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How Under Armour Is Dominating Instagram

How Under Armour Is Dominating Instagram

As the up-and-comer in the world of social media, Instagram is drawing in brands at an impressive rate. According to Simply Measured, in 2012 only 54 percent of top brands had an Instagram account. Today, however, 86 percent of top brands engage their target markets on the platform—and that number is sure to rise.

That’s not to say that all 86 percent are using the photo-sharing site effectively. Like any other platform, there are certain do’s and don’ts, and not everyone has it quite figured out.

One company that has certainly put their best foot forward and has reaped the likes, follows and shares to prove it is Under Armour.

Engaging Through Powerful Images

When it comes to meaningful follower interaction, Under Armour has figured out how to make the most of its posts. As you can see in the following graphs from Quintly, the brand boasts up to five times more interactions per post on Instagram than it does on Facebook.

*Under Armour – Facebook:

Kickstagram Under Armour Growth - branding on instagram

*Under Armour – Instagram:

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Kickstagram Engagement Under Armour

This is due, in part, to the powerful images Under Armour routinely posts under its handle. It also speaks to the nature of Instagram. Despite having over 4.8 million followers on Facebook and only 2.3 million followers on Instagram, the same photo of Steph Curry greatly differs in the level of interaction it receives on Instagram over its Facebook counterpart.

It’s clear that Under Armour’s approach to Instagram just works.

Keeping Consistent

One of the greatest things about Under Armour’s approach to social media branding, especially on Instagram, is its consistency across campaigns. The brand’s underlining message of proving people wrong and achieving personal success no matter what the obstacle, is plain in its previous “I WILL” advertisements and carries through to its current “Rule Yourself” campaign.

Under Armour Kickstagram Instagram Account

Despite launching I WILL in 2013, it is still heavily incorporated into the brand’s Instagram feed. While most companies use new campaigns to start fresh, Under Armour has used Rule Yourself to further its narrative and expand on previous efforts, encouraging its followers to engage in whichever message speaks to their personal journey of proving the naysayers wrong.

ashleywilking Kickstagram

As you can see above, many don’t pick just one: #RuleYourself #IWill #IWillWhatIWant.

Linking Hashtags and Calls-to-Action

Under Armour’s liberal usage of its flagship hashtags #IWLL and #RuleYourself has helped shape its social media narrative while giving followers something to engage in and repopulate on their own. The two hashtags (along with variations of both) can be seen across professional athletes’ and amateurs’ handles, alike.

Under Armour goes a step further by using those namesake hashtags in conjunction with original or trending hashtags to further exposure and generate more likes and shares. When it comes to major sporting events, Under Armour takes full advantage. For example, during this year’s Wimbledon, any tennis-related post contains some combination of #Wimbledon and #RuleYourself and #IWILL.

CAMVP Kickstagram Post

In addition to linking hashtags, Under Armour routinely inserts a call-to-action in posts that promote its gear. As seen above, the brand used a trending hashtag and @mention to bring attention to a related product while inviting followers to act NOW.

All in all, Under Armour’s Instagram game is on point.

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