How to Write Good Instagram Captions Using Your Brand Voice

September 26, 2018 by Alexz Miller

Last Updated: February 24, 2020

Unlike updating spreadsheets or fixing back-end glitches on your company’s website, running your brand’s social media is a lot of fun. While coming up with good Instagram captions for your account may seem like an impossible task, it comes naturally if you define your voice and cater your content to a specific audience.

Unless you’re National Geographic or The New York Times, it’s important to accept the fact that you’re not going to be liked by everyone. This is even truer for brands in small, niche industries such as skateboarding or organic foods. With that said, don’t strive to please everyone as you’ll end up impressing nobody.

Instagram is a perfect platform for displaying your brand’s true colors and personality. Its easy-to-navigate nature makes a great starting point for new consumers to become familiarized with your products and message in a matter of seconds.

“Your followers want to know who you really are! Share your struggles as well as your triumphs. Be open, vulnerable, and create an opportunity for them to connect with you on a deeper level than just why they should buy from you.” -Becky Dickerman , @bluefoxengraving

While it is certainly enjoyable to share your products and ideas through strategically crafted posts, don’t underestimate the value of your company’s Instagram page. Each image and caption has the potential to make or break your image, and the deciding factor is oftentimes your brand’s voice.

As social media continues to dominate the digital marketing game for brand’s today, this idea of finding your voice has become a little more abstract with the abundance of content posted every day.

We’ve researched Instagram’s top business accounts to assess what works and what does not in regards to finding your voice to appeal to your target demographic.

Find References

As creative digital advertisers, you can use virtually anything as a reference for your brand aesthetic and voice: old movies, photographs and even other Instagram accounts. However, the danger of using another Instagram account as a reference is the possibility that you’ll end up creating something that has already been done.

brand voice on instagram

We encourage aspiring companies to take small bits of inspiration – like color schemes or writing tones – from sources unrelated to their fields to avoid an unauthentic reputation. Instagram users are savvy and have seen it all at this point.

Describe Your Voice

Being able to describe your voice in a matter of three or four adjectives will become increasingly helpful in order to stay true to your original concept. Ask yourself before posting anything to your feed: Is this uplifting, quirky and informative? Edgy, minimal and humorous?

No matter what your voice might be, be sure you’re able to check each box to ensure you’re representing your predefined brand. Spend more time on this concept development than you do wondering how to grow Instagram followers fast. The two go hand-in-hand and genuine engagement will soon follow. 

Voice Through Imagery

Your brand voice isn’t only what you choose to write in your captions and bio. In fact, Instagram is such a visual platform that users oftentimes don’t bother to read captions and form their opinions purely off images. With that said, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be posting high-quality, original content specific to your brand.

“Use high quality photos always win. I don’t recommend collages, many pictures at the same time,or text in pictures. Keep is as clean and simple as possible.” -Sabrina Horrisberger, @sabribest

Depending on your field, hiring designers and photographers to consistently emulate your truest aesthetic through social media could be the wisest branding decision you make.

Take a look at some of your favorite brands’ Instagram profiles, and without clicking on a specific photo you’re almost guaranteed to see some type of harmony through each post.


Everything we’ve discussed thus far directly comes back to this simple concept of consistency. Mind you that this is not to be confused with being repetitive or predictable, but a mere guideline to follow to ensure your consumers can embrace your branding.

“Remain consistent and persevere. The race isn’t for the swift, but for those willing to endure till the end. Sometimes it may seem like we aren’t moving forward, or we’re slowly getting to where we need, and we become discouraged, but just now keep working hard, keep focused and fight through the despair to meet your dreams. In the end, the rocky road is worth it! Just stay consistent and don’t give up.” -Sasha-Shae Weekes, @freshmedley

brand voice on instagram

Although your company is likely to see various changes throughout its lifespan, staying true to your roots will result in loyal followers eagerly awaiting your next big move.

Keep up with Kicksta for more on branding and how to grow your Instagram followers fast, and best of luck with all your digital marketing endeavors.

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