The 20 Best Instagram Marketing Facebook Groups To Join

The 20 Best Instagram Marketing Facebook Groups to Join
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Last Updated: Dec 18, 2022

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Are you using Instagram marketing Facebook groups yet?

Instagram is easily among the most popular social media channels in the world today. Not only does the channel appeal to everyday consumers in search of inspiration and entertainment, but it’s a powerful tool for any digital marketing strategy, too.

As the 7th most-visited website in the world, Instagram attracts millions of users every day, 90% of which follow at least one brand.

With the right social media marketing strategy, business leaders and entrepreneurs can easily capture the attention of new customers and generate sales opportunities through Instagram.

However, figuring out how to set yourself apart from the competition can be tough. After all, there are endless small business leaders already on Instagram, fighting to earn customer attention.

One of the best ways to stay ahead of the curve, and plan the most appealing social strategies, is to get inspiration from the experts.

Facebook groups are a great place to expand your knowledge.

20 Instagram Marketing Facebook Groups

Instagram marketing Facebook groups are dedicated community environments where digital leaders can learn all about social media management techniques, SEO, and content marketing. These groups can also be a fantastic place to find Influencers to work with when you want to boost the appeal of your Instagram or Facebook page.

Instagram marketing Facebook groups act as an excellent educational resource, where business leaders can develop their knowledge and skills for virtually any industry.

Here are some of the best groups to follow right now.

1.  Instagram Growth Tips  & Tricks

instagram growth tips and tricks facebook  group

Group Type: Private

Topics Covered: Instagram growth, Marketing, and Common mistakes

Member Count: 100.6k

Ideal For: Anyone hoping to grow rapidly on Instagram while avoiding marketing issues.

Instagram Growth Tips and Tricks is a marketing group designed by Jeremy Thurswell and his team. First launched in 2019, the group has attracted more than 100,000 members, who post dozens of messages and insights every day.

Here, influencers and business owners share their experiences with marketing on Instagram, both good and bad. This is a great place for marketers to learn about the common hurdles they might face when attracting followers on Instagram.

What’s more, you can find up-to-date advice on how to generate rapid Instagram growth using the latest Instagram tools.

2.  Instagram Growth Secrets

Instagram growth secrets Facebook page

Group Type: Private

Topics Covered: Social media marketing, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok marketing tips.

Member Count: 5.2k

Ideal For: Users looking to learn how to attract followers and sell on social media platforms. 

Completely free to access and brimming with useful insights, Instagram Growth Secrets is one of the most popular Instagram marketing Facebook groups.

There are pages filled with useful information and tips for Instagram marketing beginners, and the moderators on the group are dedicated to eliminating any spam posts on a regular basis.

This welcoming group provides genuine insights from real people using Instagram to grow their social media and online following. Plus, you can get insights into how to use other social media channels alongside Instagram to boost your chances of standing out online.

This is a great place to learn about cross-promotion techniques.

3.  Instagram Marketing Secrets

Instagram Marketing Secrets Facebook page

Group Type: Private

Topics Covered: Instagram growth tactics used by world-leading companies

Member Count: 22.6k

Ideal For: Serious Instagram marketing professionals in search of new techniques

Instagram Marketing Secrets is a private Instagram marketing group with a team of fantastic moderators. While this isn’t a good place for self-promotion, it’s ideal for those who use Facebook groups to learn from other market leaders and innovators.

This page is packed with tutorials and hacks shared by some of the world’s leading social media marketers and businesses.

You’ll discover how to make your Instagram account more appealing, what you need to do to boost your presence on social networks, and how to get more Instagram followers. There are even group apps like Zoom for conferencing with members.

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4.  Influencers on Instagram

Influencers on Instagram Facebook group by Lim Tianyi

Group Type: Private

Topics Covered: Influencer marketing and Social media collaboration strategies

Member Count: 137.4k

Ideal For: Anyone looking for influencers to work with on Instagram, or influencers hoping to stand out online.

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to boost Instagram follower growth rapidly and improve your reputation on social media channels. However, finding reputable influencers to work with can be a challenge for beginners. This Facebook group aims to address this problem.

