25 Top Photo Editor Apps For Instagram In 2024

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Published: Apr 15, 2024

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Do you use a photo editor for Instagram? If not, this is an important tool to add to your Instagram marketing toolbox. Posting high-quality photos on Instagram is important. The more visually appealing and professional your photos look, the more likely your following and engagement will be to grow. 

There’s just one problem: Editing photos for Instagram can take a lot of time and effort. If you don’t have prior editing experience, you might be feeling completely lost as you try to create images for your IG account that meet high standards. 

That’s where Instagram photo editor apps come in. These desktop and mobile apps can streamline your marketing workflow, helping you edit your photos to be Instagram-ready with just a few taps. With a photo editor for an Instagram app, you can quickly create beautiful photos that will help your Instagram feed look amazing and encourage people to follow. 

Here are the 25 best Instagram photo editor apps for 2024.

Top 25 Photo Editor Apps For Instagram

In this guide, we present the top 25 photo editor apps curated to elevate your Instagram game. From powerful editing tools to intuitive filters and effects, these apps offer a wide range of features to help you transform ordinary snapshots into stunning works of art. 

Before we explore Instagram photo editing apps, I will show you statistics of which apps were most used (popular) in 2024. 

Top 5 most used apps for Instagram in 2024:

  1. VSCO
  2. Snapseed 
  3. Adobe Lightroom
  4. Canva 
  5. Picsart 

Now, let’s continue to explore each of these apps in detail. Let’s go!

Top 25 Photo Editor Apps For Instagram

1. Snapseed

Snapseed is a popular photo editing app for Instagram that has a variety of free presets available for you to try. The app is user-friendly without being too basic, and in addition to the professional presets, you have access to a range of manual editing tools. Snapseed’s editor for Instagram can also edit RAW files and allows you to apply the same edits to multiple images. 

Snapseed Pricing

Snapseed is free to use.

Snapseed Platform

Snapseed is available for Android and iOS.

editor for instagram: snapseed


VSCO is a simple, minimalistic app with a clean interface that’s easy to navigate and use. Several filters are available to use for free. VSCO provides you with a comprehensive editing panel, too. 

VSCO Pricing

VSCO has a free option and a paid plan. The paid subscription costs $19.99 per year with a seven-day free trial. 

VSCO Platform

VSCO is available for Android and iOS. 

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3. Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is an online photo editor for Instagram created by Adobe. Photoshop Express makes it easy to crop, resize, touch up, and apply filters to your photos to make them Instagram-ready. You can even add watermarks, create collages on the go, and create a transparent background image (iOS only).

Photoshop Express Pricing

Photoshop Express has a free option and a paid plan. The paid subscription costs $9.99 per month. 

Photoshop Express Platform

Photoshop Express is available for Android and iOS. 

editor for instagram: Photoshop Express platform

4. Canva

Canva is a website and app that helps you create professional graphics or edit your Instagram photos. Canva’s photo editor lets you add filters and manually make adjustments to your photo; crop or resize your image; add text or shapes; or create a collage. When you’re finished editing, you can download your final image to share it to Instagram. They even have templates for making your Instagram Stories look professional.

Canva Pricing

You can use Canva for free, for $12.95 per month for a Pro account, or $30 per month for an Enterprise account. 

Canva Platform

Canva is available for Android and iOS. 

editor for instagram: Canva

5. PicsArt

As a photo editor for Instagram, PicsArt has a much bigger number of editing tools than many comparable apps. From photo editing to enhancing to drawing, you can find just about any design tool you need on PicsArt. The app also includes several adjustable filters and gives you the ability to export your finished photos directly to a social media network. 

PicsArt Pricing

PicsArt’s Gold subscription costs $8 per month and has a seven-day free trial. 

PicsArt Platform

PicsArt is available for Android and iOS.


You already know the top 5 apps that will make your Instagram feed more stylish and unique. However, we are not done yet. You can (and should) try plenty of other apps in advance. Now, let’s discuss more apps for Instagram in 2024. 

6. TouchRetouch

Use TouchRetouch to remove unwanted elements from your photos, cleaning up the background of your images to make them look more uncluttered and professional. The app’s object removal tool is easy to use and you can use its Quick Repair option to get rid of small blemishes as well.

TouchRetouch Pricing

To use TouchRetouch, you’ll have to pay a one-time fee of $1.99 to download the app.

TouchRetouch Platform

TouchRetouch is available for iOS.


7. Camera+ 2

Camera+ 2 (previously Camera+) is a popular iPhone and iPad app that’s a good fit for any level photographer. The basic editing functionalities are easy to use if you just need a few simple tweaks, and if you’re looking for more advanced tools, Camera+ 2 offers adjustments on shutter speed, white balance, ISO, and more. This photo editor for Instagram also has Files and iTunes integrations. 

