Cottagecore Aesthetics on Instagram: The Definite Guide

Cottagecore aesthetics for your Instagram account
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Last Updated: Apr 1, 2024

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Nowadays social media is the most important aspect of people’s lives. 

If you are an active social media user, you would know that there are a lot of different styles and aesthetics. Today, we are planning to talk about a Cottagecore Girl Aesthetic.

What is a Cottagecore Aesthetic?

People who follow Cottagecore Aesthetics choose to live a simple lifestyle in the countryside. 

This style encourages traditional living: baking your own food, having fruits and vegetables in your garden, sewing your own clothes, and others. 

This lifestyle has its own beauty in its simplicity. 

What Type of People Have a Cottagecore Aesthetic?

Particularly, soft people who love the countryside lifestyle choose Cottagecore Aesthetic. 

Most of the people supporting this aesthetic love a simple life. They share positive energy and are always grateful for their life. 

People who follow a Cottagecore Aesthetic love vintage items, they like to sew their own clothes and are rarely involved in city life. Moreover, Cottagecore Aesthetic followers promote a healthy lifestyle; some of them are vegan or vegetarian. 

Cottagecore aesthetic themes

 Where Did a Cottagecore Aesthetic Come From?

The cottagecore aesthetic has been present in our lives for more than 10 years now. The aesthetic started from Tumblr, where people shared their Cottagecore aesthetic pictures. 

However, nowadays, most people know the Cottagecore aesthetic from TikTok.

There are a lot of different trends on TikTok

People share their ideas and thoughts about everything. Cotaggecore aesthetic has a lot of followers. Moreover, a lot of people love to watch Cottagecore videos, because they are very aesthetically pleasant and calming. 

If you watch Cottagecore Aesthetic videos on TikTok, you can see that they are very positive, make you feel calm, and have countryside vibes, where everything is so clean and beautiful. This way, the Cottagecore aesthetic makes your life brighter.

What Is the Cottagecore Aesthetic Personality?

Cottagecore aesthetic followers share positivity and good vibes. 

I assure you that the people following this aesthetic are living their best lives and are promoting it. Cottagecore girls wear beautiful, handmade dresses, they are always smiling. Moreover, Cottagecore aesthetic followers are very close to nature. 

As you can see, Cottagecore people believe in spirituality. 

They are trying to heal their soul and calm their mind. Most Cottagecore aesthetic followers meditate, try to control their emotions and show support to others. 

How to Achieve the Cottagecore Aesthetic?

If you are interested in learning the Cottagecore aesthetic, you are in the right place! Now, we will give you pieces of advice on how to achieve the Cottagecore Aesthetic. Let’s dive in!

Be Closer to Nature

Cottagecore Aesthetics promotes village life. This way, it is very important to be very close to nature. Try to learn gardening, water flowers, and take care of nature. You can start recycling to help nature. 

Remember that nature is like our mother; we should treat our beloved Earth with love, care, and support. 

How To Learn Gardening?

There are a lot of gardening books, blogs, and videos. If you want to learn gardening truly, you can do it without a lot of effort. There are a lot of books available, such as: “The Complete Gardener,” “The Well-Tempered Garden,” and others. 

Moreover, you can see gardening tips on TikTok as well. 

Learn How To Cook

Cottagecore people love to spend their quality time in the kitchen. Almost all of the Cottagecore Aesthetic followers know how to cook; they share some baking recipes and share tips on how to be the best in the kitchen. 

Moreover, most of the Cottagecore people have their own vegetables and fruit in the garden. 

Learn Embroidery, Knitting, and Crocheting

Most of the Cottagecore girlies love to make their own clothes. If you do research online, you will see that the Cottagecore Aesthetic followers make their own layered, flower, old-fashioned dresses.

Make sure that the dresses you make are very colorful, they show the Earth’s colors, such as green, blue, brown, yellow, and flower colors as well. 

Details of cottagecore aesthetics on instagram

How To Have a Cottagecore Aesthetic on Instagram

Once you learn how to be a Cottagecore Aesthetic follower, you are ready to show yourself on social media. There are a lot of people supporting Cottagecore Aesthetic on Instagram, now you can become one of them. 

Upload Posts, Stories, Reels

In order to have a perfect Cottagecore Aesthetic feed on Instagram, try to post more

Cottagecore people love bright colors, taking pictures of nature, and seeing beauty in everything. Make sure that you post daily updates on Instagram to keep people interested in your account.

Use Hashtags

In order to become more popular on Instagram, try to use hashtags connected to Cottagecore Aesthetics. With these hashtags, more people can see your feed and be involved in your updates. However, remember that a lot of hashtags are not aesthetically pleasant, so be careful. 

