Path Social Vs. Kicksta: Which Is Truly Better For Organic Growth?

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Last Updated: Oct 19, 2021

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Are you looking to grow on Instagram but struggling to decide which growth tool will be the best for you, between sites such as Kicksta and Path Social?

The decision can seem hard to make, but don’t worry – we’re here to guide you through the comparison between two of the leading growth services. We’ll look at both Path Social and Kicksta in-depth, analyzing the features and details of both. By the end, you’ll feel prepared to make the decision that’s best for your account’s growth journey!

Organic Growth Process

Let’s start by talking about something the sites have in common. Both Kicksta and Path Social aid clients through organic Instagram growth.

What Is Organic Growth?

Organic growth refers to expanding your reach on Instagram naturally and steadily. This means that you won’t be purchasing bots or fake followers because all of the Instagram growth that you experience is from accounts that are run by real people. 

So how does organic growth work with each of these tools?

Path Social: Organic Growth

Path Social homepage

Path Social claims to provide organic growth within two days in three steps. 

When working with Path Social, you’ll first provide them with information about your target audience. You’ll tell them about age, location, and other general demographics regarding your ideal audience members.

After receiving this information, Path Social will begin to promote your content to Instagram users who fit your target demographic.

You can probably guess the final step in this organic growth process…As members of your target audience begin to see and interact with your materials, these users will head to your page to check out more of your content.

Kicksta: Organic Growth

Kicksta homepage

So, what does organic growth mean in the context of Kicksta? Here’s what Kicksta will do for you.

First, you’ll provide Kicksta with a list of Instagram accounts that exist within your niche. This could be competitors, brands/accounts that are similar to yours, or influencers in your industry. 

Kicksta will then begin interacting with these accounts on your behalf. So, your account will be liking photos from the accounts on the list that you created. Kicksta will never comment on posts or follow accounts on your behalf. 

Eventually, these accounts will begin to notice that your account is being active with their content. As they see your profile name more and more, they’ll begin to get curious and check out your page. 

This increased traffic to your Instagram account will eventually lead to an influx of followers for you. And, the best part is that your growth will be created from authentic interactions and natural connections on Instagram. 

Through Kicksta’s plan, you’ll authentically get connected with ideal accounts that’ll help you to boost your own Instagram game…In other words, it’s a game-changer.

Using Kicksta allows you to grow on Instagram while abiding by all guidelines put in place by the app.


What features are offered by Kicksta and Path Social?

The tools will get you as far as they can when it comes to networking and growing your account, but you’ll need to put in some effort to make the growth process as effective as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the features offered by each of these sites to help you improve your Insta game.

Path Social: Features

The only two notable features in the dashboard are advanced targeting and filtering options. Besides those, Path Social offers a couple Instagram tools: 

path social dashboard
Path Social features

Kicksta: Features

Kicksta also offers an array of services to help you boost your Instagram profile while experiencing organic Instagram growth. 

Here’s what you can expect when signing up for Kicksta, aside from the real followers and real results:

  • Advanced Targeting
  • Onboarding Courses
  • VIP Email Support
  • Engagement Boost
  • Smart Filters

Your followers are grown organically through Kicksta’s proprietary AI-powered technology, which has been developed in-house over the last 5 years to ensure the steady growth you’ll receive without spam or bots. Your account is always secure within Kicksta’s U.S.-based servers, which allows Kicksta to login from a location near you. This eliminates those suspicious login attempts and blocks that are common amongst other Instagram growth services that connect from outside developing countries.

kicksta dashboard
Kicksta logo

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Reporting And Statistics

An important aspect of Instagram growth is always being aware of exactly how well your growth process is going. So, when selecting an Instagram growth tool, it’s important to keep an eye on the reporting and statistics offered.

Path Social: Reporting And Stats

As a Path Social user, you’ll have access to a dashboard, where you can monitor your follower growth and your followers by country. 

path social analytics

Kicksta: Reporting And Stats

Kicksta also provides users with a dashboard so that clients can keep a close eye on their growth.

Through your dashboard, you will be able to track the statistics of your account growth as Kicksta reports all of your progress back to you.

kicksta analytics dashboard


Now, let’s talk about the aspect we’ve all been waiting for…how much do these growth services cost?

Path Social: Pricing

Path Social pricing

Path Social offers two pricing packages, “Instagram Core” and “Instagram Elite.”

Instagram Core costs $49 per month, and it offers the following features:

  • 800 to 1,500 followers per month
  • Follower growth within two days
  • Expertly trained growth team
  • Los Angeles team and support
  • High-quality, organic followers
  • Hands-off for you

The Instagram Elite package is available for $69 per month, and it includes:

  • 2,000-3,500 followers per month
  • Follower growth within two days
  • Expertly trained growth team
  • Los Angeles team and support
  • High-quality, organic followers
  • Hands off for you

Kicksta: Pricing

With Kicksta, there are three pricing plans available: the “Kicksta Standard” plan, the “Kicksta Premium” plan, and the new “Kicksta Boost” plan.

Kicksta pricing plan

The Kicksta Standard plan is available for $49 per month, and it offers the following:

  • Moderate growth speed
  • Video onboarding
  • 10 target accounts

The Kicksta Premium plan costs $99 per month, and these are the features included:

  • Maximum growth speed
  • Video onboarding
  • 40 target accounts
  • VIP email support
  • Live chat support
  • Advanced targeting
  • Blacklist services 

Finally, Kicksta Boost, is now available for $218 per month, and this is what you’ll receive with the plan:

  • Maximum growth speed
  • Video onboarding
  • 40 target accounts
  • VIP email support
  • Live chat support
  • Advanced targeting
  • Blacklist services
  • A monthly growth boost of 850+ followers per month
  • Diversified audience from global influencers 
  • On-boarding video
  • Premium 5-days-a-week text support
Kicksta logo

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Customer Service

Customer service is, of course, another vital aspect of any service that you may use. Here’s what it looks like with Path Social and with Kicksta.

Path Social: Customer Service

With both packages offered from Path Social, they say that you will have access to customer support from the Path Social Los Angeles team. When you’re logged into your account, there is no place where you can contact support. To contact support you’ll have to go to the homepage, and click on ‘Contact’.

path social customer support contact option

Kicksta: Customer Service

With both the Kicksta Premium plan and Kicksta Boost, you’ll have access to VIP email support and live chat support from the Kicksta team. Additionally, if you choose Kicksta Boost, you’ll also receive premium text support 5 days per week…What’s not to love?

Kicksta also has a Help Center that may help answer any questions you may have without the need of contacting support.

Kicksta customer support help center

Your Instagram Growth Journey

Do you feel like you know all that there is to know about Kicksta and Path Social now? After reading this guide, we hope you feel prepared to make a decision on which Instagram growth service is best for you.

If you have any questions the Kicksta team is here to help answer any you may have to finalize your decision and kickstart your organic Instagram growth journey!

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