Trusy Vs. Kicksta: Which Instagram Growth Service Can You Trust?

Trusy Vs. Kicksta: Which Instagram Growth Service Can You Trust?
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Published: Aug 25, 2023

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When you’re ready to grow your Instagram following, it can be helpful to work with an Instagram growth service to find your ideal followers.

Instagram can be a complicated platform with many different moving parts, and your time can very easily disappear just focused on creating content for all of the platforms within Instagram (Reels, Live, Stories, Feed posts, etc.).

But when you’re putting out all of this amazing content, you want plenty of people to be seeing it. So, you don’t want to totally skip out on follower growth, either.

There’s only so much time, brainpower, and manpower you can put into your social media, though, right? Luckily there are plenty of social media automation tools and platforms that can help you with various social media marketing tasks.

Some platforms allow you to schedule your posts ahead of time. Others interpret your analytics data for you. Still others provide social media listening so you can know if your brand is being talked about online.

Today, though, we’re going to talk about two platforms that can help you grow your following on your Instagram account: Trusy and Kicksta.

Both are popular options that promise to help you gain real followers, not bots or fake accounts.

But which one can you trust? We’ll take a closer look at both.

Instagram Growth Services: Trusy Vs. Kicksta

Let’s get started with a brief overview of the two platforms so you know what we’re going to be looking at more deeply throughout this article.

What Is Trusy?

Trusy is a social media growth platform that says it can help you grow from a new account to an influencer up to celebrity status. Trusy offers a few different methods for gaining followers. We’ll look at them in more detail later, but they include Instagram Loop giveaways or more organic tactics like automated interactions.

Trusy social homepage screenshot

Trusy is based in the United States, and they offer a free consultation to help you decide which of their offerings is best for you. They also have TikTok growth options and public relations tactics you can purchase, as well.

What Is Kicksta?

Kicksta is an automated Instagram growth service that uses organic growth methods to grow your following. With over eight years in the industry, Kicksta is a global leader in Instagram growth, and they’ve helped over 100,000 Instagram users grow their following on autopilot.

Kicksta helps influencers, small businesses, e-commerce brands, and social media managers make their lives easier and improve their Instagram presence.

Kicksta homepage

Based in California, the Kicksta team is fully focused on creating organic growth for their customers. 

Kicksta logo

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Key Features

Now that you have a high-level idea of what these two platforms are, let’s take a closer look at some of the features that set them apart.

Trusy Social Features

Trusy features smart targeting through its algorithm to ensure that you’re seen by as many users as possible. They also provide a dedicated account manager and offer analytics so you can see the return on your investment.

Additionally, they provide guidance and insight from influencers so you can learn from people who have grown their following significantly. 

trusy social features screenshot

If you’re not looking for a particularly targeted audience, but just want to grow your following to the biggest number you can, you could consider signing up for their Loop giveaways. These offer placement on large influencer giveaways that require entrants to follow a specific set of accounts. Direct marketing brands and anyone aiming for specific kinds of followers should probably skip this.

Kicksta Features

Kicksta offers a wide range of features through its Instagram growth platform. There are multiple kinds of targeting that you can select to help you attract the right kinds of followers. Whitelist and blacklist options give you even more control over who Kicksta will engage with on your behalf.

There are also welcome DMs that you can craft and Kicksta can send out for you to provide an extra touchpoint with new followers and ensure they stick around.

kicksta dashboard screenshot

Through Kicksta’s targeting methods, you can be confident that you’re getting followers who are interested in your brand and business and want to see and engage with your content. If you’re looking for a broader audience, there’s a particular option Kicksta has that might interest you, but we’ll get to that in a little while.

How Does It Work: Trusy Vs. Kicksta

We started to touch on this a bit as we talked about features, but let’s examine how each of these Instagram growth services actually works.

How Does Trusy Work?

First, we’ll talk about Trusy’s general growth, not the Loops. Trusy uses what they call a “Targeting Trifecta” to help you gain followers.

This growth method, while not described in detail on their website, claims to allow you to be recommended by popular influencers, land your posts on Instagram’s Explore page, and speed you along toward verification. 

They say each account gets a custom mix of growth tactics, depending on what that account needs. You’ll get a dedicated account specialist who will make those decisions for you when you sign up. 

How Does Kicksta Work?

Kicksta uses an engagement method to attract your ideal followers to your account. Once you sign up and set your target information, Kicksta will begin to follow and engage with your ideal followers so they know that your account exists.

Then, and this is the critical part, they’ll make the decision themselves to follow you. This means that the followers you gain have chosen to follow you on their own, so they’re excited to be there and see your content.

kicksta's targeting dashboard

There’s also an influencer promotion option – we alluded to this earlier and will dive in deeper in the next section. For now, though, know that if you choose this option, you’ll be promoted by influencers to get a certain number of followers each month on top of what you gain through Kicksta’s engagement marketing.

Pricing Comparison

Features and tactics are certainly important when it comes to choosing a tool like this, but so is pricing. After all, the tool you choose will have to fit into your budget.

So, let’s talk numbers for a moment.

