3 Reasons Instagram Stories Should Be Your Company’s Go-To Branding Tool

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Last Updated: Nov 25, 2022

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Since your brand is already partaking in the Instagram marketing phenomenon, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be taking advantage of its most useful features. While we see new updates rolling out on a seemingly weekly basis, the Snapchat-inspired “Story” feature is here to stay. With that said, effectively using Instagram stories for business is a proven way to organically grow Instagram followers.

The beauty of the Instagram Story is its seemingly endless evolution and various features that have proven to be highly useful marketing tools for any type of business.

While there are multiple different approaches you can take for your Instagram Story campaign, the one constant – regardless of your technique – should be consistency. We understand and sympathize with the fact that permanent posts are more difficult to obtain, but Story posts are much more casual in nature which allows for more frequent posts and engagement.

As the Instagram Story has made its mark and proven that it’s not going anywhere, we’ve compiled the three main reasons why your company should be using the feature today.

1) Bigger Than Snapchat

That’s right, Instagram Stories now see more action than Snapchat as of November 2017 and have since continued to dominate. We assume your business was on the Snapchat train, so why not make your social outreach simpler by combining platforms? We can now essentially post Snaps and organically grow Instagram followers simultaneously.

If that’s not enough to convince you, even the most prominent Snapchat influencers are switching over to Instagram Stories primarily and have nearly doubled their engagement. They also feel compelled to post more quality content given Instagram’s clean aesthetic.

2) When Using Instagram Stories for Business: Post Spontaneously

Say you’ve just got a new product shipment in and want to post an informal sneak peek, or you’ve recently redecorated your office and feel like sharing it with your followers. This type of content is rarely worthy of a permanent post unless you’ve got a high-quality camera and natural lighting on hand. With that said, it is a perfect time to use your Instagram Story.

example of how to use instagram stories for business

Additionally, the latest Instagram trend for business accounts and high-profile users is the Instagram Live feature. As an extension of the Instagram Story, you can record live video and allow users to tune-in for some real-time viewing and commenting.

This is great tool to use for conventions, parties or a behind-the-scenes view of your workplace. There’s not much that consumers appreciate more than being offered some exclusive insight to their favorite company. This will also surely make them more loyal to the brand and make them feel like they’re part of the family. 

3) Swipe for Links

While it’s totally fine to post iPhone quality photos and video on your story, it’s also a fantastic platform for posting high-quality content for shopping and sharing great web content.

We’ve all seen the “shoppable” posts on our favorite brands accounts, where you can click on the tagged item and be redirected to the company’s site. There’s a similar feature within the story that requires a mere swipe of the finger to be transferred to a webpage.

example of how to use Instagram stories for business growth

Perfect for product sales, promo videos or look-books, the swipe feature get users off your Instagram page and onto to your website quicker than ever before. Be sure to sign up for a business account to enable this feature and remember that when using Instagram stories for business, you should post engaging content to organically grow Instagram followers and reap every digital marketing benefit possible. In case you have not signed up for a business account, you can use a QR code in your Instagram stories as a call-to-action. QR code technology is safe and can be easily generated using a QR code generator.

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