How to Use Instagram to Reboot Your Company’s Branding Initiatives

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Published: Mar 12, 2018

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2020

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If you’re like most of us, you’re constantly looking to establish or reboot your company’s brand image and voice. When doing so, look no further than the holy grail of social media – Instagram. 

While many still perceive this platform to be a mere photo blog, the marketing and branding potential for your company is endless when utilized correctly. Instagram is known for offering the best CTR and we suggest you take advantage of that. 

Social media becomes more relevant everyday and Instagram continues to lead the charge. Using the platform strategically and striving for organic Instagram growth through tailored content will ensure an original brand image and loyal consumers.

It’s impossible for us to tell you exactly what to post not knowing your brand initiatives, but we can give you a tried and true set of guidelines to significantly improve your engagement and overall social presence.

Consistency In Content

If you look at a renowned brand’s Instagram page, such as Stance or Yeti, you’ll immediately notice a definitive, unmistakable ‘look.’ So much so, that oftentimes you’ll be able to identify their posts without looking at their handle or caption.

Consider hiring a photographer, designer, or getting your social team on the same page to ensure that each post meets your branding guidelines.

Keep in mind that consistency is achieved through your captions, too. Your brand voice is an essential part of you company aesthetic and writing clever, informative or minimalistic captions is entirely up to you. Don’t underestimate these, however – a single typo or grammar flaw can immediately harm your credibility.

Successful brands have taken the time to clearly establish an image, and it’s shown through each post. Your image is entirely up to you, but once you’ve decided how you want to portray it, stick with it and the organic Instagram growth will follow.

Seamless Calls to Action

Instagram is constantly making it easier for business accounts to create harmony between their profiles and websites. What used to only be possible through the “link in bio” is now available in various forms on the app.

For example, “shoppable” posts are one of the latest features that enable brands to tag products in photos, and direct users straight to a webpage or checkout page with a single click.

Additionally, the Instagram Story offers features of its own to business accounts, such as “swiping up” to be redirected to your site. If your not already utilizing the story feature, we highly recommend you start today.

Story posts are often easier to generate then permanent posts but can be equally effective as a permanent post for the purpose of marketing.

Update Your Links

The link in your bio shouldn’t always be a mere link to the homepage of your site. If you’re constantly promoting new events, products or seasonal collections, update the link accordingly. Instagram is a timely place and our profiles should reflect as such.

Once you’ve established your brand, acknowledge that you’re here to sell or promote specific products or services. While there are many other ways to link to your site on Instagram nowadays, the link in your account bio is the first thing a new user and potential consumer will encounter.

Keep It Simple

While all these features and endless updates might seem overwhelming at times, the goal is to keep it simple for the sake of the user and organic Instagram growth. The social platform was founded on a very minimalistic level, and the most successful accounts stay true to those roots today.

Clean design, high-quality photos and engaging captions can all be achieved through minimalism with the right mindset.

This also relates to how often you post. There’s a fine line between being overlooked and “clogging the feed.” With one or two high-quality posts per day and a constant Instagram Story, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your branding goals and social media success.

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