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Is Buying Instagram Followers Ever a Good Idea?

Is Buying Instagram Followers Ever a Good Idea?

Is buying Instagram followers ever a good idea?  With so much growth in the digital marketing world, Instagram remains the most prominent platform for many new businesses. Knowing that, your follower count is undeniably a large part of your Instagram presence, and many companies choose different routes to increase their followings.

Many up-and-coming brands have asked: can you buy followers on Instagram without users noticing, or is it best to accumulate real, active Instagram followers the old fashioned way? In a nutshell, it’s always best to build your following organically, by posting content consistently and interacting with your followers.

Perhaps in the early stages of Instagram, brands could purchase followers under the radar and maintain a positive reputation. However, as users have become more acclimated with the app and its features, it’s become increasingly easier to spot fake or “spammy” behavior.

For those still unconvinced that buying Instagram followers is never a good idea, we’ve compiled a detailed list of associated flaws to further encourage you and your brand to acquire real, active Instagram followers.

1) Lack of Engagement

The reason why we glorify accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers is because we perceive them to be successful with such a large consumer or fan base. Any genuine account with upwards of 100,000 followers should have the respective comments, likes and further user-engagement to accompany their follower count.

buying Instagram followers

The truth of the matter is, when you’re buying Instagram followers, you’re likely getting “bots” and not real users. These inexpensive bot followers typically don’t have the ability to like or comment, let alone visit your web store – so what’s the point? 

A recent study by Hootsuite revealed that the vast majority of purchased followers were highly scandalous accounts promoting webcam pornography, or accounts with no posts at all.

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The days of building followers for the mere sake of a large number at the top of your account are over. Users today identify with and respect genuine engagement more than seemingly popular accounts.

2) Buying Instagram Followers is Harmful to Reputation

While these bot followers most likely cannot actively like or comment on your posts, they can flood your page with spam. What better way to damage your brand’s reputation than excessive amounts of comments reflecting webcam pornography?

Example of an account that's buying Instagram followers

We can’t think of many. Besides, your real followers will either know you purchased followers at this point, or simply believe you condone that type of engagement on your account.

Additionally, your follower to engagement ratio should be realistic. Nothing gives a phony account away quicker than having 60,000 followers and 30 likes on your posts.

3) Violates Instagram’s Terms of Conditions

The Instagram Team has taken notice of the “fake follower” epidemic and tried to put an end to it. Bots are now being deleted by the masses on a daily basis, further solidifying the fact that purchasing followers is a lost cause.

So, can you buy followers on Instagram today? Yes, but you’re also putting your brand’s account at risk by utilizing and promoting this type of “spammy” behavior.

Practice Authenticity

Instagram was founded on the basis of clean, authentic content and engagement.

If your company is in a social media rut and looking to enhance your user-engagement, consider utilizing all of the tools that Instagram offers today. Whether it is posting stories, live videos or holding contests, seize any opportunity to display your brand and interact with new consumers.

Don’t be afraid to look to your competitors to see how they’ve adapted to the new Instagram. While this can be a great source for ideas, use moderation in an effort to stay true to your brand image.

Post often, reply to comments, keep a fresh story and ask for feedback. Users who stick to these fundamentals rather than buying followers on Instagram, are guaranteed more sales and longevity in the digital marketing game, even if it takes longer to build your presence.

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