Camera+ 2 Pricing

Camera+ 2 is a one-time purchase of $3.

Camera+ 2 Platform

Camera+ 2 is available for iOS. 

Camera+ 2

8. Instagram

Yes, you can use Instagram itself to edit your photos! While Instagram’s photo editing capabilities are certainly a little more basic than the options offered on other apps or websites, the convenience factor is unmatched — you can edit your photo and upload it to the ‘gram in just seconds, without having to hop platforms. When you upload a photo to Instagram, you can resize it (to an extent), add filters, and perform a variety of manual editing tasks including adjusting the brightness, contrast, warmth, and more.

Instagram Pricing

Instagram is free to download and use. 

Instagram Platform

Instagram is available for Android and iOS.


9. Pixlr

The Pixlr photo editor for Instagram includes basic editing tools, filters, and stickers. With a premium subscription, you get access to even more filters and overlays in addition to AI editing tools and video tutorials. Pixlr’s helpful editing features make it simple to create on-brand photos for your Instagram account.

Pixlr Pricing

Pixlr has a free plan, a plan that costs $7.99 per month, and a plan that costs $29.99 per month. 

Pixlr Platform

Pixlr is available for Android and iOS. 

editor for instagram: Pixlr

10. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Lightroom mobile is an Instagram photo editor that lets you edit beautiful photos on the go. The user-friendly sliders and presets help you design the perfect Instagram photos, and any edits you make on the mobile app will automatically sync on desktop and web (and vice versa). Lightroom’s beautiful presets and powerful controls allow you to edit photos for Instagram that will take your theme and feed to the next level. 

Adobe Lightroom Pricing

Purchase Lightroom for $119.88 per year or as part of the Creative Cloud Photography Plan, which includes Photoshop, Lightroom, and Lightroom Classic for the same price.

Adobe Lightroom Platform

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is available for Android and iOS. 

editor for instagram: Adobe Lightroom

11. Mextures

Mextures is a creative photo editor for Instagram app that includes over 70 high-res textures (such as vintage film scans) plus 12 different blending modes. It’s fast and easy to use the app — you can upload a photo, add your edits, and export the photo directly to Instagram in mere seconds. 

Mextures Pricing

The Mextures app costs a one-time price of $0.99. 

Mextures Platform

Mextures is available for iOS. 

editor for instagram: Mextures
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12. Superimpose X

Superimpose X is a photo editing app for Instagram that’s full of filters and editing tools to help you take your photos to the next level. This app has 18 blending modes, multiple masking tools, and lets you add up to 12 layers. Use AI features to edit people out and pick from the advanced adjustment tools or beautiful photo effects. When you’re done, you can save your edited photos in a library to access anytime. Superimpose X also gives you access to over a million stock photos.

Superimpose X Pricing

Superimpose X costs $2.99.

Superimpose X Platform

Superimpose X is available for Android and iOS. 

Superimpose X

13. InstaSize

InstaSize’s photo editor for Instagram lets you transform your raw images and videos with over 80 natural filters. Enjoy the sophisticated editing tools, pro fonts, and beauty editor, or create a collage to display multiple images. InstaSize also includes unique borders and advanced beauty tools. 

InstaSize Pricing

InstaSize can be used for free. To upgrade to premium, you’ll pay $4.99 per month or $19.99 per year.

Instasize Platform

InstaSize is available for Android and iOS. 

editor for instagram: Instasize

14. Enlight Photofox

Enlight Photofox has an advanced layers system and a range of helpful photo editing features — such as eraser, opacity, blending, transform, and more. The app also includes fonts and graphic elements to add to your images. Best of all, Enlight Photofox is simple to download and use.

Enlight Photofox Pricing

Enlight has a free version that gives you basic editing capabilities. To access an additional range of features, you can pay $3.99 per month, $19.99 per year, or make a one-time payment of $39.99 to upgrade.

Enlight Photofox Platform

Enlight Photofox is available for Android and iOS. 

Enlight Photofox

15. Photo Lab Picture Editor

Photo Lab’s Instagram photo editor has over 900 effects to use for your photos. From photorealistic effects to AI-powered beauty options to basic editing tools, Photo Lab has everything you need to edit photos for Instagram. You can also combine multiple effects to create your own unique image. When you’re through designing, export your creation directly to Instagram. 

Photo Lab Pricing

Photo Lab PRO costs $4.99 per month with a free three-day trial, or $9.99 per year. 

Photo Lab Platform

Photo Lab Picture Editor is available for Android and iOS. 

Photo lab picture editor

16. Lens Distortions

Lens Distortions is a photo editing app for Instagram that helps you create cinematic images for a visually stunning feed. Over 375 premium effects, taken from the film and advertising industries, provide a variety of creative options so every photo you edit can look beautifully unique — with lens flares, fog effects, glass textures and more. 

