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How to Get Your Brand ‘Verified’ On Instagram

How to Get Your Brand 'Verified' On Instagram

As one of the most popular social media networks in the world, Instagram has become a boon for business and social media influencers. Currently, we live in a world where being “Instagram-famous” is more or less a job for quite a few people, all with the goal of figuring out how to get verified on Instagram.

It’s no surprise that being an Instagram celebrity, or even just using the platform as a marketing tool for a business, has become a topic of consternation among would-be influencers. Unfortunately, there’s no set formula to get there (at least, not one that Instagram has shared with us).

Fortunately for you, though, there are a few steps you can take that can stack the deck in your favor. If you’re looking for a quick fix, you’re out of luck. The best way to get your brand where you want it to go is through organic Instagram growth, meaning that you’ll have to be patient and work your way to the top.

One of the ultimate goals we’re shooting for here is to get yourself, or your brand, verified on Instagram. That little blue check will do wonders for your Instagram game—it’s not just a vanity play.

The second your name shows up as verified, you’ve given yourself credibility and demonstrated to followers that they can trust whatever it is that you’re putting out there. For those of you who are serious about getting verified on Instagram, the following steps should give you a leg up on the competition.

1) How to Get Verified on Instagram: Gain (Real) Followers

With very few exceptions, Instagram won’t verify accounts that don’t have too many followers. And, to be fair to them, why should they? The first step you should take to get verified is to start gaining new followers.

Part of this process is going out and following people. Unless you’ve already made a name for yourself, nobody will come to you unless you’ve already gone to them. This can be time consuming, frustrating, and can make you feel more than a bit needy, but will pay off in the end.

example of how to get verified on instagram

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A quick note here: as is usually the case, don’t follow Justin Bieber’s example by buying followers. We are all about organic Instagram growth. Besides, it’ll be obvious, and lame, if you’re being followed by a bunch of bots. You’ll want the number of likes and comments to be reasonable considering the number of followers you have.

1a) Alternatively … 

If you’re willing to get verified at any cost, a black market of sorts has developed around getting you that blue check. Rumors—likely based in fact—are swirling that, for anywhere between $5k-$7k paid to the right Instagram employee, you can secure verification for yourself.

This may not be the way your mother taught you how to get verified on Instagram, but if you have the funds available, it will get the job done. As far as under-the-table deals go, this one is fairly innocuous, as long as you feel that there’s nothing more worthwhile for your business to do with $7k.

2) Don’t Limit Yourself to Instagram

One of the best chances you have at being verified on Instagram is to build up a following on other social media platforms as well. “Instagram Famous” is closely related to “YouTube Famous,” for example.

If you manage to build up large followings on other sites, link to one or more of those social media channels in your bio on each social media site, thereby proving that you’re the real deal.

3) Make Yourself Impersonate-able

We may have made up a word here, but the fact is, Instagram is more likely to give you the blue check if there are other people trying to steal your thunder. You’ll have to finesse the system a bit here, but with Instagram, unlike real life, having a few imposters can be a huge benefit.

Set up your account in a way that may make it easy for another account to swoop in and be a bit easier to search than yours; for example, French soccer (ahem, football) star, Alexandre Lacazette:

example of how to get verified on instagram

Take away that blue checkmark, and how will you know for sure which profile is his?

Once you’ve achieved the organic Instagram growth you’re looking for, you’ll start gaining copycats. Take advantage of this to get ahold of that verified badge.

They say that, when you die, you don’t get to take any of your earthly possessions with you. That blue check, though, that lasts forever. Okay, maybe we’re being a bit hyperbolic here, but, without a doubt, knowing how to get verified on Instagram is one of the best ways to get your brand to blow up.

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