The Influencers On Instagram group supports business leaders in finding influencers to work with on their marketing campaign.

At the same time, this Facebook group also acts as an environment where influencers themselves can learn how to boost their appeal online, and generate the best results for businesses. With more than 100 thousand followers, it’s a highly active page.

5.  Instagram Engagement Boost

screenshot of Instagram engagement boost profile page

Group Type: Public

Topics Covered: Instagram growth, influencer marketing, and social media campaigns

Member Count: 111.3k

Ideal For: Networking, Tips, and Insights into social media advertising 

One of the top public options for Instagram marketing groups on Facebook, Instagram Engagement Boost is an active forum where users can ask for help on growing on Instagram, find collaborators and social media experts to work with and share their advice.

This platform is a great way for social media marketers to advertise their skills to other professionals in search of assistance. The platform is also ideal for business leaders who need to get an initial boost when posting content on Instagram, as you can request members to like and comment on your posts.

6.  Women in Instagram Marketing

Women in Instagram Marketing private facebook group

Group Type: Private

Topics Covered: Content creation, Social media marketing techniques, and Instagram growth

Member Count: 24.5k

Ideal For: Support and guidance, as well as top tips for Instagram marketing  

Designed to empower women in the social media marketing space, the Women in Instagram marketing group is a place of community support for growing professionals. Here, you can learn how to design the ultimate Instagram business page, or boost lead generation strategies.

The platform is extremely welcoming, and the group has a number of rules to follow to ensure the content posted is always helpful to social media marketing leaders. If you’re getting started as a woman in the Instagram marketing space, this could be the ideal place for you.

7.  Instagram Followers

Instagram followers facebook page

Group Type: Private

Topics Covered: Instagram follower growth and Social marketing

Member Count: 27k

Ideal For: Finding followers for your Instagram profile

The Instagram Followers Facebook Group is an environment where business leaders and influencers can find people willing to follow their Instagram page in a follow-for-follow strategy. If you need to rapidly increase the number of people connected to your Instagram account, this board could be ideal for you.

However, it’s worth looking into the people you ask to follow your account.

Using an Instagram follower tracker should help you to keep a closer eye on your growth rate and the quality of the engagement you’re generating for your Instagram page. This page is ideal for networking opportunities, too.

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8.  Instagram Influencer Growth

@baileyeisman Instagram Influencer Growth facebook page

Group Type: Private

Topics Covered: Monetizing Instagram followers and Influencer marketing

Member Count: 6.2k

Ideal For: Instagram influencers trying to increase lead generation

Instagram Influencer Growth is an environment built specifically for influencers interested in optimization of their social media presence. You can learn how to improve your organic reach, discover tips on pricing for influencer posts, and reach out to potential partners.

You’ll be able to share tips and tricks on how to monetize Instagram posts with other professionals while benefiting from guidance from other members.

Whether you’re an influencer in the SaaS space, technology, or fashion landscape, you’re sure to find some great guidance here.

9.  Instagram Engagement Space

Instagram Pod IG Engagement Space on Facebook

Group Type: Private

Topics Covered: Instagram engagement and Social media marketing

Member Count: 73.1k

Ideal For: Generating more likes and followers on Instagram 

Ideal for getting more attention to your social media posts, the IG Engagement Space offers tips on everything from copywriting to attracting your target market on social media.

Committed to helping businesses and influencers reach their ideal audience, this group focuses on helping new members to stand out online.

You can talk to other members about your worries when it comes to generating engagement, and even ask other people to like and comment on your posts. There are also various options for collaborating with other specialists on your Instagram account growth.

10.  Instagram Growth

Instagrow Engagement facebook group cover photo

Group Type: Private

Topics Covered: Increasing traffic on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and other profiles.

Member Count: 11k

Ideal For: Influencers hoping to engage with brands, and businesses in search of Instagram growth. 

One of the top Instagram marketing Facebook groups for influencers, the Instagrow Engagement Page offers a private community where professionals can learn how to grow online.

The group hosts daily like, comment, save, and follow threads, to help pull traffic to your social media pages. You’ll also find excellent opportunities for building brand partnerships.

