How To Use Shoppable Tags for Instagram Stories

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Last Updated: Jun 1, 2021

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Big news for brands who are trying to drive sales through Instagram! Your followers will now be able to shop for your products using shoppable tags on Instagram Stories.

Here’s how to use Shoppable Tags for Instagram Stories:

You can now tag your products with a shopping bag icon, making it seamless for users to be able to shop right through Instagram Stories. 

You can choose to add one tag per story and change the color to fit in with your style. If a user clicks on the sticker, they will be directed to a page with product details, then directly to the merchant’s site to purchase. You can track how many clicks your tags get, as well as how many were then taken to the website.

If you’re already familiar with the shoppable posts feature, this is a similar extension. And with 300M active users on Instagram Stories, this new feature will be sure to help increase sales. So time to start preparing!

shoppable tags for instagram stories
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How To Use Shoppable Tags to Drive More Sales

By now, you’ve probably already figured out the importance of marketing to consumers via Instagram, and you may have already built up a strong follower base. Those users are already following and engaging with your brand, but are they purchasing your products? To convert these followers into actual customers, you need to step up how you are advertising your products and enhance the user experience to its full potential.

Ever since the app introduced shopping tags for posts, e-commerce brands have flocked to Instagram to drive sales. Gone are the days when brands would have to direct users to a link in their bio to buy a product. Users can now simply click a tag to view product details and be taken to a direct link to purchase. Instagram is making shopping on the app more seamless than ever. Did you know users will soon be able to link their credit cards for in-app purchases?!

So if your brand has not already developed a killer strategy to market your products to users, it’s time to get to work. The key is finding a balance between advertising your product while avoiding coming off as too salesy. Users do not want to be told to buy something, there should be a natural and subtle message that entices them to buy. And don’t forget, Instagram is all about imagery, so you want to promote your products in a visually engaging way.

Why You Should be Using Instagram Stories for Business NOW!

In addition to having a cohesive and captivating grid to showcase your products, Instagram Stories are something that should also be planned out and curated into your scheduled content. Stories allow for a bit more creativity and customization than normal posts, so use that to your advantage! Be strategic when adding things like text, stickers, and GIFs to your stories. You want to highlight your product without overshining it.

instagram stories

Being able to shop for products directly on Stories is HUGE. According to Instagram’s press release, “In a recent survey, Instagrammers said they often watch stories to stay in-the-know with brands they’re interested in, get an insider view of products they like, and find out about new products that are relevant to them.”

The shopping stickers are now being rolled out to companies in 46 countries, so be sure to start incorporating Instagram Stories into your marketing strategy now and take advantage of this new feature!

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