Kicksta vs. Blastup For Instagram Follower Growth (Buyer’s Guide)

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Last Updated: May 18, 2022

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Looking for a Blastup review? You’re in the right place. Blastup is an Instagram follower website that claims to help you grow your account. Today we’re breaking down how this service compares with Kicksta, a reputable Instagram growth service commonly used by brands and influencers alike. From analytics to pricing to customer service and more, take a look at this side-by-side comparison for these two platforms. 

How It Works

Here’s how each of these Instagram services gets the job done. 

How Blastup Works

Blastup sells Instagram followers, likes, and video views. According to the platform, the Instagram followers it sells are unique and high quality — not just empty profiles. All Instagram likes are from real, active profiles that are being used by real people. And Blastup Instagram views are delivered from real accounts, too. You can also select automatic Instagram likes, where you get likes naturally every time you post.

Blastup homepage

Blastup customers can choose the package they want to purchase. Next, enter your username and complete the checkout. You’ll start seeing results immediately, with Blastup promising that your Instagram will be “blowing up with activity.” 

How Kicksta Works

Kicksta focuses on organic growth — which is the best and only way to see sustained Instagram growth long-term. This growth service uses a proprietary AI-powered technology that was carefully developed in-house. Here’s how it works: You register with Kicksta and provide them with a list of targets (accounts whose followers you’d like to attract).

Kicksta how it works photo

Next, Kicksta will use your Instagram account to engage with your target audience by liking a few of their photos. The idea is that those people will see your account pop up in their notifications and then come over and check you out. This growth method is completely safe and highly effective.

Blastup vs. Kicksta Features

Blastup and Kicksta have similar features, but Kicksta’s features are more comprehensive and helpful.

Blastup Features

One of Blastup’s biggest features is instant delivery. The moment you finalize your purchase, your Instagram will start receiving new exposure. 

buying Instagram likes

If you don’t want to get your new followers or likes instantly, you can also adjust the speed of your likes or followers so they’ll come in gradually. Blastup claims to be the only service that offers this.

Kicksta Features

With Kicksta, you can feel 100% certain that all of your new followers will be real people who are actually interested in what you have to post. This is all thanks to another Kicksta feature — smart targeting, where you work together with the growth service to define your target audience.

Tyler Kicksta dashboard

Kicksta also offers filters to let you hone in even further on the best type of accounts for you. 

Kicksta's targeting feature
Kicksta logo

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Reporting And Analytics

As your Instagram account starts to grow, you need to be able to track that growth and have access to in-depth analytics

Blastup Reporting

Blastup does not appear to offer any reporting or analytics services for its customers. This could be an indication that the website is selling you fake accounts that won’t engage with your Instagram posts — meaning, there’s really nothing to track long-term.

Kicksta Reporting

Kicksta’s comprehensive dashboard makes it easy to keep an eye on what’s going on with your Instagram account. View your weeky and monthly stats, and easily adjust your target accounts if they need a refresh.

Kicksta targets
Kicksta analytics feature


Here’s a breakdown of how Blastup and Kicksta each handle pricing.

Blastup Pricing

Blastup claims to offer the cheapest prices on the market for Instagram likes and followers. Instagram likes can be purchased in the following packages:

  • 50 real likes — $1.59
  • 100 real likes — $2.99
  • 250 real likes — $4.99
  • 500 real likes — $6.99
  • 1,000 real likes — $13.99
  • 2,500 real likes — $29.99
Blastup pricing

You can also pay for a monthly subscription for automatic likes. With this option, you will receive likes on your posts whenever you share something new, without having to manually purchase followers again. These subscriptions come in tiers and costs:

  • 50 auto likes — $9.99 monthly subscription
  • 100 auto likes — $14.99 monthly subscription
  • 250 auto likes — $24.99 monthly subscription
  • 500 auto likes — $39.99 monthly subscription
  • 1,000 auto likes — $69.99 monthly subscription
  • 2,500 auto likes — $179.99 monthly subscription
  • 5,000 auto likes — $349.99 monthly subscription

Instagram video views come in packages including:

  • 500 views — $1.99
  • 2,500 views — $6.99
  • 5,000 views — $12.99
  • 10,000 views — $24.99
  • 25,000 views — $39.99
  • 50,000 views — $74.99
  • 85,000 views — $109.99
  • 100,000 views — $139.99
  • 250,000 views — $249.99

Instagram followers cost:

  • 100 followers — $2.99
  • 500 followers — $5.99
  • 1,000 followers — $9.99

If a drop in your followers occurs within 30 days, you are automatically given a gradual refill in followers.

Kicksta Pricing

Kicksta offers two main pricing plans: the Standard and the Premium. The Standard plan is $49/month and includes:

  • Moderate growth
  • Onboarding courses
  • 10 Instagram targets

The Premium plan costs $99/month. With this plan, you’ll have access to:

  • Maximum growth
  • Onboarding courses
  • 40 Instagram targets
  • VIP email support
  • Blacklist
  • Kicksta’s advanced targeting
Kicksta pricing plans

You can also kickstart your growth with the Kicksta Boost. The Boost add-on guarantees you 850+ new followers per month. 

Kicksta logo

Want to organically grow your Instagram and gain REAL followers?

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Whichever plan you choose, Kicksta allows you to pay as you go, cancel anytime, and receive a 14-day money-back guarantee. That means if you aren’t happy with your results after two weeks of using Kicksta, you can cancel your membership and get a refund. However, it’s important to remember that Kicksta focuses on steady organic growth instead of explosive growth that will fizzle out. So if you want to see optimal results, it’s in your best interest to stick with Kicksta for a long period of time.

Customer Service & Support

It’s important to know that whichever service you choose has top-notch customer service and support. There’s nothing worse than frantically scouring a platform for an answer to your question, but being unable to get anybody on the phone.

Blastup Support

As a Blastup customer, you’ll receive around-the-clock support. The support department is waiting to answer your questions or concerns at any time of day. Scroll through Blastup FAQ’s or submit a ticket, where your message will be placed in a ticket system and answered by support staff as soon as possible. 

Kicksta Support

Kicksta’s support options are top-notch offering VIP email support, and text support on the Boost plan. Kicksta offers video courses that are free to all users, as well as case studies, guides, FAQ’s, and a frequently-updated blog.

Blastup: Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Blastup for Instagram with these commonly asked questions.

Is Blastup Legit?

users. A quick Trustpilot search reveals that Blastup has a very low score of 1.7, with 90% of all reviews citing the website as “bad.” (By contrast, Kicksta has a score of 3.7, with 40% “excellent” reviews.) Based on customer reviews as well as the knowledge that “instant Instagram followers” is a spammy practice, it’s safe to say that Blastup is not a legitimate and helpful service.

blastup trustpilot

How Do You Get Instant Followers On Instagram?

ood idea. When you buy followers, you’re often just buying fake accounts or bots. And these kinds of accounts won’t do anything for your business. At best, they won’t engage with your posts — at worst, they could get you banned from Instagram. There’s no point in having a large number of followers if all of those accounts are fake or spammy. 

Our Verdict

While Blastup might look good at first glance, it’s clear that this is not the best option if you want to see steady Instagram growth. Buying Instagram followers isn’t a good idea. It won’t benefit your business. But working with a reputable service like Kicksta — one that focuses on organic growth — is often just what a business or influencer needs to see their Instagram and their business grow. With a proven growth method, more features, and better pricing, Kicksta is the best choice for any brands, agencies, social media managers, or influencers who want to get more real followers on Instagram. Get started today!

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