How to Grow Instagram Followers by 90% in Only 2 Months: A Case Study

case study on growing instagram followers
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Last Updated: Dec 1, 2023

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When you’re using Instagram for business, it’s important to know how to grow your Instagram followers. As you expand your account with real, organic followers who are interested in you and your posts, you can turn those followers into raving fans and then customers. Growing your following isn’t necessarily difficult, but it can be incredibly time-consuming. When you’re managing social, there’s much more involved than just follower growth, and you need to be able to spend your time elsewhere.

How to Grow Your Instagram Followers

The best way to grow your Instagram followers is to do so organically by reaching out and engaging with them. Leaving comments on their posts or liking their photos, lets people know your account exists. They’ll likely be curious and visit your profile to learn more. Then, they can choose whether they’re interested in your posts and want to follow you to see more or not. 

When you’re looking to increase your following, don’t use spam tactics like following many accounts and then unfollowing them. Not only is this annoying to your potential followers, it can also alert Instagram’s spam filters. The last thing you want is to be hurt by the algorithm while you’re trying to grow your following.

A Kicksta Case Study: RangeMe

Let’s go back in time to 2015, when a woman named Nicky had a young daughter who suffered from terrible eczema. She found a local chemist whose formula worked wonderfully to soothe her daughter’s skin. She then began to work with the chemist to turn this formula into a product that could be made available in a more widespread way.

After creating the product, they were faced with a new problem. Because they weren’t a well-known brand, they weren’t able to have their product placed on shelves. Nicky reached out to her contacts in the retail space and began to do her own research. She discovered that many retailers were actually interested in working with smaller brands, but they didn’t have systems for contacting suppliers. When they received pitches, these smaller businesses didn’t include the right information.

Once more, Nicky saw a problem and a solution. She then created RangeMe, the leading online platform that pairs retailers and suppliers to make the product discovery process seamless. RangeMe provides a centralized hub for suppliers across many retail industries to both grow their brands and showcase their products. This makes it easy for buyers to evaluate and connect with suppliers, especially when products are in high demand.

“We are reinventing the way retail buyers and product suppliers do business.”

RangeMe works with major retailers like Ulta, Whole Foods, and Target to connect them with suppliers who might otherwise not be able to reach stores of that size. Suppliers like Kombucha Town, Top Notch Nutrition, and Terra Natural Designs are not only supported on RangeMe so they can access large buyers, they’re also featured on their Instagram account!

how to grow Instagram followers Range me

Growing With Instagram

RangeMe is present on all major social media platforms, and they have had an Instagram account since 2016. For years it was primarily used as a way to show their audience they were present online while they were getting started. It wasn’t until March of 2019 that they decided to really put the time and energy into using it to its full potential. As they realized that their audience is spending time on Instagram, they were also receiving requests from their suppliers to be on the platform. 

Chanel Davis from RangeMe

“We work with a lot of retail buyers and they use Instagram to help them find the newest and trendiest brands,” said Chanel Davis, Marketing Coordinator at RangeMe. “It was only right that we use our channel to also keep up with consumer packaged goods (CPG) trends throughout the year, like vegan, dairy-free, or CBD.”

While they knew that Instagram would be a great platform for RangeMe, they didn’t know how to grow their Instagram followers. So in September of 2019, they began to use Kicksta to help increase their Instagram growth with real, organic followers. In about 2 months RangeMe has seen a 90% increase in their following.

“Before using Kicksta, we didn’t get too many likes or follows everyday.”

RangeMe identified ideal followers they’d like to have by finding accounts whose followers matched the followers they wanted. Kicksta uses targets to guide the way they attract followers to your page. Kicksta’s engagement boosts not only helped RangeMe increase their following, but those new followers are being interactive on their timeline and stories too. Attracting more followers is great, but it’s far more important to find engaged, excited followers like RangeMe has that are ready to interact with your posts and interested in your brand.

how to grow Instagram followers targets
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Create Compelling Content

Now the team at RangeMe knows that Instagram is a critical channel for them to be actively present on to reach their audience. With a consistently growing following they’re able to focus on creating high-quality content that appeals to their followers and tells the story of RangeMe and their customers.

RangeMe has used a number of excellent tactics to create a strong presence on Instagram. They use a consistent color scheme to create a very attractive feed, for potential followers to see when they visit their page. Their feed is a nice mix of product posts and occasionally some people-focused photos.

RangeMe also uses themed months to highlight important types of businesses, like sustainable or women-owned businesses. One of their other primary Instagram strategies is featuring their customers on their account, creating loyalty, and adding an interesting twist to their posts. Whether they’re showcasing a new organic beverage, a new coffee, or a spice grinder, their high-quality content keeps their feed diverse and interesting.

how to grow Instagram followers stories

It Takes Time

When you’re working on growing your following on Instagram, it’s important to remember that it takes some time. You’re looking for real followers who are excited to follow you, not bots or fake accounts that will just boost your follower count while negatively impacting your engagement rate

“Consistency is key, and building a following doesn’t happen overnight.”

Chanel says many people are looking for instant gratification on Instagram. After all, we live in a world where we have immediate access to nearly anything we need. Staying consistent over a long period of time is the best way to show your potential followers (and the Instagram algorithm) that you’re a good source of content. The most important thing is to be patient.

Grow Your Following, Grow Your Business

Whether you’re managing a business-to-business or business-to-consumer Instagram account, growing your followers is an important step in marketing your business on social. Attracting real, interested, organic followers isn’t easy, but once you have people following you, you can show them and educate them about your business, product, or service. As you share more information with them, they’ll get to know you better and become more prepared to make a purchase.

If you’re ready to grow your Instagram following with real, organic followers without devoting all of your time to identifying ideal followers, leaving comments, and liking posts, we’re here to help. Kicksta has helped brands just like yours grow their Instagram following, and now we’re ready to help you. Learn more today and see how Kicksta can help you grow.

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