Old Money Girl Aesthetic on Instagram: The Definite Guide

old money girl aesthetic styles on instagram
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Last Updated: Apr 1, 2024

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Nowadays, there are a lot of different aesthetics and styles trending on social media. The most popular aesthetics are the IT Girl aesthetic, the That Girl aesthetic, and the most fancy one, the Old Money Girl aesthetic. Today, we will teach you how to achieve an Old Money Girl aesthetic and receive a lot of engagement on social media. 

What is an Old Money Girl Aesthetic?

The Old Money Aesthetic is characterized by elegance and classy style. It draws inspiration from the timeless fashion choices of women with rich backgrounds. The old-money fashion is very luxurious, containing materials such as cashmere, silk, wool, and fine cotton.

The name itself, “Old Money,” gives you a hint that this style is very expensive. The girls from this subculture dress modestly, they avoid vulgar clothes and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most of the time they wear expensive brands, such as Chanel, Saint Laurent Polo, Prada, Hermes, and others. You will never see an Old Money Girl dressed in Shein clothes or cheap brands.

old money aesthetic style details, accessories

What type of people have an Old Money Girl aesthetic?

The Old Money Aesthetic is for very rich, fancy, and elegant girls. They often prioritize quality over quantity when building a wardrobe. They invest in luxurious brands and make sure that everybody knows they are on top of the world. 

When you see a girl with high standards dressed in luxurious brands, you will know she is an Old Money girl. These types of girls will never let you disrespect them. Most of the time, they are dating the Old Money Boys. 

Old money aesthetic fashion style 

Where did an Old Money Girl aesthetic come from?

The old-money aesthetic is influenced by wealth and social standing. Girls with this style draw inspiration from old fashion designers and historical periods when certain families accumulated wealth over generations. 

Nowadays, the Old Money aesthetic has been very popular on social media. A lot of girls have become interested in this style through TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. Achieving this style is not as easy as it looks like. However, no matter what family you are from, you can always have an Old Money Aesthetic. 

old money aesthetic girl sitting on the couch 

What is the Old Money Girl aesthetic personality?

Old-money girls are often associated with elegance and poise. They carry themselves with grace and fine manners, reflecting their social background. Some people think that the Old Money girls are very rude and disrespectful, but it is not true. Members of this subculture are very kind and elegant. They will never argue with a stranger or raise their voice. Moreover, they always respect the elderly and show their support through social media as well.

The old-money girls can have a strong appreciation for the arts, literature, and cultural events. Nowadays, the old-money aesthetic followers do not have a strong social background but they still have great manners. They have a strong connection to tradition, reflecting the values and customs of their family’s heritage. Moreover, these types of girls value education as well. 

 old money aesthetic style couple goals

How to achieve the Old Money Girl Aesthetic?

You will have a lot of work to do to achieve the Old Money Girl Aesthetic. However, we are here to help you. Now, let’s get started.

Be well-mannered

To be a real Old Money girl, you must be very well-mannered and elegant. The Old Money Girls have a responsibility to show their femininity and commitment to giving back to their communities. You must know the etiquette by heart to suit this subculture. Family is a central focus in old money cultures, so you must show how respectful you and your family are. 

Choose the right clothing style

Old Money followers do not follow any online fashion trends and are not influenced by the styles of others. Most of the time, the quality fabrics are prioritized in this style. This type of clothes adds a touch of elegance to their style. Their accessories are often made with white or yellow gold. The Old Money girlies love to shop at Cartier, Van Cleef, or De Beers. 

Which footwear is the best

If you want to be an Old Money Girlie, you must have some necessary shoes in your wardrobe, such as ballet flats, loafers, low-heeled pumps, and quality leather boots. If you have a lot of platform or vulgar shoes, it is time to throw them away. Elegance is the key to this style, so you must dress very elegantly. 

Choose natural looks

The Old Money Girls never wear a lot of makeup. The long eyelashes, acrylic nails, and a lot of colorful makeup are a big no in this style. Choose to make a minimal effort in your makeup and prioritize your natural beauty. You must keep your hairstyles effortlessly elegant, reflecting a sense of natural beauty. Classic styles such as loose waves, chignons, or a simple ponytail will give you a natural look.

