Baddie Aesthetic on Instagram: The Definite Guide

baddie aesthetics on instagram
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Last Updated: Apr 1, 2024

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Nowadays, there are a lot of different styles and aesthetics you can follow. 

This article will discuss one of the most popular aesthetics: The Baddie Aesthetic. 

What is a Baddie Aesthetic?

The Baddie aesthetic encourages girls to have confidence and empowers them to embrace their unique style. The Baddie aesthetic is characterized by self-confidence, fierceness, and a fearless attitude. Girls with a baddie aesthetic call themselves “Baddies.” They often style a mix of high and low fashion.

What Type of People Have a Baddie Aesthetic?

Girls with a lot of confidence and an attitude have a baddie aesthetic. 

Most of the time, these girls types have a lot of respect for themselves, and they will never settle down for a man who does a bare minimum. Moreover, Baddies are not afraid to experiment with everything in their life. You can see a Baddie being a doctor, a stripper, or an astronaut. 

These girls have the confidence to do anything in their lives. 

The Baddie aesthetic has some streetwear elements influenced by urban culture and hip-hop. However, some of the Baddies prefer to wear something fancy and chic. It is impossible to spot Baddies with the same outfits. 

baddie aesthetic accessories on Instagram

Where Did a Baddie Aesthetic Come From?

The Baddie aesthetic started in the mid-2010’s

The Baddie Aesthetic is affected by the social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. This aesthetic started from the influencers who began to show their fashion choices, flawless makeup, and an empowering attitude. 

What Is the Baddie Aesthetic Personality?

Girls with a baddie aesthetic have an empowering mindset. They always try to lift themselves as others. They always promote love and support and encourage other girls to embrace their uniqueness. However, the Baddies only support the girls and the gays. 

There is a sound going viral on TikTok that says: “It’s for the girls and the gays.” 

The baddies crave independence and fearlessness. They approach life with a lot of confidence and are not afraid to take risks. Most of the time, the Baddies take a lot of changes in their life to make it perfect.

baddie aesthetic type on instagram

How To Achieve the Baddie Aesthetic?

If you want to have a Baddie aesthetic, the Baddies are the ones that would help you in the first place. Now, let’s discuss the tips on how to achieve the Baddie aesthetic:

Have a Sense of Fashion

The Baddies love to experiment with fashion choices. 

Most of the time, they wear streetwear, fancy accessories, and fashion-forward pieces. Some of the Baddies prefer to style expensive brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Gucci. The Baddies are not scared to show their skin and wear revealing clothes. 

Use Makeup

The Baddies have mastered their makeup techniques and enhanced their features. 

If you want to do your makeup like them, you must experiment with bold eyeshadows, precise contouring, and lip colors that suit your face best. Use makeup as a self-expression, not to make you more beautiful, because your beauty is already perfect.

Be Confident

To suit this subculture, you have to be very confident. You must adopt confident body language. Always keep your head up, stand tall, walk with purpose, and confidently carry yourself. 

The Baddies are fearless – they project the power they hold against others. 

baddie aesthetic instagram models

How To Have a Baddie Aesthetic on Instagram

The social media plays the most valuable role in the Baddie style. If you want to be a true Baddie, you must maintain the coolest and hottest Instagram feed ever. 

So, let’s learn how to have a Baddie aesthetic on Instagram:

Post A Lot Of Pictures

If you want to maintain your account perfectly, you must upload a lot of posts on Instagram. 

You can take some mirror selfies, where you stand cutely, show your outfit, or are just doing your skincare routine. The Baddies love to show themselves all over social media. Upload your pictures as stories or posts, add them to highlights, and let the world see how cool you are.

Maintain A Luxurious life

The Baddies love to live an expensive life. 

Whether you have money or are on a budget, always make others think you have millions of dollars. Post pictures of expensive places, and let others think you are living your best life. 

The Baddie aesthetic requires you always to be strong, so you must not post any sad songs, quotes, or thoughts, no matter what you are going through.

Do Collaborations

Baddies are very well-known because of their power to make friends with everyone. 

