5 Top Tools To Track Live Instagram Statistics

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Last Updated: Jun 8, 2022

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Looking for an insight into live Instagram statistics? You’re not alone.

Instagram is among the most valuable social media platforms around. Ideal for connecting with customers from all backgrounds, this platform is an engaging visual tool with more than 1 billion users, and a constantly evolving set of features. Whether you’re a business on Instagram, or a growing influencer, one of the most important things you can do is track your results.

Measuring live Instagram statistics gives you an insight into how your profile is growing every day. You can combine your real-time insights with historical information for a full view of your campaigns, and how successful your efforts are.

Let’s explore the benefits of Instagram live statistics, and how see they can grow your brand.

Why Use Live Instagram Statistics in 2021?

So, what are Instagram live statistics, and why are they so valuable?

Most people already track a lot of metrics and KPIs on Instagram.

Instagram already has its own “Insights” feature, where users can get an overview of historical information. You can use this solution to track things like follower growth over time, engagement, and even where your customers come from. There are even tools available for diving deeper into this historical information.

However, live statistics can take your insights even further.

With Instagram live statistics, you’re viewing valuable information in real-time. This means you can watch your follower count or engagement levels grow in the moment.

Why Use Live Statistics As A Brand On Instagram

If you’re a company searching for growth on Instagram, live statistics offer various benefits. You can use your real-time view to see how quickly Instagram influencers are growing and decide which trending names you want to partner with.

You can even use Instagram live statistics in real-time to compare one influencer to another in the same niche. This ensures you’re always investing in the best business outcomes.

When working with a team of social media professionals, companies can use live stats on Instagram to set and reach specific growth benchmarks. Giving your team an overview of their performance in the moment is great for motivating and inspiring staff members.

Why Use Live Statistics As An Influencer On Instagram

As an influencer trying to achieve reach through Instagram, live statistics give you a constant insight into your growth, and how many people are connecting with you. You see exactly how quickly you’re growing at any moment during the day. You might even get a better idea of when your Instagram followers are most active so you can schedule accordingly.

Live statistics are also excellent for advertising yourself as an influencer. If you can show potential partners how quickly your brand is growing, it’s much easier to convince them that they should partner with you.

Top 5 Tools to Track Live Instagram Statistics

Tools for tracking Instagram statistics live aren’t the same as the solutions available for measuring standard Instagram metrics. These solutions are often a little simpler and may only require you to enter the username of a company into a search bar to get results.

Some of the best tools for live Instagram statistics include:

1.      BlastUp

Wonderfully straightforward, BlastUp is a quick and easy way to get live statistics. Instagram users simply type any Instagram username into the search bar on the website, and they’ll get a real-time follower count. The service is free to use and takes seconds to deliver useful information.

Blastup Instagram live statistics tool

The features of BlastUp allow users to check:

·         Number of Instagram followers

·         Amount of media created

·         Following count

BlastUp is a great choice for influencers checking their growth, or companies who want to see the activity and development level of a potential influencer. The BlastUp site’s a comprehensive environment for Instagram tools. You can use the same website to download Instagram videos and pictures which you might want to repost.

It takes seconds to collect all of the data you need on BlastUp, and there’s no limit to how many times you can use the service.

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2.      SocialBlade

SocialBlade is a live Instagram Statistics tool which gives users access to a huge social database. Similar to BlastUp, this service requires you to enter the username of your chosen influencer (or your own brand), into a search box to track real-time information.

You can use the technology to find influencers and grow your channel, and there’s a business API so you can add the function straight into your internal systems. Features include:

·         Social media influencer tracking

·         Real-time follower count

·         Support for YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter

·         Engagement rate

·         Average Likes

·         Average Comments

One interesting thing about SocialBlade is that you can even search for influencers by entering a specific keyword. Access to real-time information about your brand or influencer’s engagement rate, follower count, following number, average likes, and average comments are all extremely useful. You can get a full view of which connections will help drive the best results.

3.      Counts.Live 

Designed specifically for tracking live Instagram Statistics, Counts.Live is a web-based application for brands and influencers. The service is extremely easy to use. You simply enter the URL of the person or company you want to track, then click the “Search” button. The platform allows you to track changes in follower counts and milestones with ease.

Aside from giving you an insight into Instagram followers, Counts.Live also allows you to check things like:

·         YouTube subscriber count

·         YouTube view count

·         TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, and Roblox follower count

·         Reddit subscriber count

·         Dailymotion follower count

·         Vlive fans account

Counts.Live Compare feature button

You can also see which influencers and accounts are trending or compare the followers of two different brands using the simple “compare” function. The compare option is particularly impressive because it makes it easier to see how two influencers are performing side by side. You just enter the name of the user you want to track, along with what real-time information you want to see, and click “search.”

4.     Insta Live Count

Another popular choice for tracking live Instagram statistics, Instagram Live Count is an amazing tool which shows you your follower count or the count of another influencer in real-time. The service updates automatically, so you can keep a constant eye on the accounts that matter most to you. Like the other services mentioned here today, all you need is the Instagram @Username of the person you want to track.

After entering your @Username into the online search bar, you can track real-time data through a live stream, which shows the account, profile picture, biography, website, and account type – just in case any of these details change. You can also see:

·         Total number of followers

·         Total likes

·         Total number of posts

·         How many accounts the account is following

Aside from an Instagram Live follower count view, the Insta Live Count website can also provide an easy way to compare potential influencers or partners. Like the Counts.Live service, this places two profiles side by side to help you make decisions about who to work with. There’s also an Instagram Live Statistic count feature for posts and videos.

This post and video analytics system allows you to determine which posts are getting the best engagement rates on either your channel or an influencer’s profile.

5.      Followers Gallery

Followers Gallery promises accurate, real-time, and exact numbers about Instagram Influencers and businesses. You don’t need to log into your own Instagram account to get started. Just visit the website and type the username of the person you want to track. You can freely check the follower count of any Instagram profile with this tool.

Followers Gallery for Instagram Statistics live

The biggest issue with this service is there is a limitation to how many accounts you can check for free. You’ll need to sign up for a full account if you want unlimited checks.

The Follower’s Gallery website offers:

·         Real-time insights into follower growth

·         Live statistics like likes and engagement

·         Insights into influencer profile changes

There’s also a handful of other features and free tools available on the website, such as a free Instagram name generator. There’s no comparison feature available here, but you can create your own comparisons by checking two different profiles and making a note of their statistics.

Using Live Instagram Statistics

Live Instagram statistics give you an instant, real-time insight into what’s going on with any profile. Whether you need to track your own company’s growth minute by minute, or you want to see if you’re reaching your personal benchmarks, these tools are definitely handy. Instagram live statistics can also be a fantastic investment for companies tracking down the right influencer partnerships.

When you can see how quickly an influencer’s profile is growing with Instagram statistics live-streamed to your computer screen, it’s easier to get buy-in for your next social strategy. You’ll also be able to compare the performance of multiple influencers with some of these tools, so you never make the mistake of working with the wrong professional.

Combined with other Instagram insights and tools, an Instagram statistics live service can guide better decision making for any business leader or influencer.

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