Trusy Pricing 

Trusy offers four pricing options for their general Instagram growth: Micro Influencer, Influencer, Business/Brand, and Elite. All of these plans include a free account audit, an expert Instagram strategist, guidance from top influencers, increased brand presence and engagement, and unlimited customer support. There’s also a 10-day risk-free guarantee.

Trusy social pricing

The Micro-Influencer plan is $97 per month and will bring in 400-600 followers monthly.

The Influencer plan is $197 each month and will bring in 1,200-2,000 followers per month. It also includes exclusive access to the Verification Blueprint if you’re trying to get your verification checkmark.

The Business/Brand plan is $347 per month and will bring in at least 3,000 followers each month. It also includes the Verification Blueprint access.

Finally, the Elite plan is $627 per month and will bring in at least 3,000 followers monthly. It includes everything mentioned above as well as Weekly USA Loop promotions.

Let’s talk about those Loop promotions one more time. Loops put you into giveaways and you could gain between 850 and 10,000 followers almost overnight. You can also subscribe to Loops separately, with packages ranging from $267 to $657 per month.

Kicksta Pricing

Kicksta provides three plans for customers to choose between, and all come with a 7-day free trial. These plans are the Starter, Advanced, and Ultimate, and they’re perfect for anyone trying to grow their brand presence on Instagram.

Kicksta pricing options

The Starter plan is $69 per month and has a low growth rate. You’ll get access to influencer, competitor, account, and hashtag targeting options, as well as whitelist and blacklist features. You’ll unlock the clean home feed option and the analytics dashboard to monitor your targets’ performance and make any necessary changes.

The Advanced plan is $129 per month and has a moderate growth rate. Along with everything the Starter plan includes, you’ll also get gender filtering, Welcome DMs, VIP email support, and targeting suggestions. Story Likes are also coming soon for the Advanced plan.

The Ultimate plan is $219 per month, has a high growth rate, and includes everything in the Advanced plan. The Ultimate also has 2,000 guaranteed followers per month that will come from influencer promotions through Kicksta’s partnership with InfluenceGrid.

Remember, these followers are separate from those you’ll gain through Kicksta’s organic tactics.

Kicksta won’t guarantee a set number of followers from their organic tactics because, as we discussed earlier, your new followers will choose on their own to follow you. Kicksta can’t and won’t force them to hit that follow button, so they can’t promise you a set number of monthly followers.

They’re committed to helping you grow an organic following, not just attract fake followers.

Kicksta logo

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User Reviews

It’s always helpful to hear from people who have actually used the service, so let’s look at some actual user reviews from Trustpilot.

Trusy Reviews

Overall, Trusy has 3.4 stars on Trustpilot. There are some reviews that sing Trusy’s praises and others that say it’s a scam. Here are a couple of examples of reviews from this year.

Trusy review from Kollectif Creative Inc.
Trusy review - elite growth package screenshot

Kicksta Reviews

Overall, Kicksta has 2.6 stars on Trustpilot, and they’ve responded to many of their negative reviews to address any issues. Here are some recent examples.

Kicksta review - Lewis Rogers screenshot
Kicksta review - BV screenshot
kicksta review by sergio hawkins

Pros & Cons

We’ve covered a lot of information so far in this Kicksta and Trusy Social review article, so it might be a good time for a recap and to look at the pros and cons next to one another.

Trusy Pros & Cons

Trusy promises a lot, and they generally have solid reviews. They have a variety of package options, and they even have different tactic options if you’d rather choose the Loops-only method.

But, their services are not cheap, and they aren’t clear about what methods they’ll use to generate your followers in the non-Loop process. It makes sense that the tactics would be targeted specifically for each account, but they could’ve provided some examples.

Also, the review saying that the following they grew wasn’t in North America is concerning, especially if that’s where your ideal customer base is.

Kicksta Pros & Cons

As for Kicksta, they’re very clear about how they’ll generate your followers and that they can’t guarantee a particular number each month. It takes time for these engagement methods to pay off, so it’s a process that customers should stick with in order to see the benefits.

Unfortunately, some people don’t have that sort of patience, which can turn into negative reviews. Additionally, if you’re looking for a specific number of followers or large growth in a short period of time (outside of the influencer promotion partnership), Kicksta might not be the best choice for you.

Trusy Vs. Kicksta: Which One Can You Trust?

At the end of the day, choosing an Instagram growth service like this comes down to trust. Sure, pricing plays a role, as does the wide variety of features each service offers.

But you’re going to be outsourcing a very important part of your Instagram marketing strategy. By handing off your follower growth, you’re giving someone else the task of attracting new people who will potentially become new customers of your brand.

That’s not an easy decision.

Both Trusy and Kicksta have strong qualities, but neither of them is perfect for every brand or business that exists.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you have to make that decision for yourself. Do some more research, and explore each of their websites and FAQ lists.

At the end of the day, though, Kicksta is transparent about its methods, and you can look at your analytics at any time to see how your targets are performing. If you aren’t happy with how some of them are generating followers, you can make changes whenever you’d like to refine your results.

Transparency and the ability to take control when needed make Kicksta a trustworthy platform.

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