How to have the Old Money Girl aesthetic on Instagram

Maintaining a perfect social media account is very important for Old Money followers. First things first, you must delete all your vulgar posts, including the stories where you get drunk with your friends or are partying all night. Remember that elegance is your priority.

Do not upload a lot of posts

Being an Old Money girl requires you to live a fancy, mysterious life. If you keep posting everything in your story and upload 2 or 3 posts a day, you will lose your spark. Try to post once or twice a week. Make sure that your posts are very fancy, elegant, and feminine. Take beautiful selfies, and take pictures of your outfits or designer bags. 

Be positive and supportive

The real old-money girls will never make fun of anyone on social media. They are very supportive and share positivity. If you want to be a true Old Money Girl, try to share a lot of love and support with others. This way, you will receive more followers that will adore your posts. 

Upload educational posts

People from this subculture prioritize education. If you want to get a lot of engagement, you must educate your followers. Share some quotes and thoughts from your favourite books or movies. Moreover, you can teach others how to have a style like yours. Make sure that your account is all about education, fashion, and support.

old money girl aesthetic, girl wearing Chanel

Tips for the Old Money Girl aesthetics on social media

The Old Money Aesthetic is very popular on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. So, how to get a lot of engagement on these platforms?

Tips for the Old Money Girl Aesthetics on TikTok

This fashion style has been very popular on TikTok. A lot of girls post their old-money outfits and go viral. To have a lot of TikTok followers, try to upload videos where you look your best and your outfit is on fire. Try to hop on trends like “Get Ready With Me” or “Outfit Of The Day”. this way, you will become an inspiration for others as well. 

Make sure that the videos you upload are educational as well. If you have a family with an extraordinary background, try to tell some stories about them. Always remember, that the Old Money Girl aesthetic is a celebration of enduring elegance and a commitment to timeless style. 

  • Post “Get Ready With Me” videos
  • Post “OOTD” videos
  • Share inspirational thoughts
  • Upload storytimes 

Tips for the Old Money Girl Aesthetics on Instagram

If you want to be the real Old Money girl on Instagram, you must remember some important pieces of advice from this article. For example, never post too much, and do not be a “shitposter”. Your elegance is hidden in your mysterious life, so do not destroy it. Whenever you decide to upload a post, make sure that it is as perfect as you are. Do not use a lot of filters and editing for your posts. Be very supportive and share a lot of love. 

  • Share your outfits
  • Post beautiful selfies
  • Have a natural and real look
  • Share inspirational thoughts
  • Try to post rarely

Tips for the Old Money Girl Aesthetics on Pinterest 

Pinterest is the best source of inspiration. Once you decide to post on Pinterest, make sure that your posts will be something that others will look out for. Always share your outfits of the day to keep people more interested in you. Moreover, you can share some tips on makeup and hairstyles as well. This way, you will let other girls see how perfect the life of an Old Money Girl can be. 

  • Post your outfits
  • Become an inspiration
  • Share love and positivity
  • Upload tips on makeup and hairstyles

Which celebrities (or Influencers) have the Old Money Girl Aesthetics? 

Nowadays, the old-money aesthetic has become very popular among celebrities and influencers. A lot of girls want to achieve this style to look more chic and fancy. So, which celebrities have the old-money girl aesthetics? 

It is not a surprise that a real-life princess has an Old Money Girl aesthetic. If you look at Kate Middleton’s outfits, you can be sure that they are very elegant and feminine. Kate always styles her clothes wisely, she makes sure that she always shines. Moreover, Kate Middleton is very kind and wise as well. If you want to become a true Old Money follower, you must take inspiration from her. 

The second member of the Royal Family is Meghan Markle. However, Megan wasn’t always an Old Money follower. She can be a real inspiration for you because she changed her style and achieved the Old Money fashion sense herself. Her looks are always very elegant and chic. Meghan Markle is respectful to others and always shares positivity.

Brands associated with the Old Money Girl aesthetic

To dress like an Old Money, you must always choose very elegant and expensive brands. For example, Yves Saint Laurent Polo outfits have become very popular in this society. However, no matter what brand you are dressed in, the most important thing is to look expensive and elegant. There are a lot of old-money brands you can style:

Conclusion: Is the Old Money Girl aesthetic for you? 

If you are an elegant, chic woman who looks expensive, the Old Money Aesthetic is just for you. Always remember to follow the etiquette, have your standards high, and never settle down for anything.

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