How to Find Instagram Influencers Right for Your Brand

June 6, 2016 by kicksta

Last Updated: April 24, 2020

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Knowing how to find Instagram Influencers will knock your engagement out of the ballpark. Here’s the nitty-gritty—Instagram brands enjoy an engagement rate of about 4.2 percent, whereas those on Facebook and Twitter produce one of about 0.1 percent. Not too hard to see the difference, is it?

We’ve referenced this jaw-dropping stat before, and truth be told, we’re likely to do it a few more times before we’re done with it—a recent Forrester study discovered that brand engagement rates on Instagram are shockingly higher than those on other authoritative social networks. 

Yes, an engagement rate of 4.2 percent is staggering, but what if we told you it were possible to blow that number out of the proverbial puddle, pool and pond? Well, you’re in luck—it very much is. The answer? Knowing how to find Instagram influencers.

You see, your brand alone can build an impressive body of Instagram brand fans and tap them for future sales, but all of this will take time—no matter the social channel, success isn’t an overnight affair. But when influencers are brought onboard, success is both quickened and made all the more effective.

Sounds pretty good, right? Only one problem—how do you go about finding the perfect Instagram influencer for your up-and-coming brand? No worries—here at Kicksta, we get this question all the time and are happy to help out. Keep reading to discover exactly how this is to be done.

Think Critically About How to Find Instagram Influencers for Your Target Audience

No matter your product- or service-pushing specialty, odds are high you already understand the importance of demographics—age, race, gender, location, etc. All of this stuff is good, but if you really want to make marketing magic happen, you’ll broaden your horizons through what’s known as psychographics.

Basically, psychographics is the study of demographics, only it seeks to take things a step further, focusing on attitudes, aspirations, social standing and other important psychological criteria. How to find Instagram influencers with this in mind, exactly? Relax—it’s all straightforward and simple.

example of how to find Instagram influencers

For example, if you were to start a subscription box business that delivered new baked goods to your customers every month, you’d not only want to know who is going to buy your cookies and brownies, but the specific details behind why and for whom they’re making a purchase.

Believe it or not, these small details help you forego a good influencer for a great one—someone whose body of work and Instagram posts will truly resonate with your buyers.

Shocking—Milk Google for All It’s Worth

Use Google to find good information—ingenious, huh? But instead of conducting a regular, run-of-the-mill Google search all willy-nilly, milk Google for all it’s worth by searching as intelligently as possible. This means searching the right way for how to find Instagram influencers.

example of how to find Instagram influencers

Don’t search for top Instagram accounts—do something better. Using the example from the previous section, try searching for something a bit more specific—top Instagram accounts for baked goods. Or, top Instagram accounts for deserts—the possibilities are endless, just make certain you’re not limiting yourself when a few more searchable terms could deliver the results you’re looking for.

Looking to grow your Instagram?

Use Other Social Networks to Your Advantage

For this, you’ll want to use one of the best, most valuable free Instagram marketing tools the Internet has to offer—SocialBlade. Ever heard of it? If not, the concept is simple—SocialBlade is a free, auto-updating resource that allows you to find the most influential social accounts and blogs within any given niche.

how to use social blade

Still in pursuit of that ever-elusive baked goods guru? More than likely, if you can find an influencer with a booming blog and impressive YouTube presence, the working relationship on Instagram will be a successful one, too. Seriously, of all the free Instagram marketing services available online, SocialBlade is hard to beat.

Review Content and Build a Relationship

It’s time to get real for a moment—though influencer marketing on Instagram is highly effective, when done correctly, rarely is it inexpensive. Because of this, you need to make sure you’ve found the right influencer before sending over a contract and making a payment.

example of how to find Instagram influencers

Take an additional step towards peace of mind by performing a thorough content audit of the Instagram influencer you’d like to work with. How frequently do they post? What types of content are they posting? How much engagement is each post receiving? Naturally, what you currently see is what you’re likely to get in the future.

Reach Out, and Get to Work

Now comes the fun part—building a long-lasting relationship. Before firing off an inquiry, like a few of your target influencer’s posts, commenting on them, as well. Do whatever it takes to let him or her know that you appreciate their hard work and are genuinely interested by what’s regularly being produced.

While it’s unlikely you’re able to sidestep the hefty price tags most often associated with top-tier Instagram influencers, rarely is there a moment when you shouldn’t be networking. The more game-changing people you know, the more you’re likely to become one. But not just you—your company, as well. Best of luck!

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