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Published: Apr 24, 2024

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The importance of digital marketing has increased rapidly in the last century, as we live in the era of technology. Billions of people have different social media accounts that create a huge online audience. That’s why businesses have moved to social media platforms and promote their product there. 

Amusement parks with any other businesses aren’t an exception. Instagram, as the most popular platform today, is a great space for showcasing wonderful adventures and eye-catching, memorable moments amusement parks have to offer. It is full of potential for marketing and gathering the target audience the park needs. 

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 Why do amusement parks need an Instagram presence?

Instagram is the place where over a billion people try to find inspiration daily about where to go, where to have fun, and where to rest. If you organize your Instagram account properly and smartly your amusement park will have a chance to stand out among all the choices Instagram offers its users. That’s why we are writing this guide, to give you certain tips about Instagram:

  1. Visual attraction and captivating imagery

The number one reason people enjoy Instagram is its visual nature. Amusement parks need an Instagram presence as this industry is also highly appealing and attractive. Instagram allows them to showcase beautiful pictures that reflect the thrill, fun, amusement, and excitement amusement parks offer people. Eye-catching, vivid photos or videos of the attractions and park will definitely enchant potential customers which will lead to increasing followers. 

  1. Promoting and building the brand image 

As I have already mentioned, Instagram is the best platform for marketing and promoting the product one offers customers. Using Instagram to announce new rides, special and limited offers, and different kinds of sales can be a great marketing tool that will reach thousands, millions, or billions of people worldwide. 

This will help you build your brand image and show off your identity to a vast audience. On Instagram, you can share the story of your park, and a lot of interesting facts and make an emotional connection with your audience. 

  1. Collaboration with influencers

Instagram presence is also very important because it allows businesses to collaborate with Instagram influencers. This kind of partnership is significant nowadays because influencers hold a lot of power. They have their audience and they can easily make your business either successful or unsuccessful. If you have a newly created amusement park, you can contact influencers, and invite them to your park. After that, they can share their experiences, promote your park, and gain more followers. 

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How to start an Instagram account for an amusement park?

  • Create an Instagram account for your amusement park:

Firstly, you have to download the Instagram app and sign up with your agency’s email or a dedicated email for social media. Choosing a username is also very important as it should reflect your agency’s name or niche. People should be able to find your account easily.

  • Optimize your profile: 

The next and quite significant step is to complete your profile with a recognizable profile picture, like your park’s logo, a laconic and catching bio that describes your park’s focus or motto, and a link to your website.

  • Always use hashtags:

Using hashtags is a must. Relevant hashtags can highly increase your visibility and audience. In addition, you should create your own hashtag for the park. For example, Disneyland has #magictoshare, and Fun Spot Orlando has #findyourfun. The hashtag should be catchy and reflect your main concept, or identity.

  • Maintain stability

Posting regularly and sharing content consistently is significant for maintaining communication with your followers. All the important information, like seasonal campaigns, special offers, or any news, should be shared regularly on stories, posts, or reels. You need to remind them of your existence every day. 

  • Use Instagram automatons:

Lastly, you can use Instagram automatons to help you run your account. Automatons are bots that allow you to relax, while they take care of mundane tasks, like responding to usual customers’ questions in DMs or comments, and automating likes while allowing a social manager to do more important work. 

Instagram automatons can save people’s time, energy and most importantly, increase the count of followers faster. Automaton tools can help you to learn more about your target audiences’ preferences, which is crucial for having effective results from an Instagram account. You can buy Instagram automation tools on Kicksta, which is a platform that can help you get more followers by automatically attracting real Instagram accounts, based on your target audience.

What kind of Instagram should an amusement park have?

Here are some tips about how to have a successful Instagram account for your amusement park:

  1. Highlighting rides:

Stories disappear in 24 hours, so creating and organizing highlights is significant for your account. This way you can show your followers more informal, personal content. Highlighting mesmerizing photos and showcasing attractions is key to keeping your content fresh and your audience interested. 

  1. Glimpses behind-the-scenes:

Giving people the opportunity to glimpse behind the scenes is a great technique to gain people’s trust and sympathy. Adding a personal touch to your Instagram account would be wonderful. Unveiling the magic behind the curtains, park preparations, and interesting stories from your staff members could become key to building connections with your followers. 

  1. Limited-time offers and special deals: 

Announcing limited-time offers on Instagram is always a good idea. This adds some excitement to your Instagram content and encourages your followers to visit the park as quickly as possible. Those who haven’t followed you yet have to do it in order to participate in your limited-time offer. Different kinds of special deals are a must for any business and Instagram is a great way to announce them. 

How to gain more followers on Instagram as an amusement park business?

  1. Connect with your audience:
  • Respond friendly

It’s very important to know your audience’s preferences and have a genuine interaction with them. Responding quickly and friendly is the main digital marketing rule you need to follow, as an online reputation is significant for the success of the business. You should answer all the comments, and DMs and try to make all customers satisfied, as nothing is worse for a business than ignored and angry clients. 

  • Use interactive content

Interactive content is the main guarantee for gaining more followers. You can use Instagram stories for interactive content, like polls, quizzes, updates, announcements, etc. This way you can collect people’s opinions about everything. For example, which attraction is their favorite, what would they change in your park, and so on? This kind of communication with the audience plays a huge part in gaining more followers and building a loyal community.

  • Host Live sessions

Live broadcasting on Instagram is a great marketing tool that allows you to communicate with your audience directly and engage with them. In your Instagram live you can showcase special deals, events, or Q&A sessions. This kind of interaction allows you to interact with your customers straightforwardly and get to know their preferences.

  1. Team up with influencers:

As I have already mentioned, Instagram influencers hold a lot of power and have an influence on people, so collaborating with them is quite a popular marketing tool for amusement parks to gain more followers and reputation. It is very important to have a recognizable and popular face for the visual content of the amusement park’s Instagram account since they have their own audience, that trusts and follows them.

  1. Use Instagram automation to gain niche followers quickly:

You should try using Instagram automation tools to gain more followers. Kicksta is a platform that helps your account grow by interacting with real Instagram users who match your target audience. After a brief initial phase, they’ll begin following and later unfollowing these targeted accounts, stimulating them to engage with your content. This approach will remarkably boost your visibility, interactions like comments, likes and your follower count.

Amusement parks with the most successful Instagram pages  

  • Walt Disney World – @waltdisneyworld
  • Universal Studios – @universalstudios
  • Six Flags – @sixflags
  • Cedar Point – @cedarpoint
  • Hersheypark – @hersheypark

Is it mandatory to have Instagram for an amusement park?

I think in this world of technology and digital marketing, it’s very important to be present on every social media, especially on Instagram, as it has a huge user base with over 1 billion users daily. Amusement parks are no exception from other businesses; therefore, in my opinion, it is mandatory to have an Instagram account. This is the best way to share stunning pictures of your park and attraction and accordingly increase the exposure. 

How soon can you establish a strong Instagram presence for amusement parks?

Generally strong Instagram presence needs months and even years to build loyal connections between the park and its followers. However, if you want to strengthen your Instagram account and gather a large audience in a maximally short period (1-2 months) you must contact Kicksta and get their help to gain more followers with the use of Instagram automatons.


In conclusion, Instagram is the best social media platform nowadays for amusement parks, because both of them have a highly visual nature. Instagram features, like stories, hashtags, reels, highlights, etc. are very useful and important for promoting and marketing. Also, Instagram allows you to collaborate with influencers which is a wonderful opportunity and a way to gain more followers, enhance the audience, and build relationships with people.

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