AiGrow vs. Kicksta: Which App Will Get You More Real Followers For Instagram?

Kicksta Vs. aigrow
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Last Updated: Aug 27, 2021

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If you’ve decided to take your Instagram marketing to the next level, but aren’t sure how to choose between Kicksta and AiGrow, it’s time to explore how each tool works.

Today, we’ll be looking at a side by side of each Instagram growth service to determine which app will get you the most real followers for Instagram.

1. Setup – AiGrow vs. Kicksta

How to Set Up an AiGrow Account

To sign up with AiGrow, you’ll have to go to where you will enter your name, email, and password. Then, you’ll log into Instagram and begin your free week-long trial.

aigrow dashboard

How to Set Up a Kicksta Account

With Kicksta, you can start your organic growth process to gain real followers for Instagram in three quick steps:

Kicksta homepage
  1. Go to the Kicksta Website
  2. Enter your email.
  3. Choose the best payment plan for your needs by clicking “Get Started” and that’s it!
Kicksta pricing plan

After those easy steps, you’re officially signed up with Kicksta! Then, you’ll be sent to your Kicksta Dashboard to help you better define your target audience.

Kicksta logo

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2. Features

How Does AiGrow Work?

With AiGrow you have the option to like or follow/unfollow users to attract them back to your page.

In our experience utilizing AiGrow’s follow/unfollow feature, our feed was filled with thousands of posts from people the app followed on our behalf.

While this method may grow your following, it also disproportionately increases the number of people you follow, resulting in a cluttered Instagram feed.

You can also automate “personalized” comments on posts or direct messages to anyone that follows back.

This higher touch point may get people’s attention, but we found you’ll also receive a lot of promotional messages in your DM’s.

aigrow dashboard

How Does Kicksta Work?

Similar to AiGrow, Kicksta offers the ability to attract new followers for Instagram by liking method.

Here’s a quick video that explains how the Kicksta service works and our methods for finding the right audience for you.

Unlike AiGrow however, Kicksta does not offer automated direct messages or comments. These tactics are often viewed as a “spammy “and can hurt the reputation of your brand if not done well.

If you’re looking for automation that will organically grow your account with your brand integrity in mind, Kicksta has it all.

3. Targeting

AiGrow Targeting Options

Via your AiGrow Dashboard, you can specify which types of audiences you would like to attract.

You’ll be able to identify target Instagrammers based on their hashtags, locations, and accounts they follow.

aigrow targeting option

Kicksta Targeting Options

To start growing your account organically with Kicksta, you can also specify your audience with hashtags, locations, and accounts that align with your brand.

As you specify your target audience, Kicksta will interact with users following those account by liking their pictures.

Kicksta will never follow or like an account that is not associated with the preferences for your target audience

Since these users follow a page similar to yours, they likely will be interested in your content and start following you!

adding targets in Kicksta dashboard

4. Filters

What Filters Does AiGrow Offer?

As mentioned before you can tailor your audience based on hashtags and locations they use or accounts that they follow.

You’ll get more followers, but does not offer any information specifying if/how they determine whether these are spam pages or real profiles.

Inside the filtering section of the AiGrow Dashboard, you can pick and choose whether or not AiGrow comments, likes, follows, unfollows, or sends messages.

Similarly, you can control how many likes, comments, follows, and unfollows are made each day.

aigrow filters

A representative at AiGrow shared that the goal for their starter plan is:  “600 likes/ 200 follows/unfollows and 200 comments,” while their premium plan aims for “1100 likes, 370 comments, 370 follows/unfollows.”

However, there is nowhere on the AiGrow Dashboard to track the number of interactions being conducted each day.

As an additional targeting method, you can also select the “don’t follow same users” option or the “don’t follow private user” filter.

What Filters Does Kicksta Offer?

Kicksta’s filters go far beyond specifying the hashtags, locations, and accounts that you want to interact with.

Kicksta’s advanced filtering and liking method makes our Instagram marketing service one of the safest and most targeted growth services for Instagram.

Kicksta uses the following filters to weed out undesirable or spam accounts.

