What You Should Know About Producing High-Converting Instagram Content

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Last Updated: Nov 17, 2022

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It’s not easy to create high-converting Instagram content. While Instagram can be a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes, its effectiveness is no big secret. That’s why there’s so much competition on Instagram. If you want to increase conversions and make this popular social media platform a money-maker for you, you have to overcome that initial barrier.

There’s nothing more deflating than putting time and effort into an Instagram strategy that yields no results. You can combat this by understanding the platform better, including both the dos and don’ts of Instagram marketing

So how does one create high-converting Instagram content? What steps can you take to create a well-rounded Instagram content strategy that’ll pay off in the long run? 

In this article, we’re going to provide seven actionable tips that’ll help you better understand Instagram as a marketing platform and create high-converting Instagram content to benefit your business’s profitability. 

7 Tips To Create High-Converting Instagram Content

We’ve outlined seven tips below to help you create high-converting Instagram content. By utilizing these helpful and actionable strategies, you’ll be able to appeal to your audience through one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. 

1. Create Compelling Images

Nothing stops an absent-minded Instagram scroll faster than a striking and compelling image that captures the imagination. 

Instagram is an entire platform made of visual content, and a lot of it tends to blend together. You can break the mold and improve your conversion odds by sharing images that leave a lasting impression on viewers. 

There are a few ways to do this. First off, focus on how you light the images you take. By doing this, you can accentuate the positive attributes of your image and create a sense of drama around it. 

image of kitchen island with bright pink orchids

Whether you’re photographing people or products, you need to find an interesting and flattering angle. Instagram also offers a variety of filters that you can use to make your images pop. While many people assume these filters are only there to improve the quality of your selfies, they can actually make a huge difference when it comes to promotional content. 

If your audience is primarily younger, using popular filters may help you capture their attention. 

2. Use Trending Audio & Video In Instagram Reels

Reels are a powerful tool when your goal is to create high-converting Instagram content. They can help you leverage your creativity to engage the audience through short, shareable videos. 

Let’s be honest here, Reels exist because of the popularity of TikTok, and you can leverage them in the same way; create 30-second videos that contain popular music, quotes, jokes, and more. 

The way to get noticed through Reels is to find out what’s trending with your audience. It could be a particular dance or song. The fastest way to figure out what kind of content is trending is to watch the Reels that your potential customers share. 

shop dear rosie instagram reel of girl shopping

You could use Reels to answer questions about your business or include your products in an inventive way using a popular dance. When bending a trending topic in a new way, you’re going to generate some attention. 

Plus, if you don’t have a big following, you can run ads using Reels in just about every country, and they work a lot like Instagram Story ads. 

3. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags have become a regular part of modern internet culture. They’ve been a regular part of the social media world for years now. 

But they’re still highly effective today. 

By optimizing your posts with relevant and trending hashtags, you’ll ensure that you’re coming up in search results your target audience has its collective eyes on. 

But note the key term there — relevant. Your hashtags have to relate to the post in question. You can’t just add popular hashtags that have nothing to do with what you’re sharing. You’re also going to have to be careful with which hashtags you’re using, as you shouldn’t have more than five. 

Your hashtags should correspond directly to the pain points your products or services help alleviate. For example, if you’re selling a weight loss product, something like #LoseWeight or #BurnFat might come in handy. 

video of home dumbbell workout on instagram

If you’re an accountant looking for new clients, something like #TaxFiling might be useful in your marketing campaign. 

4. Have Your Videos Tell A Story

When you tell a story, you can make a long-lasting impression on your audience. This is particularly effective when showing how your product or service can solve a customer’s pain points. 

You should know what your audience wants out of your business and how you can best help them. Understanding the pain points of your target customers is one of the most important aspects of any marketing campaign. 

instagram video from Madewell on their new class offerings

When telling a story, you present a problem, introduce a solution and then show how that solution improves the situation. 

With video content, that’s easy enough to do. You simply have to show someone in distress, show them using your product or service, then illustrate how their lives have been affected by that solution. 

5. Leverage user-generated content

It’s not always the content you create that helps you generate conversions. Sometimes it’s content that you share or repurpose. User-generated content goes a long way toward making an impression on your audience. 

photo of a regram by Starbucks during the holiday season

That’s because content created by a business about itself always has an angle, and people don’t inherently trust that. But when the message is delivered by a peer who can show in no uncertain terms how a specific company helped them alleviate pain points that your ideal customer also has, there’s a sense of trust and legitimacy around the post. 

You can share user-generated content and positive testimonials through your Instagram Stories. You could also (with permission from the person who created it) post that content on your page for other users to see. 

You could even edit together several positive testimonials created by satisfied customers in order to leverage the legitimacy of user-generated posts and create some high-converting Instagram content.

6. Show The Benefits Of Your Products Or Services

People want to know specifically how your product or service will help them. That’s why it’s important to share content on Instagram of your products and services in action. You have to highlight their benefits to convince people to buy from you. 

For example, if you’re a fitness page and post about the best bodyweight exercises to try, share a video of you actually doing the workouts to draw interest. In this scenario, it’s also a good idea to show a before and after shot of people who’ve used your exercises and saw significant results.  

photo of news reporter talking about landscape and ground budget cuts on Instagram

As another example, the financial company MOS uses posts on its Instagram account to expand content marketing efforts by referencing the advantages of using its solutions. This includes bank accounts for teenagers and the benefits they offer.

People want to know that what you’re offering can help them with the issues they face. You can prove that by sharing posts like these that show off the effectiveness of your product and the value that effectiveness brings. 

  • 🤩
  • 🤙
  • 🤑

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7. Understand Your Audience & Brush Up On Content Marketing Skills

At the end of the day, Instagram marketing is content marketing, and one of the first steps in any content marketing plan is understanding your audience. 

You should have specific buyer personas outlined for your target audience, detailing demographic information, including their age, gender, geographic location, interests, preferred content, and more. Defining your buyer persona will also help you with other marketing efforts such as designing newsletters, email subject lines, interactive content, and much more. 

It’s possible to have a broad audience with many different buyer personas. When creating Instagram content, remember which persona you’re aiming for and tailor that content accordingly. 

It’s important when trying to create high-converting Instagram content that you have a strong grasp of content marketing. You can use learning resources like StuDocu to improve in this area, thanks to a vast amount of free educational material online. 

home page for StuDocu website

Even if you already fancy yourself a content marketing expert, there are always new trends and strategies emerging that you’ll need to know if you want to stay ahead in the fast-paced and exciting world of Instagram marketing. 

Start Sowing High-Converting Instagram Content

Instagram is a highly effective marketing platform that could be hugely beneficial to the profitability of your business. But in order to reap those benefits, you have to understand how to create high-converting Instagram content. 

The seven tips highlighted above show off a well-rounded content creation strategy that could change how you market your business on Instagram. 

To review, you can create high-converting Instagram content by:

  • Creating compelling images
  • Using trending audio and video in your Reels
  • Using relevant hashtags when you post
  • Telling a story with your videos
  • Making use of user-generated content
  • Showing off the benefits of your products or services
  • Understanding your audience and stating on the cutting edge of content marketing 

If you want to make a financial splash with Instagram advertising, you owe it to yourself to put in the time, effort, and expertise needed to develop a content calendar and strategy that’ll ultimately convert and improve the financial stability of your business.  

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