How to Gain Followers On Instagram Using Social Media Cross-Promotion in 2020

December 17, 2019 by kicksta

Last Updated: July 14, 2020

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Increasing your follower count might seem like a task that requires a lot of time and effort; however, it’s easy to grasp if you find the perfect strategy to show you how to gain followers on Instagram in the most cost-effective way.

Whether you have a successful business or you are about to start an online store, social media cross-promotion is your secret weapon to promote your brand/business and increase your engagement.

Cross-promoting your content will give you the chance to save both time and budget spent on Instagram ads and sponsored content, as it offers you the chance to share your existing content across multiple social media networks for free.

Also, leveraging an  Instagram growth service like Kicksta can help you gain more followers and let you focus on your cross-promoting endeavors.

So, now that we’ve found the perfect way to gain more followers on Instagram, let’s see how to put it into practice.

How to Gain Followers on Instagram Using Emails

The best way to increase your social media reach and gain Instagram followers is to combine your Instagram marketing with your effective email marketing strategy.

In this case, email marketing will offer you a unique chance to reach your email subscribers and offer them the chance to connect with you on Instagram.

Here’s how to gain followers on Instagram with email marketing:

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1. Make Instagram Part of Your Email Campaigns

If you want your emails and Instagram to work in tandem, then you should create a specific email campaign that will show your audience that you want them to visit your Instagram account.

The easiest way to gain more followers is to show them why they need to be part of your Instagram audience.

St. Ives, for example, has an amazing example of infusing their email with a social media CTA that’s meant to lead their subscribers to their Instagram profile:

how to gain followers on Instagram

To get their email subscribers to join them, St. Ives first asks them what their favorite go-to products are, and in the next section tells them that they love sharing tips on how to “turn up the glow”.

And to make sure that the subscribers will click on the CTA, St. Ives uses the appropriate CTA copy to show their subscribers what they need to do to get access to the brand’s best tips. 

2. Insert a Clickable Instagram Icon in Your Email Signature

While mentioning your Instagram account in your email body is the perfect way to gain Instagram followers, sending the same email asking your subscribers to join can be a bit repetitive.

What you can do, though, to make sure that your email subscribers will always be aware of your social media presence, is to add a clickable Instagram icon to your email signature and let it work its magic every time you send a new email campaign.

To get started, you need to find a great email marketing platform that will allow you to insert social media links into your email campaigns. If you search the web you can find numerous great Constant Contact competitors to supply you with amazing email editors to design the perfect social and email collab.

Here’s an example from Bulgari’s email:

how to gain followers on Instagram

Adding your Instagram social button to your email will let your subscribers know that you also have another resource where they can reach you, ask questions about your products, gather information and even praise you.

How to Gain Followers on Instagram Using Facebook 

Along with Instagram, Facebook is king of social networks with 2.41 billion monthly users worldwide.

As you might have already seen, getting yourself into the world of Facebook marketing is another great way to promote your brand and boost your organic and paid traffic with targeted content.

Through Facebook ads, brands can target their audience better and deliver exceptional content that will incentivize them to click on your social landing pages and convert.

However, what makes Facebook the perfect place to cross-promote and drive traffic to your newer social media accounts, is its diversified audience and its connection to Instagram.

Now, let’s find out how to gain followers on Instagram using Facebook:

1. Include an Instagram Account Link in the “About Us” Tab 

To gain more followers on Instagram using Facebook, you need to find the perfect place in your Facebook profile to add a link to your Instagram profile. 

As posting it around will easily get lost or even go unnoticed, you need to insert your Instagram link somewhere that it will be easy-to-find.

The perfect place to add your Instagram link and show your Facebook followers that you want them to interact with, is in your “About Us” tab.

Since your old followers will already know about you and your social media accounts, adding your Instagram link in the “About Us” tab will give your new Facebook followers the chance to learn more about your company and follow your business Instagram profile for more news and content.

Here’s how MAC does it:

Instead of placing their Instagram link in their ‘General Information’, MAC strategically places it in their ‘Contact Info’ to show their followers that Instagram is not only a platform to see content, but also a channel they can use to communicate with the brand.

This example shows us that when you aim at gaining more followers on Instagram using social media cross-promotion, you have to make sure that your followers will see why they have to follow you there.

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2. Share your Posts on Facebook and Create an Instagram Tab

Sharing your Instagram content on Facebook not only saves you valuable time to come up with new posts, but also allows you to cross-promote your social media accounts in the most efficient way.

When you link a post from Instagram to Facebook, you give your followers the chance to discover your Instagram account, interact with the post, and click the follow button.

To get the most out of your Facebook cross-promoting efforts, you should also consider creating a separate tab on your Facebook profile to let your Facebook followers know where your visual content comes from and how they can find its source.