Try to use simple but very useful hashtags to keep your account perfectly balanced.

Choose the Right Filters

As I’ve mentioned before, Cottagecore Aesthetic has its own style of an Instagram feed. Try to make your pictures more glittery, shiny, and aesthetically pleasant. You can use a lot of editing tools to make your pictures look very Cottagecore. 

Moreover, Cottagecore Aesthetic pictures often have blur in them as well. So, do not be scared to over edit your pictures

Use The Right Emojis

Since the Cottagecore Aesthetic is based on positivity, you must make your feed more colorful. You can use a lot of different emojis to make your posts look happier. 

Emojis like flowers, mushrooms, nature, the stars, the sun, the moon, and many others are my advice. 🌼☀️🌿

Tips for Cottagecore Aesthetics on Social Media

We’ve already discussed how to grow instagram organically and gain popularity as a Cottagecore Aesthetic follower on Instagram. However, as we know, there are a lot of other social media platforms that are waiting for people like you to start posting. 

Tips for Cottagecore Aesthetics on TikTok

Cottagecore Aesthetic is very popular on TikTok. If you want to get a lot of views on TikTok, this essay is for you. 

I’ve seen a lot of Cottagecore videos on TikTok, and they are very calming and beautiful. My first advice is to show more positivity. Try to give a lot of positive bits of advice in your videos.

Secondly, let the world see your outfits on TikTok. As you know, people love seeing daily outfit checks on TikTok. 

So, this trend is for you! You can show your handmade Cottagecore dresses or vintage embroidery things on TikTok as well. 

So, the tips for Cottagecore Aesthetics on TikTok:

  • Show your thoughts
  • Share positivity
  • Show your outfits
  • Share your “Get Ready With Me” Videos

Tips for Cottagecore Aesthetics on Instagram

Let’s sum up what we’ve discussed about the Cottagecore Aesthetic Instagram feed so far. In order to have a lot of followers and fans on Instagram, you must have the best feed. 

Cottagecore’s Instagram feed must be very positive, filled with a lot of colorful emojis, pictures of nature, selfies with a lot of smiles, and motivating quotes. 

Moreover, it is important to answer DM’s as well. There will be a lot of young people like you in need of advice. So, after you’ve reached your goal, you will have a duty to support others as well. 

What are the tips for Cottagecore Aesthetics on Instagram:

  • Share posts, reels, and stories daily
  • Use the right filters
  • Use the right emojis
  • Keep your feed maintained
  • Use hashtags 

Tips for Cottagecore Aesthetics on Pinterest 

Cottagecore Aesthetic followers are very active on Pinterest as well. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, where you can share your advice or take some advice from others. If you want to become popular on Pinterest as well, try to post Cottagecore Aesthetic pictures involving nature, the beauty of arts, your DIYs, and many other ideas. 

Tips for Cottagecore Aesthetics on Pinterest:

  • Post a lot of pictures
  • Share your advice
  • Share positive thoughts
  • Be very supportive and positive

Which Celebrities (or Influencers) Have Cottagecore Aesthetics?

There are not a lot of celebrities following Cottagecore Aesthetics. However, I’ve found out that sometimes even top instagram influencers and celebrities post Cottagecore Aesthetic pictures online.

So, which celebrities follow Cottagecore Aesthetic?

  • Kylie Jenner

If you stalk Kylie Jenner’s feed, you will see that there are a lot of posts looking like a Cottagecore Aesthetic. Kylie loves to spend her quality time in nature. She has a lot of dogs, chickens, horses, and other animals on her farm. Moreover, Kylie loves gardening, she keeps a lot of flowers and plants in her backyard. 

  • David Beckham

No matter how strange this sounds, David Beckham also has pictures with the Cottagecore Aesthetic. Some of his pictures are taken in the garden, where he is working in a gardening outfit. It is so exciting to see celebrities like David Beckham supporting the Cottagecore Aesthetic.

Brands Associated with Cottagecore Aesthetic

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of famous brands supporting the Cottagecore Aesthetic. 

However, people following the Cottagecore style love to thrift and purchase from vintage brands or small businesses. 

Famous brands, such as Fendi, Prada, Chanel, and Dior, have sundresses and summer outfits that can look like Cottagecore. But the real Cottagecore brands are not so famous:

Conclusion: Is Cottagecore Aesthetic for You? 


We’ve come so far! Now you know everything about the Cottagecore Aesthetic. So, if you are looking for positivity, a healthy lifestyle, the best relationship with Mother Nature, and a lot of fun, Cottageore Aesthetic is for you. 

No matter what you choose, we are always here to support your decisions!

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