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Last Updated: Apr 1, 2024

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In today’s time, it is hard to find people who don’t use social media platforms. In recent years, Instagram has become one of the primary forms of social media. Businesses promote their brands, and customers search for their desired services or products through Instagram. 

It is crucial to keep up with time and realize that without social media, it is almost impossible to own a successful business these days. I believe because of this, all beauty salon owners should make funds for social media marketing. I’ll make your job easier and give you a step-by-step guide. 

Why do beauty salons need an Instagram presence?

  1. Keep up with new trends

At this time, people’s tastes and societal trends are changing fast. For beauty salons, it is vital to be aware of current Instagram trends. If you want to attract more customers, you need to know what they like and keep up with their preferences. 

Instagram is a great platform to get information about what people are really into nowadays. You have to manage an account since your work will lose relevance if you stay behind. Therefore, your beauty salon will lose its client base.

  1. Connect with potential customers

Beauty salons need social media profiles to communicate with their potential clients. Through social media platforms, you can reach plenty of people daily. It is the easiest and most effective way to interact with people from anywhere and reach them with your content. In the beauty business, it is vital to attract people and popularize your salon.  

It is vital to develop direct connections to make loyal customers. By direct connections, I mean responding to their comments or communicating with them in direct messages on Instagram.

  1. Build credibility

As a beauty salon, you need your followers to know you are the best in the business. To make them believe your salon is full of professional specialists,  you have to show off your work. By displaying your best work through Instagram content, you persuade potential clients that you are going to turn their expectations into reality. Moreover, you can also build credibility by showing the working process of your hair stylists, nail technicians, colorists, or makeup artists. They are the face of your brand since they do all the work. Because of that, it is essential to make a good Instagram post about them on your feed. 

Beauty salon Instagram presence 

How to start an Instagram account for beauty salons?

  1. Create an account
  • The first step is to download the app and set up your Instagram account
  • You should upload a recognizable picture, for example, one with your logo. 
  • Then, you need to think of a username that matches your salon’s style and values. 
  • You should also add a bio and attach your salon’s location and website. 
  • It is important for potential clients to easily access and obtain this kind of information. 
  1. Use Instagram automation

You need to use Instagram automation because it will save you much-needed time and resources. Instagram automation is like a third-party software that helps social media managers sit back and relax while the boring part of the job gets done. It can answer direct messages, gather important analytics data, schedule future posts, develop a content strategy, etc. One of the companies that provide this service is Kicksta. Everything will be done while you rest and make time for more important things that need human involvement. 

  1. Develop content strategy

After signing up and creating a profile, you need to make a strategic plan for your content in advance. Your social media manager should schedule posts, reels, or influencer collaborations for the future. Instagram isn’t just about posting a photo once a week. It is about regular activity and interaction with the followers. You need to have an organized plan to be successful on Instagram. Moreover, your posts shouldn’t be random. You have to think of a common aesthetic for all of your content.

What kind of Instagram should beauty salons have?

  1. Use Instagram features

 If you want to gain more views and interactions, you need to make the most of Instagram’s features. It is essential to post IGTV videos, reels, photos, and stories to visually attract customers. Moreover, you need to manage polls and Q&A sessions to engage with followers and communicate with them. Using different types of features makes the algorithm see you as an active user. It is crucial to have a solid social media account. 

  1. Collaborate with influencers

Collaborating with influencers can work for any type of business. I believe it would be the most beneficial for newly established beauty salons. Influencers have a completely different follower base. Because of that, it is guaranteed for you to reach a new audience through the collaboration. Followers are convinced of influencers’ great tastes, recommendations, and lifestyles. If Instagram bloggers promote your business through their content, you will be popular among a completely new and loyal audience. Therefore, this way, their followers are most likely to become your clients. 

  1. Post user-generated content

In my opinion, beauty salons must display user-generated content on their feed for many reasons. First and foremost, when your clients are posting photos you took, it shows that they are pleased with the results. When your followers see the content customers, it will persuade them of your competence. User-generated content of beautiful nails, silky hair, and stunning makeup makes Instagram users desire the same results and experiences.  

  1. Optimize your account regularly

You need to find out whether or not your current strategy is working. To do that, you have to optimize your account regularly on your Instagram analytics, such as your likes, views, interactions, comments, reach, target audience, etc. All of this will allow you to know if your approach is effective or if you need to try a new one. If something turns out to be working inefficiently, then you’ll change the strategy in order to meet your desired goals faster.

  1. Behind-the-scenes content

To attract customers with a calm ambiance and friendly atmosphere, you should post behind-the-scenes content. In stories and reels, you should portray your nail technicians, hairstylists, or colorists and show their relationships with the customers. Your followers need to see that customers always come first. Moreover, showing the behind-the-scenes process can convince your audience of four competencies and expertise as a beauty salon. 

  1. Before and after transformations

You need to highlight the transformative effects of your salon services by sharing before and after photos. This showcases the skills your beauty specialists have and provides potential customers with a glimpse into the results they can receive. 

beauty salon capturing new nails on Instagram

How to gain more followers on Instagram as a beauty salon?

  1. Use relevant hashtags

Strategic use of hashtags is vital for more followers and interactions. It is important to choose proper keywords that resonate with your work as hashtags. Hashtags will help you reach like-minded people who are interested in your beauty services. People often search stuff on Instagram through those keywords, so relevant hashtags are vital. You have to find balance and not use excessive hashtags since it will negatively affect your activity. 

  1. Host Instagram lives

You can generate real-time interactions with your followers through Instagram Lives. Via Lives, you should conduct Q&A sessions since they will give you important information about what your customers expect from you. You can also demonstrate beauty techniques and teach your followers primary details about skincare, beauty, manicures, etc. It will also captivate people’s attention if you show the process of beauty procedures in live action. Your followers will be more likely to trust you after seeing the actual process.

  1. Showcase your work and expertise

People often come to Instagram when searching for a beauty salon. They decide on a certain procedure and try to find the best place for it. They need to see the work you do on clients when they finally run into your profile. It is vital to show them the visuals of every procedure done by your beauty specialists. 

Beauty salons with the most successful Instagram pages

  1. Voodou Liverpool 
  2. Nine Zero One
  3. Hair by Kimtran
  4. Rebecca Taylor Hair
  5. The Blow Lounge

Is it mandatory for beauty salons to have an Instagram account?

Yes, I Would say that it is mandatory. In modern times, everything is found on social media. Your business practically doesn’t exist if you don’t manage a profile. Instagram is the best medium nowadays for promoting your brand, gaining followers, and raising the number of clients. It is crucial to catch up with modern technology and upgrade. 

How soon can you establish a strong Instagram presence for a beauty salon? 

I believe the time depends on various factors, such as financial funds and resources. It can take a few months or even a few years to generate a strong Instagram account. The main thing is how much you are going to spend on social media marketing. You have to always remember that each penny will be worth it.


Beauty salon owners should not underestimate the power of a strong Instagram presence. To gain popularity in the beauty industry, an Instagram account is necessary since it helps to reach millions of people with your content. Nowadays, every customer searches for a desired product or service on social media. Because of that, Instagram works as a way to pull clients towards your brand and, as a result, increase profits. 

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