Colourpop, for example, has an amazing IG tab on their profile to get their Facebook followers to visit their Instagram account:

2. Promote your Instagram on the Cover Photo Description

Updating your profile and cover photo is a great way to offer fresh content and engage your Facebook followers.

As users will take the time to like and comment on your new cover photo, promoting your Instagram account through it can be a piece of cake.

To take advantage of this technique, you can use one of your Instagram posts as a cover photo and add a link to your Instagram account in the description.

Since Facebook users appreciate your new and creative cover photos, showing them one of your Instagram posts will incentivize them to click on your Instagram account and turn them into your Instagram followers.

How to Gain Followers on Instagram Using YouTube

1. Add a Link on Your Video Description

If you thought that you can’t promote your Instagram account on Youtube, then you thought wrong.

Youtube is actually the perfect place to gain Instagram followers, who after watching your incredible videos, will need a place to interact with you and see more of your content.

Aligning your Youtube and Instagram efforts is the perfect way to showcase your products through posts and provide more information to your subscribers.

Here’s a simple example from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics:

how to gain followers on Instagram link

And here’s what their Youtube subscribers, who watched their beauty product video, will come across when they click on their IG link:

2. Mention Your IG Account in Your Video

If you want a more direct way to incentivize your Youtube subscribers to turn into your Instagram followers, then you can promote it through your video content.

To successfully do that, you need to mention that you have an Instagram account either at the beginning or at the end of your video to let your viewers know there is another channel where they can reach out to you and access more content.

While adding a link in your video description is a great way to do that, telling your subscribers yourself that you want to connect with them on Instagram will add urgency  and help you gain Instagram followers who will gladly support you across different channels.

3. Promote Your IG Account Through Influencer Collabs

Influencer collaborations are one of the best ways to build a huge Instagram following and boost your brand awareness.

So when it comes to gaining more Instagram followers through Youtube, getting influencers and other YouTubers to promote your Instagram account on their channel is a tactic you should leverage no matter what.

Instead of simply asking them to add a link to your Instagram account, you can reach out to influencers who will be willing to tell their viewers to follow your brand on Instagram for more information and amazing content.

Since influencers are a powerful source of credible information who influence their audience to follow their lead, collaborating and letting them know that you want to draw attention to your IG account is your ticket to a successful Youtube and Instagram cross-promotion that will help you gain more followers on Instagram.

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How to Gain Followers on Instagram Using Pinterest 

To successfully grow your Instagram followers using Pinterest, then you need to keep in mind that Pinterest users want to see quality over quantity, meaning that they will look only for the best posts that will pique their interest and get them inspired.

Now let’s find out how to gain followers on Instagram with unique Instagram pins.

Pin Your High-Quality Instagram Posts

The first thing you need to do is to create a new board and then create a new pin using your best Instagram photos. When you click on create a new board, you’ll find yourself on this page:

The trick here is that apart from drag-and-dropping your high-quality Instagram image, you also need to add a destination link that will get your Pinterest followers back to your Instagram profile.

Neglecting to add a destination link won’t link the pin back to your Instagram post, so be extra careful when you create new pins, otherwise you’ll miss the chance to get more traffic to your  profile and gain Instagram followers.

Here’s an amazing example from NYX:

how to gain followers on Instagram

Creating a board with your most aesthetically pleasing posts, will expose your Pinterest followers to your Instagram account, skyrocket your referral traffic, and give you more Instagram followers.

How to Gain Followers on Instagram Using Twitter 

You can leverage Twitter’s power successfully to gain more followers on Instagram.

While taking advantage of Twitter can happen with sharing your posts and including a link in your profile bio, there’s an equally powerful technique to get your Instagram follower count to higher heights.

Now let’s see how to gain followers on Instagram using this simple, but well-known tactic:

Tweet Your IG User-Generated Content

While Twitter’s 280-character limit can be a deal-breaker for your creative Instagram captions and your hashtags, leveraging its powerful short status update can help you promote your posts a lot more effectively.

What you can do to leverage Twitter the right way is to use one of the best tactics to boost your Instagram followers, namely user-generated content.

Instead of linking your Instagram posts on Twitter, you can link posts from customers and influencers to show that people love your products.

Here’s an example from Glossier:

In this case, promoting your user-generated content (UGC) will increase your trustworthiness and help you nurture your leads into loyal Instagram followers who will support you no matter what. 

Takeaway – Using Social Media Cross-promotion To Increase Instagram Followers

Cross-promoting can be a valuable ally to gain more followers on Instagram and have an engaged social media audience that will support you throughout their journey.

As Instagram favors visual content, investing in it and finding a way to gain more followers will give you the chance to increase your brand awareness, and when you successfully turn your followers into loyal customers of your brand, and even assist you with customer retention.

So next time you’re looking for other ways for how to gain followers on Instagram, take advantage of all of your other social media accounts and email marketing, and see your Instagram follower count increase beyond measure.

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