  • Ignore Private Accounts
  • Ignore Inactive Accounts (Accounts that haven’t posted in the past 90 days)
  • Ignore Suspicious Accounts ( Accounts that don’t have the right follower-to-following ratio)
  • Ignore New Accounts (Accounts have been newly created in the last few months)
Kicksta logo

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Kicksta also offers the following advanced filters to further segment

  • Profanity Filter (to protect your brand reputation)
  • Gender Filter (to specify female or male audiences)
  • Foreign Language Filter (to avoid non-english speaking users)
  • Business Accounts Filters (for companies that are B2C)
  • Blacklist Filter (to avoid certain people)
Kicksta filters

Unlike AiGrow, Kicksta does not allow you to determine how many actions are performed each day.

However, with Kicksta most advanced feature, our program learn and automatically mimics human behaviors.

This feature ensures we are conducting as many interactions as possible for your specific Instagram account while ensuring that your account remains secure.

Kicksta will conduct up to 1,500 interactions on your behalf each day.

With Kicksta’s advanced filters and organic methods, you’ll be able to select users that have a genuine interest in your account to not only increase followers, but your engagement rate per post as well.

5. Maintenance and Support

How is the AiGrow Customer Service?

AiGrow has a support page, in addition to an FAQ.

You can visit your inbox to contact a Social Agent if you need help in three minutes or less.

While looking for at AiGrow reviews from other users we noticed that there were quite a few complaints about the timeliness of replies and some even questioned if AiGrow was a scam. See more AiGrow reviews here.

How is the Kicksta Customer Service?

With Kicksta, clients enjoy support 24/7, by way of live chat or email support.

Additionally, Kicksta offers a comprehensive FAQ and Kicksta Video Courses with quick answers to common questions.

Kicksta customer support

6. Reporting

How Do I Track Instagram Growth with AiGrow

Visit the Activity Stats section to see the AiGrow reports.

You’ll be able to view a bar graph of your activities, DM’s, and growth in AiGrow followers based on date.

aigrow analytics

How Do I Track Instagram Growth with Kicksta?

Kicksta uses individual target performance and high-level stats to display the progress of your organic growth.

Under Kicksta’s followers gained section, you’ll be able to see the total number of users that are new followers. In Kicksta’s daily stats section, you’ll see the net number for followers gained.

Kicksta analytics

Additionally, clients have the ability to monitor each target account’s individual target performance to determine which offers the best results.

With this feature, Kicksta clients can remove any targets that are underperforming, as well as identify trends, and add additional targets for increased growth.

targets dashboard

Clients also have the added bonus with Kicksta’s recent posts section.

This page allows you to track any comments and likes that you have received on recent posts as well as engagement rate. This enables Kicksta clients to identify which posts are the most successful, making it easier to post similar content.

These analytics truly make Kicksta an all-in-one tool for all your tracking an organic growth needs.

7. Pricing

In addition to the features, analytics tools, and automation processes, pricing is really what sets one apart from the other.

How Much Does AiGrow Cost?

There are several plans for AiGrow pricing. Under the Upgrade Plan section, you can view all of the 17 different options.

Plans range from $49 a month to $1,188 a month, depending on the amount of Instagram accounts, automated direct messages, the post schedule, and auto responses.

aigrow pricing

We could not find any AiGrow coupon codes at this time. 

How Much Does Kicksta Cost?

To keep it simple, there are only two payment plans for Kicksta:

1. Kicksta’s Creative Plan gives you access to the Kicksta Instagram growth tool and basic filters.

This plan is ideal for influencers and entrepreneurs who are just getting started with their Instagram marketings.

2. If you’re looking for the full power of Kicksta, the Professional Plan gives you access to all of Kicksta’s features, filters, and targeting options plus access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

The advanced targeting system Kicksta uses is ideal for business and social media agencies who are looking to gain consistent growth from their ideal target audience.  

kicksta pricing plans

Each plan comes with a 14-day money back guarantee.

With the quality of features and offerings at either price point, Kicksta is the ideal solution for anyone looking to not only increase their following, but to get real followers for Instagram with organic and secure methods.

Ready to sign up with Kicksta? Click here.

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