Combin vs Kicksta: Which Tool Is More Effective For Growing Instagram Followers?

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Last Updated: Aug 9, 2022

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Growing your Instagram following can be a daunting task, and it can be a good idea to look for a service to help automate that process. The best way to gain new followers organically is by engaging with their account and their posts. While this can take a lot of time, it’s the best way to attract accounts that are actually interested in you and your brand.

Today we’re going to compare two Instagram growth services: Combin and Kicksta. They both promise audience attraction, and they both use the strategy of engaging with other accounts to catch a potential follower’s attraction. After that, though, the two differ. So let’s take a closer look at these two Instagram growth services.

How These Tools Work

How Combin Works

Combin is a desktop tool that you can use to grow your following on Instagram. With this program, you can use their tools to search for particular posts or profiles of those users you’d like to have following you. Then, you can choose the action or actions you’d like to perform: following, liking or commenting. Then, Combin will process these actions at a rate that Instagram won’t flag as spam. 

combin homepage

It’s important to note that since Combin is a desktop app, your account can only be associated with one computer at a time. If you need to transfer it to a different computer, you have to unsubscribe the first before you can activate the second. Also, you’ll need to do a significant amount of hands-on work to choose the exact posts and profiles you want to engage with when you use Combin.

How Kicksta Works 

Kicksta is an Instagram growth tool with an online dashboard that will help you expand your following. With Kicksta, you’ll find profiles that are similar to yours, or profiles whose followers you’d like to have following you. Kicksta will engage with those profiles’ followers on your behalf by liking their posts. This will then generate interest in your account, and those users will hopefully visit your account and choose to follow you, if they like what they see you posting.

Kicksta homepage

Dashboards, Reporting and Features

Combin Features

Within Combin, you have access to a desktop application that stores your information. As you search for profiles and posts for Combin to engage with on your behalf, you can save these searches to run again later. You can search by hashtag, location, or competitors’ followers. You can also use advanced filters, like number of likes or comments, or even publication date for individual posts.

Once you choose the accounts and posts you’d like to engage with, you can choose the engagement type. If you choose to leave comments, you’ll create a number of comment templates Combin can use on the various posts and accounts. 

You’ll also see a number of reports over time after Combin begins to engage with accounts for you. The results and statistics shown in these dashboards only reflect the growth that came from actions Combin took. Any third-party increases in followers or engagement will not be shown.

combin analytics dashboard

Kicksta Features

With Kicksta, you can easily see your daily stats on your dashboard, as well as your most recent followers gained. You can see how your recent posts are doing in terms of engagement so you know what type of content your audience likes to see. These reports help you to analyze your strategy so you’re consistently growing with the right types of followers.

kicksta analytics dashboard

As you add in which types of target accounts you want to have following you, you can set a number of filters regarding things like inactive accounts, new accounts, profanity, business accounts and more. This way you know that the people and accounts you’re targeting will be relevant and real.

kicksta targets dashboard

Pricing Options

Combin Pricing

Combin has three pricing options, including a free trial. The main difference between their Personal Plan and Business Plan is that with the Business option you can grow multiple Instagram accounts with one Combin account. With the Personal plan you’re limited to one account.

combin pricing plans

Kicksta Pricing

For Kicksta, you also have two paid options, and both come with a 14-day money back guarantee. The Premium Plan gives you access to maximum growth, more targets and VIP email support, live chat support and more targeting features to improve your Instagram growth experience.

Kicksta logo

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kicksta pricing plans

Are They Safe To Use?

Is Combin Safe? 

According to Social Media Explorer, yes, they are generally safe. However, as with any program you have to download to your computer, there are risks involved. Protect yourself with antivirus and malware software before you download anything from the internet. In terms of Instagram, though, since you’re not paying directly for likes or followers, you’re probably going to be safe there, too. 

combin desktop download

Is Kicksta Safe? 

Yes, Kicksta is also safe. You don’t have to download anything to your computer, as it’s a web-based growth platform. Also, Kicksta will only like your target followers’ posts – they won’t follow/unfollow or auto-comment. Sometimes these tactics can be seen as spam by the Instagram algorithm, which can lead to your account being flagged. Kicksta won’t let that happen. And, if you don’t believe this, check out our clients’ case studies.

kicksta client case study


Combin Reviews

Speaking of success stories, let’s talk about reviews. Before investing in any program, product or service, it’s a good idea to look for reviews to ensure that people who have bought this before are satisfied.

The Combin reviews are mixed, coming out to an average 2.7/5 stars on Capterra. While some customers were thrilled with how easy it was to use, others had struggles cancelling their subscription or unfollowed their loyal customers – which was not the goal. Some had issues with getting the program to work, while others felt that they saved a significant amount of time. Here are two real Combin reviews:

combin review page
second combin review page

Kicksta Reviews

Kicksta has a 4.7/5 star review on g2, and plenty of positive case studies on our website. Kicksta is here to help save you time while growing your Instagram following, which is what our reviewers have said. In fact, we’ve even helped clients grow their following by 90% in two months. These followers are excited to engage with posts – they’re not just empty numbers.

kicksta reviews

The Final Verdict

There are many Instagram growth services that exist that can help you increase your follower count, but will they all help you generate real, organic followers who are excited to interact with your content? Also, when you’re looking for a program like this, it’s important to consider their customer support: Combin’s support can be intermittent, whereas Premium Kicksta users have 24/7 access to VIP support via chat and email.

With Kicksta, you can know that the followers you gain are there because they want to see what you share and engage with your posts. If you’re ready to grow your Instagram following with real users, let’s get started today.

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Want to organically grow your Instagram and gain REAL followers?

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