Adding GIFs to Your Instagram Story With This Simple, Step-By-Step Process

February 5, 2018 by kicksta

Last Updated: February 24, 2020

As the social media and digital marketing expert that you are, Instagram Stories should be a regular part of your brand’s social strategy. They’re fun, simple and quick to post without needing to go overboard with substance. With that said, it can get tricky to keep these posts consistently engaging — this is where adding GIFs to your Instagram comes in.

The app has recently introduced GIF stickers for stories as a part of Instagram version 29. While we’ve steadily been using these stories to organically grow Instagram followers, GIFs provide an entirely new approach and creative opportunities for your brand.

Most of us are used to seeing movie clips or a series of photos rendered into GIFs with clever little captions. Now that Instagram has collaborated with GIPHY, the endless selection of GIF stickers has already brought a fresh meaning to how we use and define the technology.

Give these brilliantly animated stickers a try the next time you post to your story by following the steps below:

1) Have a Clear Concept When Adding GIFs To Your Instagram

Due to the lighthearted and fun nature of these stickers, it can be easy to appear elementary if used in a tasteless manner. Throwing too many GIFs in a single post is overwhelming to the viewer and certainly not your best bet to organically grow Instagram followers.

Rather, define your concept before hand and assess if the GIF truly makes the post more engaging. If your initial idea is to promote a product or give a behind-the-scenes look at a photo shoot, try placing a camera or fashion inspired GIF sticker on the post.

Another great way to go about this is browsing GIFs for ideas, and creating the post around them. We all hit creative roadblocks from time to time, and there’s simply not such thing as a poor source of inspiration.

2) Take a Photo or Video

Prior to adding a GIF sticker to your Instagram Story, you’ll need a photo or a video to stick it on. Now just because you’re placing an animated GIF on your post doesn’t mean your photo or video can lack in quality.

adding GIFs to your instagram story

Strive for clean precision of all ends of you post — even though it only lasts 24 hours.

3) Browse GIFs

After you’ve taken a photo or video you’re satisfied with, click the sticker button in the top right corner of your story. Here you’ll see endless stickers, as well as the GIF sticker option. Click this tab and you’ll be directed to the most popular GIFs and a search bar.

adding GIFs to your instagram story

If you choose to use the search bar, type in simple one-word searches like “animals” or “coffee” for the best results. While there are seemingly endless GIFs to choose from, your search will become too filtered once you type in longer phrases.

4) Remember Sizing and Placement

Utilizing GIFs effectively takes an artistic eye. Having a background in graphic design or a keen eye for layout design will undeniably help in the process for creating quality Instagram Story posts.

To resize your GIF, simply pinch the image and drag your fingers apart or closer together. You can then drag the image to live anywhere on the screen you desire. Keep in mind that these images are always moving, so give them enough space to do their thing without overshadowing the post entirely.

GIFs are here to stay whether you’re using the Instagram stickers or their original cinematic form. Social media is and always will be a fantastic place to showcase new digital art forms, so use them to your brand’s advantage and organically grow Instagram followers with some genuinely entertaining content.

Keep up with Kickstagram for more Instagram tips for your brand, and try incorporating GIFs in your into your regular Instagram Story regimen and watch as the engagement grows.

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