How to Get Paid on Instagram: An Influencer’s Success Story

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Last Updated: Dec 1, 2023

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If you’re just starting off in the influencer world, or you already are and you’re struggling, then you definitely want to check this out and learn some tips on how to get paid on Instagram from an influencer that has had major success.

We all know that influencer marketing has become very popular, and thousands of brands are utilizing it more and more today. Did you know that 65% of marketers are increasing their budgets to spend more on influencer marketing? And as an influencer just starting off, you definitely want to ramp up your strategy to learn influencer pricing and how to get paid on Instagram ASAP.

Here’s Fawn Rosenbohm, Blogger and Influencer, with her tips and personal story of how she got paid on Instagram and built her success:

Tell us about yourself and how you decided to become an influencer?

how to get paid on Instagram with Fawn Rosenbohm

Hi! My name is Fawn and I run the fashion and lifestyle account @fawnrosenbohm on Instagram as well as my blog

Like many of you I’m a mom. I have three beautiful kids and a super handsome and supportive husband.

I initially started out blogging 9 years ago when my daughter was born (before Instagram and Facebook were a thing.) It was a way for me to journal out my thoughts and keep in touch with my family. As the social media world emerged I really just started sharing my favorite things with my followers, mostly clothes, beauty, and kids items.

When brands started reaching out to me to work with them about 5 years ago, I realized “Hey I can make an income doing this while staying home with my kids”, so I decided to go for it and become an influencer.

What were the biggest struggles you had to overcome when you first started out?

My biggest struggle was to not just say “YES” to every brand that wanted to work with me, but to be selective with who I chose to work with. Another thing I struggled with was keeping my eyes focused on my own personal journey, and not comparing other influencers journeys with me own.

How did you grow your following on Instagram?

It didn’t grow over night that’s for sure. It took a good few years of really focusing on my social media and treating it like my job. I think engaging with your audience is definitely top priority when growing your Instagram. Make sure you reply to every comment and DM that you’re able to, and also go and engage on their page as well. Doing this goes a long way and builds an authentic relationship with your followers. 

I also team up with like minded influencers and do giveaways. I love giving back to my friends on Instagram. So a group of us will put our money together for an awesome prize and then do a loop giveaway; where in order to win they have to follow each account. Here is an example:

how to get paid on Instagram by hosting giveaways

It’s a great way to gain followers who would like your content but probably haven’t come across your profile before. I’ll also team up with others to to do Instagram story takeovers or shoutouts to share each others accounts with new audiences.

What were your biggest obstacles?

My biggest obstacles were trying to balance work and home life. I don’t want to be on my phone all day, so I had to learn to really use my time wisely. Now I try to stay away from mindless scrolling and only focusing on what will benefit my business; such as engaging with everyone who comments on my posts, as well as answering questions and messages.

Another obstacle for me personally was letting the “No’s” or the “no responses” from companies get to me. It can be discouraging when you see other influencers getting collaborations with brands you want to work with, and they didn’t want to work with you. Don’t let this discourage you! I usually ask them for corrective criticism and if they would mind telling me what I could work on so that I can better my brand.

Can you tell us about the very first collaboration you got paid for? When did you start getting paid through Instagram?

Yes I do remember my first paid collaboration. I was so excited, it was with Dove. The marketing team who was representing them reached out to me through email.

Pro Tip: Always include your email in your Instagram bio.

The promotion was for their deodorant. I needed to do a blog post as well as an IG feed post. After that I started getting paid collaborations within the 6 months.

Walk us through your process of looking/reaching out to other brands to work with (or do they all reach out to you)?

Both, they reach out as well as I reach out to them. When a brand reaches out to me, the first thing I do is make sure its a good fit; Is it in my niche? Is it something my audience would be interested in? Is it something I genuinely want to promote?

Then I look through the contract and see what the deliverables are (how many posts/stories need to be published, what type of content, how the product should be mentioned in the content, what hashtags need to be used, etc.). If I feel like we’re a good fit then I go for it. When I reach out to a brand, it’s because I love what they are offering and think a collaboration would be beneficial to both of us. Even if it’s an unpaid collab, if I love the product, I will just do a gift exchange.

How do you create content as an influencer? (Any apps you use, strategies, etc.) What are you favorite features to use on Instagram?

I try to think of unique and creative ways to share content, but there are a lot of us doing this gig, so not everything is going to be unique, unfortunately. First of all, I make sure the picture is of good quality and that the product or message is clearly visible.

My favorite app for editing is Lightroom, I use it more than any other app. I think it’s important to keep your feed looking cohesive. I also love to clean up my Instagram every once in a while by using the cleaner app. I don’t want fake accounts following me so I go through and delete them every few months.

Pro Tip: Quality over Quantity. You want quality Instagram followers that are following you because they are interested in what you have to offer and are engaging.

Can you tell us about some of the most successful collaborations you’ve had, how you get them, and why they were so successful?

I think the most successful collaborations are the ones where you build a long-time partnership with a brand. Not just a one time post and done situation. I love building connections with the brand and the people that are overseeing the collaboration. When a brand comes back to work with me again I consider it successful.

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Pro Tip: Communication is the most important aspect of creating these long time partnerships!

Make sure you’re both on the same page on what is to be expected. If you’re not sure, ask! Don’t just assume. I also am a believer that kindness goes a long way. Be kind and professional with the brands you work with, and give it your best effort. Don’t forget that the person you’re talking to on the other side of the computer is real :) One of my most successful collaborations has been with Royal Carribean because they’ve worked with me twice in the last year. So my husband and I got to go on two paid vacations ;).

royal carrbiean collaboration example

What are your future goals as an influencer?

As I look at my goals for the coming year, first of all I want to stay authentic to who I am as a person. I also want to build more long term partnerships with brands, and do a lot more travel focused posts. I would love to one day have a clothing collection with a brand. My dream would be Nordstrom, but I also want to partner with a boutique I love, where I could choose items from and promote. I’ve seen a few influencers do this, and think it would be so fun. I’d also love to do more traveling collaborations with my family. 

What advice do you have for other influencers out there, or ones that are just starting out on how to get paid on Instagram?

Trust your gut and be authentic. When people see your real life and real struggles, they feel like they can relate and feel a connection with you. This connection is made more through Instagram stories so don’t be afraid to get on there are start talking :)

using Instagram stories to get paid on Instagram

If you’re wondering how to get paid on Instagram, connect with like minded influencers. I’ve made so many Instagram friends with women who are killing it on Instagram and we’re all huge supporters of one another. Last but not least, keep your mind focused on your journey. It’s so easy to look to the left or the right and start comparing. Don’t do it. Stay in your lane, and celebrate your successes and those around you who are cheering you on. You got this!

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