November 11, 2016 by kicksta

Instagram’s Newest Stories Update; Makes them 3x Cooler

Instagram’s Newest Stories Update; Makes them 3x Cooler

Instagram is letting users add links, mentions, and Boomerangs. Instagram’s newest Stories update comes right after the ‘shoppable posts’ rollout.

Links – Instagram’s Newest Stories Update, Pt. 1

Instagram will now let creators add URL links to their stories. Viewers can tap a button and instantly be taken to whatever website the creator send them to.

Instagram's Newest stories update - Kickstagram

When the link is tapped, this button will open up a browser within Instagram that automatically navigates to the specified website or page.

Creators will add a link at the same time they’re creating the Story — after capturing a video or picture there will be a button to add the link — just like there are already buttons to add text or a drawing.  

Instagram will add a “See More” button to the bottom of any story that has a link added. Keeping it clean (in more ways than one, since Instagram will also be filtering links here – the way they do in the profiles).

This rollout is currently only available to those with Verified accounts – ahem, blue check mark.

The addition of links is fit best for brands who want to push product; or creators who want to promote other social channels.

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instagram's newest stories update - mentions

The second feature added to Stories today is Mentions. This will let creators use @ to “tag” other Instagram users in their Story.

Here’s how:

After taking a picture or video for a Story users can tap to add text, and instead of typing a message they type @ followed by someone Instagram username. Just like you would if you were tagging someone in the comment section.

Once “tagged”, the username will be underlined and tappable in the story. When tapped, the tag will take users to the profile of whoever is tagged in the Story.

Also like comments and captions, users will receive a notification if they are tagged in the Story of someone they follow; otherwise it shows up in the “requests” folder.

You can tag up to 10 people in 1 Story.

Unlike ‘Links’, Mentions will be available to all users.


The last feature added to Stories today is seamlessly adding Boomerangs.

When you create a new story you can swipe from “normal” (which lets you capture photos or videos) to “Boomerang” (which creates one-second video loops).

These features launch today, and besides ‘Links’ are available for all Instagram users.

If you feel like Instagram is evolving too fast for you, don’t worry! We got you covered. Check out Kickstagram’s Blog  with all the latest Instagram marketing tips, features, etc..

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