8 Instagram Marketing Strategies for Battling Creative Block

October 1, 2018 by Alexz Miller

Last Updated: September 20, 2019

For as fun and engaging Instagram is, it can become a highly demanding task for a thriving business. Instagram is now a staple in modern digital marketing and should be taken seriously if you wish to efficiently and effectively grow your business. If you’re feeling like you’ve hit a plateau, try out some of our Instagram marketing strategies list to help you battle your creative block.

Like all creative endeavors, posting quality content on Instagram can sometimes come more naturally than others. With that said, some companies without a “sexy” aesthetic appeal can have an especially difficult time producing Instagram-worthy content that won’t bore their followers.

As we’re all eager to keep our feeds fresh and learn how to grow Instagram followers fast, there are endless strategies to keep the creative juices flowing for the sake of engaging content. We’ve also compiled eight of our favorite and most universal Instagram marketing strategies below:

1) Provide Industry-Specific Insight

There’s always more than meets the eye with any business, and the inspiration to start a company is undoubtably a story worth telling. For example, many outdoors and sporting goods brands like to express their love for mother nature by providing updates on climate change and what they’re currently doing to help.

Instagram Marketing Strategies Example

This type of post is sure to resonate with consumers and solidify their appreciation for your brand as you touch on the more pressing matters of the industry.

2) Give a Brief History Lesson of Your Brand

No matter how old your company might be, there’s valuable history that enabled you to get to where you’re at today. Fill in your followers on your original designs, products and ideas – they’re eager to learn more about their favorite brand.

An inspirational startup success story will surely make for a loyal consumer base.

3) Don’t Be Afraid to Push Some ‘Throwback’ Posts

Many users are skeptical of throwback posts as they assume they need to be decades old. This is far from true, as a throwback could actually be as recent as a few weeks ago.

Instagram Marketing Strategies Example

The idea here is to keep the content ball rolling and give the impression that there’s always amazing things happening at your company. Oftentimes, you simply don’t have the time to post in the heat of the moment so follow up with a throwback post from a recent event or photo shoot.

4) Go Behind-the-Scenes With Things

While you obviously can’t leak too much information about your creative process or future products, you can give your followers a little insight to your daily life at company, or even film a tour of the office.

5) Introduce Individual Team Members

No matter what type of company you’re involved with, you’ve surely got some bright personalities that make everything come to life. Whether it’s a designer, creative director or a bubbly new intern, posting some candids or portrait photos with a brief bio in the caption is a fantastic way to give some life to the brand and further engage your followers.

6) Be Inspirational

As creatives and business professionals, we can find inspiration in virtually anything.

“I find that ‘quality content’ is less about the perfectly staged photo and more about connecting with your followers thru unique perspectives. Worry less about the perfect color palette for your feed and more about whether your content provides value to your followers.” -John Welch http://www.johnfrancisdesigns.com/@johnfrancisdesigns

With that said, think about other brands, photographers or films that have inspired your aesthetic or business model. If it’s not a conflict of interest, feel free to post a snippet of their work and give them credit and what you found so inspirational.

7) Promote Future Products

Are you in the midst of designing new products or dialing in a new feature for your tech company? While there needs to be a definitive release date, don’t hesitate to post a teaser to get your consumers anticipating the big release.

A teaser post can be done any way you see fit, such as a short commercial or a series of photos. Tell your followers what they can expect in the near future and keep them coming back for more updates.

8) Ask for Audience Feedback

Perhaps you’ve hit the ultimate creative block and have successfully utilized each of the previous tactics. Asking your followers what they like to see doesn’t have to be a desperate move, and can initiate several tags in the comments section which is fantastic if you’re curious how to grow Instagram followers fast.

“Pay attention to your ‘saved’ posts when you’re looking at your IG metrics and what posts of yours your audience is saving. It’s one of the more overlooked metrics, but can tell you a lot about what kind of content your audience is responding to.”-Lauren Goodwin @laurgood

Keep up with Kickstagram for Instagram marketing strategies like these, and more on how to keep your feed fresh.

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