Most of the time, the Baddies are dating rappers or guys with luxurious lives. This way, a girl with a style like yours can collaborate with anyone they want. Find somebody famous from your local community, contact them, and make a collaboration.

baddie aesthetic girls

Tips Baddie Aesthetics on Social Media

The Baddies are always all over the social media.

 You can see their pictures or videos on TikTok, Pinterest, or Instagram. Most of the time, they put a lot of effort into their social media platforms. 

However, how to manage a Baddie aesthetic on social media?

Tips for Baddie Aesthetics on TikTok

There are a lot of Baddie videos going viral on TikTok. It is very important to post your videos on viral sounds. Choose the confident boosting sounds; never post anything with a sad song. 

Note that the Baddies are always in control, so you do not want anyone to see you crying in front of your phone. 

Moreover, always show your outfits and let others see how beautiful you are

With your confidence, always post videos of yourself making something silly or lip-syncing to a Rihanna song. The girls and the gays got your back, remember?

  • Choose the right music
  • Post a lot of your videos
  • Make something silly and cute
  • Post your lipsyncing videos
  • Show your outfits
  • Upload “Get Ready With Me” videos
  • Teach others your skincare routine
  • Post tips on Makeup

Tips for Baddie Aesthetics on Instagram

As we’ve discussed before, your Instagram account must be like your visit card. 

People will know you mostly from your Instagram account. Always post the pictures that are 10 out of 10

Moreover, post everything luxurious in your story, such as expensive cars, expensive bags, fancy hotels or restaurants, terraces, and everything you find fancy enough to be in your story. 

Live your best life on social media, and it will become true. 

  • Post a lot of pictures
  • Live a luxurious life
  • Post everything fancy in your story
  • Make others jealous of your life
  • Never post anything sad or to make others pity you

Tips for Baddie Aesthetics on Pinterest 

There are a lot of Baddie accounts on Pinterest that have been an inspiration for others. You must work on yourself if you want to be as successful as they are. 

For example, as a Baddie, you must help other girls find a way in their life. This way, you can always share some quotes and posts on how to get over a guy or find a better job; the topic is up to you. 

Remember that there are millions of young girls in need of love and support.

  • Post inspirational quotes
  • Be a motivator
  • Share tips on makeup
  • Share tips on how to style an outfit
  • Show your luxurious life
  • Post aesthetic pictures

Which Celebrities (or Influencers) Have Baddie Aesthetics?

Nowadays, the Baddie aesthetic has become a lifestyle for most girls. 

Every female wants to be in her powerful era, where the healing process is finally done, and they can enjoy their lives. There are a lot of famous women who encourage the Baddie aesthetic. Now, let’s discuss which celebrities or influencers have Baddie Aesthetics.

  • The Wizard Liz

If you are a Baddie, you must know who The Wizard Liz is. She is an influencer who has saved a million lives of girls. She always posts videos on TikTok and YouTube, encouraging females to change their lives. 

The Wizard Liz has taught a lot of girls that they do not have a duty to raise somebody else’s son. Liz will teach you how to live a true Baddie life, where no man can ever disrespect you. 

  • Cardi B

Everybody knows who Cardi B is. This artist has an absolute Baddie confidence, power, and a mindset that many others should have. If you want to be a true Baddie, try to be like Cardi B. 

This will not guarantee you that everything in your life will be perfect, but at least you will know your worth. 

pink sparkly money

Brands Associated With Baddie Aesthetic

There are a lot of brands the Baddies are interested in. As known, these types of girls love to live an expensive and extraordinary life. 

This way, they will always shop for the most expensive brands or make others buy stuff for them. For example, The Birkin Bag is a must-have in some Baddie’s closets. 

Here are more brands that are suitable for Baddies:

Conclusion: Is a Baddie Aesthetic for You?

If you are a girl with a lot of power, confidence, sometimes an attitude, and love to live a luxurious life, the Baddie Aesthetic is waiting for you. 

Always remember that you are the best. Never let your guard down; you’ve got this, sister!

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