The private group moderates posts to ensure you won’t have to deal with too much spam. Plus, you’ll be able to learn about cross-platform marketing strategies to boost the attention to your Instagram page from other social spaces, too.

11.  Instagram Marketing

instagram growth group for facebook

Group Type: Private

Topics Covered: Instagram growth strategies and Follower engagement 

Member Count: 40.5k

Ideal For: New marketers on Instagram trying to generate growth 

If you’re new to Instagram marketing and you want help learning how to reach the right demographics, the Instagram marketing group could be ideal for you. In this Facebook Group, members share tips on how to make the most of their Instagram strategies through giveaway campaigns, and the use of multiple Instagram features, like Reels and Stories.

You’ll get tips on how to optimize your cover photo, reach out to your audience with regular posts, and even combine your Instagram strategies with email marketing campaigns.

12.  Instagram Influencers Squad

instagram influencers squad private facebook group

Group Type: Private

Topics Covered: Instagram influencer marketing and Social media strategies

Member Count: 69.9k

Ideal For: Aspiring Instagram influencers

Another excellent choice among Instagram marketing Facebook groups for influencers, the Instagram Influencers Squad page is built for aspiring influencers. You’ll learn all about the top social media tips, and how to strengthen your chances of attracting clients on Instagram.

The group hosts regular giveaways and events, as well as like, comment, and follow threats to help you boost your Instagram engagement. There are also plenty of collaboration opportunities if you want to work with other leaders to boost your presence online.

13.  Instagram Growth Hacks

Instagram growth hacks public Facebook group

Group Type: Public

Topics Covered: Instagram Growth and Marketing Strategies

Member Count: 126.3k

Ideal For: Business leaders and Instagram influencers  

Another excellent public group for Instagram growth, Instagram Growth Hacks is brimming with thousands of active followers keen to help you grow your presence online. There are follow, like, and comment threads for boosting engagement, as well as various Instagram collaboration opportunities.

You’ll also be able to find tips and insights from other professionals looking to share their knowledge of the Instagram platform online.

14.  Instagram Marketing Community for Freelancers

instagram marketing community for freelancers private facebook group page

Group Type: Private

Topics Covered: Instagram marketing and best practices

Member Count: 13.8k

Ideal For: Freelancers, influencers, and entrepreneurs  

Designed by SkillUp Social, Instagram Marketing Community For Freelancers group is intended specifically for entrepreneurs, influencers, and freelancers. There are tips on best practices for generating organic growth, and “follow Friday” events for attracting new followers to your page.

The group is extremely active, with hundreds of new posts per month from people hoping to help other companies grow on Instagram. There are also moderation rules in place to reduce the risk of being exposed to huge amounts of spam.

15.  Instagram Posse

screenshot of social media posse page

Group Type: Private

Topics Covered: Growing and collaborating on Instagram

Member Count: 32.1k

Ideal For: People who need guidance for growing on Instagram, and those searching for collaborations.  

Ideal for learning all about Instagram and Facebook ads, the Instagram algorithm, and anything else you might need to know to generate more followers online, the Instagram Posse is a wonderful collaborative space. The group posts regular targeted research and guidance to help you decode some of the more complex aspects of success on Instagram.

This group concentrates on delivering high-quality articles and guidance to business leaders and influencers in search of collaborations. You’ll find plenty of threads where you can discuss your Instagram tactics with other users.

16.  Instagram Influencer Engagement

instagram influencer engagement cover page on facebook

Group Type: Private

Topics Covered: Engagement, Growing on Instagram, and Gaining followers

Member Count: 12.7k

Ideal For: Beginners getting started with Instagram growth  

Intended to provide Instagram users with a convenient social space where they can ask for help and find new followers, Instagram Influencer Engagement is great for beginners. You can use your Facebook group here to find people willing to follow and like your pages.

There are daily Instagram “Follow All” posts, as well as like and comment threads. Plus, group members can find endless people to collaborate with if they need help generating new growth online.

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17.  Instagram Influencer Community

instagram influencer community private facebook group

Group Type: Private

Topics Covered: Influencer marketing techniques and growth strategies.  

