E-Girl Aesthetics on Instagram: The Definite Guide

e-girl aesthetics on instagram
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Last Updated: Apr 1, 2024

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Some of these styles are very chill and calm, and some require you to do a lot. In this article, we will be discussing an E-girl aesthetic and how to achieve it. 

So, get yourself comfortable; we are about to begin!

What is an E-Girl Aesthetic?

The E-girl aesthetic is characterized by an edgy, alternative fashion style that draws a lot of attention from others. This aesthetic involves dark colors, uncontroversial accessories, and high-platform boots. 

The E-girls often have a colorful hairstyle. 

They wear heavy eyeliner, dark eyeshadows, and a lot of dark lipstick. Most of the time, people from this subculture wear punk, goth, emo, or any alternative streetwear. 

This way, whenever you see an E-girl, it is always easy to know their style. 

e-girl aesthetic details: nails, stars.

What Type of People Have an E-Girl Aesthetic?

The girls who love to listen to punk, grunge, rock, or metal music have an E-girl aesthetic. 

They are known for their music sense and actively discuss it on social media. E-girls have a unique style. It is hard to achieve this aesthetic if you are not ready to be the center of attention. 

Unfortunately, the E-girls are made fun of. 

Some people on Tikok have a big rage against the E-girls. However, people from this subculture have an attitude; they will never let others bully them. 

Take note that the anthem of this subculture is “The E-Girls Are Ruining My Life” by Corpse Husband. 

Where Did an E-Girl Aesthetic Come From?

The term “E-girl” means an “electronic” or “internet” girl. 

This subculture has a strong connection with digital platforms. An E-girl aesthetic became popular in the 2010s on Tumblr. Since then, this style has been very popular on TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram. 

The anime and gaming culture have been an inspiration for an E-girl aesthetic. 

The colorful hairstyles, talking manners, and vibrant makeup are all influenced by anime.  This aesthetic is changing through time; compared to the 2010s, the E-girls have changed their style and become more unique. 

What Is the E-Girl Aesthetic Personality?

The E-girls have interests in anime, gaming, or hard music. 

These interests often influence their fashion style as well. Most of the time, the E-girls are very shy and unproblematic. Some of the E-girls have social anxiety as well. The main reason for this is that they spend a lot of time in their room watching anime or playing video games.

However, some of the girls from this subculture have big egos and attitudes. After being bullied, they learned that they must stand up for themselves. 

The E-girls will not let anyone disrespect them!

How To Achieve the E-Girl Aesthetic?

If you want to become an E-girl, listen carefully. You will have a lot of work to do to suit this subculture. 

Now, let’s get started:

Express Yourself 

The E-girls are very active on social media platforms. To suit this subculture, you must gain a lot of confidence and post yourself online daily. To make it easier, you can schedule Instagram posts

The main idea of this style is to be very comfortable in your skin. 

Often participate in online chats, and talk with people you find close to your style. Being an E-girl means to live in two worlds at the same time. 

Use The Right Accessories

Girls from this subculture often wear very bold accessories. 

For example, you must have a lot of chokers, metal jewelry, earrings of all kinds, and more and more. The E-girls do not settle down for one or two accessories. 

Most of the time, they wear layered jewelry, and that’s how they reflect their unique style. 

Have An Alternative Wardrobe

How you style your clothes is very important in every culture. 

The E-girl aesthetic requires you to have an individual and unique style. Girls from this aesthetic often wear oversized T-shirts or hoodies, plaid mini-skirts, and, most importantly, platform shoes. 

It would be great if your T-shirts and hoodies reference some bands or animes

E-girl aesthetic pictures on Instagram: makeup, style.

How to Have An E-girl Aesthetic on Instagram

As we’ve mentioned before, being an E-girl means being very active on Social Media. 

So, how do E-girls make social media management on their Instagram accounts? 

Upload A Lot Of Pictures

To stay popular on Instagram, you must post daily. 

If you do not have any specific pictures to make a post, upload some memes or reels in your story. This way, your Instagram followers will know that you are an active user and they will get more interested. 

For your posts, choose some extraordinary pictures.

Choose The Right Pictures For Your Posts

How others see you on social media is very important. 

If you search for an E-girl aesthetic on Instagram, you will see many similar pictures. 

Most of the time, people from this subculture upload unrealistic pictures with weird Instagram  filters and captions. Do not be afraid to experiment; use a lot of different aesthetics for your photographs. 

