What Instagram’s ‘Recommended for You’ Feature Means for Brands Like Yours

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Last Updated: May 24, 2021

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While Instagram seems to introduce new features on a weekly basis, only a small portion of them truly affect the way business accounts will use the platform. As you learn how to grow Instagram followers organically, you’ll find that new face filters and stickers on the story rarely attract new traffic to your page. However, more significant updates can bring an abundance of marketing potential for brands like yours.

Instagram has always been an amazing place to discover new brands, artists, influencers, and virtually any type of service you can imagine. In the past, however, we’d have to actively seek out these types of accounts, or we’d get lucky by seeing them tagged in a post on our feed.

For years, the ‘Explore’ page has been the go-to tab for some entertaining content from users you don’t follow. This feature proved to be a successful new approach to scrolling through content and getting less popular pages the recognition they deserve.

Only a few weeks ago, the team at Instagram has tested implementing aspects of the ‘Explore’ feature within the home feed. This means users will now see posts from accounts they don’t follow on their regular feed. While users have been skeptical about this addition thus far, the marketing potential that the ‘Recommended for You’ posts bring is undeniable.

Mindless Inspiration

Most business accounts are run by a single employee who likely has countless other responsibilities aside from social media updates. With that said, there’s little time to be browsing through the millions of undiscovered accounts that could be great sources of creative inspiration for your brand.

‘Recommended for You’ posts usually appear in groups of five on your home feed, and are clearly labeled as such to avoid confusion with your regular posts. Being as intelligent as they are, the Instagram team made sure these posts are purely based on accounts you follow or engage with regularly. 

It’s often considered one of the greatest distractions of our generation, but considering the amount of brilliant concepts posted on Instagram everyday, it has become an undeniable outlet for creative inspiration.

Effortless Promotion

After seeing a few of these posts pop up in your feed, you’ll start to notice an ongoing trend – each of post is from highly successful accounts that you actually ended up engaging with. This is Instagram’s way of sort of rewarding great business accounts and allowing new consumers to view their products or services.

While you’re likely unaware when your posts show up in another’s feed, let this be an aspiration, especially if you’re questioning how to grow Instagram followers organically.

Jump at every opportunity to promote your page without overindulging in self-promotion. Being featured on the ‘Explore’ page or ‘Recommended for You’ posts is a great example of this, and highly attainable for you and your brand.

Potential Networking Opportunities

Particularly prominent in creative fields, this notion of collaborating between artists, designers or brands is currently booming on social media. While Instagram serves as a productive medium for linking like-minded individuals, the addition of ‘Recommended for You’ posts can only help in the creative process.

Being that photography is the primary medium uploaded to Instagram, thousands of photographers and models have found work by merely exploring Instagram. It can be difficult to weigh the significance of Instagram marketing until you’ve created something tangible from it.

Never underestimate the power of social media in this digital age. No matter what stage your brand is currently in, there’s always something to take away from another successful account.

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