Member Count: 199.2k

Ideal For: Instagram influencers and business leaders  

Committed to building the world’s largest community for Instagram influencers, Instagram Influencer Community is one of the top Instagram marketing Facebook groups for professionals.

Brands can post collaboration requirements and gather responses from potential influencers.

Members also collaborate to help each other understand the latest Instagram algorithm techniques, and explore new opportunities for growth. There are rules to follow when it comes to like for like and following strategies too, to reduce the risk of spam.

18.  Instagram Boss Babes

instagram boss babes private facebook group

Group Type: Private

Topics Covered: Instagram and Social media marketing strategies.  

Member Count: 14.7k

Ideal For: Instagram marketers, bloggers, and influencers  

Built as a welcoming support group for Instagram marketers, influencers, and bloggers, Instagram Boss Babes is an engaging environment for learning all about social media. You’ll be able to find people to collaborate with on influencer campaigns, and top tips on how to grow online.

The group doesn’t just provide advice for Instagram leaders, either. There are tips on how to strengthen your social media presence with cross-channel promotion across platforms like TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

19.  Instagram Engagement Group

official instagram engagement group facebook page

Group Type: Private

Topics Covered: Instagram engagement and Follower growth  

Member Count: 12.8k

Ideal For: Companies in search of rapid follower growth  

Instagram Engagement Group focuses mainly on helping smaller brands and business leaders grow their following rapidly. Influencers and business leaders can engage in like for like and comment for comment threads.

Innovators also regularly share resources, support, and advice on how to thrive on Instagram.

There are regular announcements and updates to keep you informed about the latest growth strategies on Instagram. Plus, the community is highly active with lots of new posts each month.

20.  Instagram Influencers, Brands, Professionals

screenshot of instagram influencers, brands, professionals facebook group

Group Type: Private

Topics Covered: Influencer marketing and Social media advertising  

Member Count: 14.8k

Ideal For: Influencers or brands looking for partnerships.

If you’re looking for a way to grow your business with an influencer partnership, or you’re an influencer searching for ways to make money on Instagram, this is the group for you. Instagram Influencers, Brands, Progessionals Facebook Group aims to help professionals form the best partnerships for social media growth.

The rules to be accepted on this page are relatively easy to follow, and there’s plenty of monthly activity, so you can find new people to partner with easily.

Benefits Of Joining Instagram Marketing Facebook Groups

Instagram marketing Facebook groups are an excellent place for learning and collaboration. You’ll discover everything you need to know about how to connect with followers through your Instagram newsfeed and messenger.

Plus, you can network with other marketing experts to expand your presence online. Some of the top benefits of Instagram Marketing Facebook Groups include:


Instagram Marketing Facebook groups share regular tips and resources to help you make the most of your Instagram presence. You might get template guidance on how to structure your posts or tips on how to manage the latest Instagram algorithm.

New Opportunities

There are plenty of chances to interact with other market leaders, potential partners, and businesses who can help you grow online. You may even learn a thing or two about Facebook group marketing for cross-channel Instagram promotion.


With the right group, you’ll be able to connect with a range of experts, whether you’re looking for a social media marketing manager, an influencer to grow your Instagram profile, or a brand to work with on monetizing your page.

Important Updates

Facebook groups are a great place to learn all about the latest changes to the Instagram algorithm and what you need to do to stand out online. You’ll stay up-to-date on relevant Instagram changes, and how they might affect your marketing campaigns.

Honest Feedback

If you need help optimizing your social media posts, you can publish examples on your Facebook group and get immediate feedback from other market leaders. This is a great way to learn from your mistakes as you grow.

Community Support

Instagram marketing and social media advertising can be a complicated process for any business leader. Being part of a community gives you access to plenty of support, motivation, and inspiration.

Finishing Thoughts

Instagram Marketing Facebook groups are an excellent resource for business leaders who want to stand out online, or influencers looking to monetize their pages. Here, you’ll develop powerful relationships with other market leaders, learn about how to make the most of your Instagram strategy, and more.

Plus, there are plenty of giveaways and competitions to enjoy, too.

If you’re keen to stay ahead of the curve with your Instagram marketing strategies, or you need help making sure you outshine the competition, following a group could be the ideal strategy.

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