Lens Distortions Pricing

Lens Distortions has a free option and a premium plan. The premium plan, Lens Distortions Unlimited, costs approximately $30 per year. 

Lens Distortions Platform

Lens Distortions is available for Android and iOS. 

editor for instagram: Lens Distortions

17. Ribbet

Ribbet is an editor for Instagram that makes photo editing both easy and fun. Apply thousands of fonts and effects with simple-to-use editing tools. The app has 170 hand-picked fonts and you can edit directly from social networks or any URL. High-res editing for Instagram has never been easier. 

Ribbet Pricing

Ribbet can be used for free. If you want to upgrade to a premium subscription, you’ll pay $4.95 per month, $19.95 per six months, or $29.95 per year.

Ribbet Platform

Ribbet is available for Android and iOS. 


18. Prisma

The Prisma app is full of beautiful filters that will make your Instagram photos look truly unique. After you apply your favorite style, you can manually adjust aspects like the exposure, contrast, saturation, and more. 

Prisma Pricing

Prisma is free to use and has an optional premium subscription that costs $4.99 per month or $19.99 per year. 

Prisma Platform

Prisma is available for Android and iOS. 

editor for instagram: Prisma

19. Visage

Visage is an app that lets you airbrush photos and faces. Automatically enhance faces in photos by smoothing skin, whitening teeth, removing red eyes, and more. Then quickly save or share the final photo when you’re through. 

Visage Pricing

Visage has a free or a Pro option. The Visage Lab PRO subscription costs $4.99 per month or $9.99 per year. 

Visage Platform

Visage Lab is available for Android and iOS. 

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20. Afterlight 2

Create professional Instagram photos using Afterlight 2 as your Instagram photo editor. Upload raw images and add Afterlight’s unique “fusion” feature that lets you combine filters, saving your creations to use again on other photos. Then add light leaks or double exposure, or text and frames. When you’re done, export the pictures in HEIC (high efficiency image compression) format. 

Afterlight 2 Pricing

Download Afterlight 2 for a one-time cost of $2.99. 

Afterlight 2 Platform

Afterlight 2 is available for iOS. 

Afterlight 2

21. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is an advanced photo editing app that comes with professionally-designed templates, color correction presets, and more. Use the Repair tool to remove background clutter or the Clone tool to duplicate portions of the image. The extensive painting features and graphic design features can help you create even more posts for Instagram. And Pixelmator is compatible with nearly every image format, automatically syncing with iCloud and Sharing.

Pixelmator Pricing

Pixelmator costs $4.99 to download. 

Pixelmator Platform

Pixelmator is available for iOS. 

editor for instagram: Pixelmator

22. Facetune

The most popular selfie editing app in the world, Facetune has a range of retouching tools that can erase blemishes, whiten teeth, and more. The app has a simple, self-explanatory interface and is easy to get started using. 

Facetune Pricing

Facetune costs $2.99 to download. 

Facetune Platform

Facetune is available for Android and iOS. 


23. Hypocam

Hypocam’s Instagram photo editor is a black-and-white camera app filled with tools for monochrome photography that you can use to create beautiful and unique photographs. The app has several presets available to help your images look professional. 

Hypocam Pricing

Hypocam is free to download and use. If desired, you can pay a small fee ($4.99 max) to purchase additional filter collections. 

Hypocam Platform

Hypocam is available for Android and iOS. 


24. Fotor

Fotor is an editor for Instagram that offers everything you need for online photo editing. Create a collage or apply HDR effects to individual images; choose from Fotor’s exclusive filters or retouch portraits to remove blemishes. Fonts, stickers, and other design tools are available, too.

Fotor Pricing

Fotor Basic can be used for free. Upgrade to Fotor Pro for $8.99 per month or Fotor Pro+ for $11.99 per month. 

Fotor Platform

Fotor is available for Android and iOS. 

editor for instagram: Fotor

25. Photo Effects Pro

This Instagram photo editor is a simple app with basic editing functionalities that you can apply to your Instagram photos. Apply filters or effects with just a few taps. Then share your creations directly to Instagram when you’re done. 

Photo Effects Pricing

Photo Effects Pro is free to use. 

Photo Effects Platform

Photo Effects Pro is available for Android and iOS.

editor for instagram: Photo Effects Pro

Now, you know the best apps to help you get better pictures or videos for your Instagram account. For example, the VSCO is very popular among Gen-Z, so they will be very impressed if you use it. 

Moreover, there are a lot of free apps that we have found for you:

  • Snapseed
  • Instagram
  • Photo Effects Pro

Use Instagram Photo Editors To Grow Your Account

Editing photos for Instagram can be a pain. But thanks to these Instagram photo editor options, you can create visually stunning photos and graphics in no time at all. And as a result, both your following and engagement will increase. Take advantage of these editor for Instagram apps to advance your social media marketing goals and grow your account

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