, some customers may be uncomfortable expressing their reviews through comments. In this case, you can contact them through direct messages. Express your appreciation for their support and ask if they would consider leaving a review.

To maintain efficiency, consider providing prompts or questions to help customers structure their reviews. For instance, you could ask what specific feature they liked the most or how your product solved a particular problem for them.

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Tip #4: Offer Referral Benefits

Providing referral benefits is a powerful way to motivate existing buyers to refer their friends and acquaintances to your products or services, generating more customer reviews. 

Establish a referral program where your current customers can expose your product and refer others to your brand. Each successful referral could lead to rewards like discounts, vacation getaway vouchers, or exclusive access to certain features.

Referral Benefits by @playfulpawspetcareservice

Create visually appealing posts explaining the referral program and highlighting the benefits for the referrer and the referred customers. Ensure the terms and conditions are clear and easy to understand.

Then, provide each customer with a unique referral link that they can share with their friends. This link is trackable to attribute successful referrals and ensure that rewards are given accordingly. If you cannot produce unique referral links, you can offer customers unique referral codes to share. 

Tip #5: Create Interactive Posts

The Instagram app offers interactive features like polls and Q&As. Consider using these features to get customer reviews. For instance, create a poll to gather customers’ ratings on your product or service.

Polls allow them to give ratings instantly. Meanwhile, Q&A is more suitable if you’re seeking more detailed reviews. You can capture the reviews and ratings you get from polls and Q&As, then share them on your Instagram feed and story. 

Interactive post by @muchmuchspectrum

Tip #6: Leverage Micro Influencer Partnerships

In fact, 37% of digital marketers agree that micro-influencers generate higher engagement with their posts. Moreover, collaborating with micro-influencers can significantly boost your reach and encourage customer reviews on Instagram.

Influencer marketing is also a relatively budget-friendly strategy yet capable of exposing your products to significant numbers of audiences. Allow them to promote your product through video or image formats.

Micro Influencer Partnerships by @the-babeaesthetic

When you collaborate with influencers, let them get creative with their content. Posts delivered naturally (doesn’t sound sponsored) can act like customer reviews.

For a more impactful result, ask your influencers to motivate other customers to create reviews on Instagram and mention your brand.

Tip #7: Actively Engage with Your Audience

Maintaining an active presence with your audience on Instagram is essential for building relationships and encouraging customer reviews. Interacting directly with your followers can create a sense of community and loyalty. 

Therefore, respond to comments on your posts.

Acknowledge positive feedback and address any concerns or questions. Engaging in conversations makes followers feel valued and more likely to leave reviews.

Engaging with audience by @koparibeauty

If followers reach out via direct messages, respond promptly and professionally. This one-on-one interaction can foster a personal connection and increase their likelihood of sharing their experiences.


With over two billion monthly active users, Instagram is an effective platform to enhance your marketing strategy. Social proof content like online reviews and testimonials are powerful marketing materials to drive business results. 

The above seven tips are some options to help you gather customer reviews on Instagram.

With more positive stories from existing customers, you can yield more impactful marketing results, including building a loyal community and driving long-term benefits.

Author Bio

Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company.

He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

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