The more unique your posts are, the more engagement you will receive. 

Be Very Funny

The E-girls are known for their sense of humor. 

Most of their friends are boys who feel comfortable around them. So, if you want to get a lot of attention, show your humor on social media. 

Do not be afraid to post some dark memes or reels. However, remember never to be disrespectful towards others – this will make your followers unfollow you. 

Post a Lot of Cat Pictures

The E-girls are obsessed with their pets. 

If you have a cat, take many pictures of it and upload it online. This way, many people will be more interested in seeing updates about your pet. 

With the cat pictures, your account will become more fun and aesthetically pleasant. Take some selfies with your cat as well, and upload it as soon as possible!

Tips For an E-girl Aesthetics on Social Media

The E-girl aesthetic has been a trend on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest for quite some time now. 

There are a lot of different videos or pictures going viral, and the boys and girls are obsessed with this style. 

Tips For an E-girl Aesthetics on TikTok

If you want to become viral on TikTok, you must choose the sounds you will post yourself on wisely. 

For example, as an E-girl, you must listen to alternative music, so there are a lot of suggestions on TikTok for these types of songs. 

Moreover, people on TikTok are obsessed with your unique outfits. 

Do not be shy; show what you are wearing daily, and post many random videos of your fashion style. Some of the E-girls are popular for their goofiness. Be silly, be fun, remember that everybody loves you.

Tips for an  E-girl Aesthetics on Instagram

As we’ve discussed before, your Instagram account is the main thing that lets others know more about your style. 

If you want to have a lot of engagement, you can share your favorite music on your story. 

For example, share the bends you love, and post quotes from your favorite songs. Moreover, if you are a musician yourself, always upload some parts of your songs. 

This way, people will be more interested in your style. 

As an E-girl, you must have confidence. Post your outfits, selfies, and random pictures. 

Remember that there are a lot of people dying to be you or be with you. Do not be afraid to show your insecurities. 

Social media can be rude, but most of the people love you!

  • Upload songs in your story
  • Do not be afraid to “shitpost”
  • Be funny online
  • Post memes or reels
  • Show your outfits
  • Post a lot of selfies 

Tips for an E-girl Aesthetics on Pinterest 

Everybody’s been looking for some inspiration on Pinterest. Many young people are trying to find their aesthetics or fashion style. 

With your perfect sense of style and unique clothing manners, you can become an inspiration for others. 

To receive a lot of engagement on Pinterest, you must post daily. When you get ready in the morning, take a mirror selfie to show your outfit. Make sure that the pictures you take are very aesthetic. 

Upload your outfits, share song recommendations, and teach others how to live a life like yours. 

  • Share your outfits
  • Post mirror selfies
  • Share song recommendations
  • Share tips for life

Which Celebrities (or Influencers) Have an E-Girl Aesthetics?

There are a lot of celebrities and influencers with different aesthetics. 

Some of them became popular with an E-girl style. It is not a secret that people love E-girls. 

So, which influencers and celebrities are the most popular E-girls?

  • Avril Lavigne

Most of the E-girls consider Avril Lavigne to be a mom of this subculture. With a style like hers, there is no doubt that she could immediately fit in the E-girl aesthetic. 

However, Avril Lavinge considered herself a punk musician. Her punk style, looks, different hairstyles, dark makeup, and beauty itself would make her a perfect E-girl.

  • Emma Langevin

Emma has become famous for her streaming and gaming career. However, most of the people know her from her E-girl looks. She’s been on some covers as well. There are a lot of young people making her fun art. 

She is a real icon for beginner E-girls.

Brands Associated With an E-girl Aesthetic

If you decide to become an E-girl, there are a lot of different brands you can start with. For example, Demonia is the first shop you must visit. 

There are a lot of various kinds of platform shoes and alternative clothes available there. Moreover, a similar brand is Dolls Kill. just imagine yourself wearing Demonia or Dolls Kill clothes outside. It is a real dream come true. 

Other brands associated with an E-girl style:

Conclusion: Is the E-girl Aesthetic For You? 

We’ve come so far in discussing an E-girl aesthetic already. Now you know everything about this style and how to achieve it. If you love to listen to punk, metal, or any kind of alternative music, this style is for you. 

Always remember that you are unique in your style. 
So, do not be afraid to improvise and make changes in yourself.

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