Using Facebook Audience Insights to Find Strategic Partners on Instagram

Using Facebook Audience Insights to Find Strategic Partners on Instagram
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Last Updated: May 21, 2021

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Here at Kickstagram, you know how much we love helping you understand the importance of influencers. Of course, finding Instagram influencers and other strategic partners is sometimes easier said than done.

Now, what we’re about to tell you may sound a bit radical—especially since we’re all about Instagram:

You can actually use Audience Insights from Facebook (gasp!) to help you find the strategic partners that will take your Instagram brand marketing to the next level.

What are Facebook Audience Insights?

First, it might help to understand what Facebook Audience Insights are, and why they play such a huge role in so many brand marketing strategies. Audience Insights are available for any Facebook user who has an advertiser account. Unlike Page Insights, which only allow you to look at your own followers, Audience Insights provides you with a more in-depth look at Facebook as a whole.

With Audience Insights, you can use aggregate data for all Facebook users to break down audiences by age, level of education, geographic location, or even relationship status. Using this data, Audience Insights can then supply helpful insights regarding your selected target audience.

Using Facebook Audience Insights to Find Strategic Partners on Instagram - Instagram Marketing

By combining third-party demographic information and its own user analytics, Facebook supplies you with key pieces of sorted data—most notably, the top categories of interest to your audience, as well as the most popular Facebook page for each category. You can even see purchase behavior and other key lifestyle data that would influence your marketing messages.

So How Does This Apply to Instagram Partnerships?

So why does this matter for Instagram? Let’s say you’ve just opened a new restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona, and you wish to target a younger crowd between the ages of 18 and 35. It’s great that you want to target that group (and that you know you should try to reach them on Instagram), but what are they interested in? What are they like?

Let’s go to Audience Insights. We’ll create a target audience of 18-35 year-olds living in Phoenix, Arizona, and to go a step further, we’ll focus on people whose interests include “restaurants”—the people who are more likely to want to try out your new restaurant in the first place. This leaves us with about 150,000 active Facebook users in the area.

Now that we have our target audience in place, it’s time to take a look at the insights Facebook has to offer through the “Page Likes” insights. A quick look at this tab offers plenty of opportunities for strategic local partnerships, ranging from popular landmarks and events to nightlife activities.

Kickstagram Instagram Social Media Marketing

From this list alone, you can identify other popular businesses and influencers, and start crafting strategic partnership plans for your next Instagram campaign. For our hypothetical restaurant, you could run an Instagram contest where the winner receives free passes to Castles N’ Coasters. Or you could run a Halloween-themed promotion in partnership with the 13th Floor Haunted House.

As you leverage these insights to form partnerships that are relevant to your target audience, you’ll be much more likely to pique their interest, build trust, and set yourself on the path to success with Instagram and other brand marketing efforts.

You can go as broad or as narrow as you wish when using Audience Insights. You can even upload a custom audience group focused on email subscribers or people who like your Facebook page. As you leverage Audience Insights to discover key areas of interest to your target audience, you’ll be better equipped to produce appealing, relevant Instagram content.

Let’s Get Started!

While leveraging Facebook to find strategic partners for Instagram may feel a little strange, it can make a big difference for your brand marketing efforts as a whole.

After all, leveraging the power of multiple social media platforms is how many companies have turned into the digital behemoths they are today.

When you tap into the power of Facebook Audience Insights, you’ll gain a better understanding of your target audience so you can form valuable partnerships and adjust your Instagram strategy for better results than ever.


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