Alt Aesthetic on Instagram: The Definite Guide

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Published: Jun 3, 2024

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Nowadays there are a lot of different aesthetics going viral on Social Media. 

Today, we will discuss the Alt aesthetic and provide tips on achieving it. Now, let’s get started. 

What is an Alt Aesthetic?

The Alt aesthetic refers to an Alternative aesthetic. 

This subculture embraces individuality and style. If you want to be a part of this aesthetic, you must be creative and extraordinary. Moreover, this subculture encourages a very rebellious community. 

This means that if you want to have an Alt aesthetic, you must always be against the unfair things happening in the world, as well as say your opinion loudly. 

This aesthetic includes goth, punk, grunge, and other subcultures. This subculture is against social expectations, fostering a space for self-expression that transcends traditional boundaries. 

What Type of People Have an Alt Aesthetic?

alt aesthetic girl accessories 

You can always spot an Alternative person walking towards you because of their style. 

Most of the time, the Alt people have a nonconformist fashion sense. They express their personality through their clothes, DIY elements, and using clothing as a form of self-expression. 

If you decide to be a part of the Alt community, you must be very creative and intellectual and have a huge interest in arts, music, or literature. 

It is a surprise for some people that the Alt community is very smart and intellectual! 

Many of them are interested in uncontroversial ideas, literature, philosophy, and subcultural history. Being an Alt follower does not only require you to have a fire fashion sense; it also requires you to be smart. 

Where Did an Alt Aesthetic Come From?

The Alt aesthetic has been present for many years now. 

However, this style gained the most popularity from Tubmlr, Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram. 

These social media platforms made an Alt style very famous, and most of the Alt people became very interested. People from this subculture value social media platforms and try to be very creative with them.

The Alt aesthetic often involves other styles as well, such as goth, punk, and grunge aesthetics. This subculture is open to every subculture that has a style and requires people to be creative and individual. 

What Is the Alt-Aesthetic Personality?

Alt aesthetic personality and their different style

The Alt people are characterized by nonconformity, creativity, and a rebellious personality. In this group, it is very important to have a unique and extraordinary style. 

The Alt people always notice what you are wearing or how you are styling it. They tend to value independence and autonomy. They always make decisions depending on their personal needs. 

Music and art play a significant role in the Alt aesthetic. It does not matter what type of artist you are; you can be a musician, painter, architect, ballerina, or any other artist you want. The main idea is that you must express yourself through art. This way, your individuality will be seen by others, and you will be a member of the Alt community. 

How To Achieve the Alt Aesthetic?

If you want to have an Alt aesthetic, we are here to help you. Now, we will discuss the tips on how to achieve the Alt aesthetic. Grab a cup of coffee, we are about to begin:

Be Creative

Creativity is one of the most valuable personality traits in Alt people. 

Try to think outside the box, look at things differently, and try to show your individuality. 

Your creativity can be expressed through your art as well. If you write music or make paintings, try to make some unique pieces that will make the world go silent from excitement. 

Challenge the Beauty Norms

The Alt aesthetic always challenges the beauty norms. Most of the people from this subculture think that the one-size-fits-all strategy is the most effective now. The Alt people are against fat-shaming and try to defend anyone who is bullied. This subculture is all about celebrating uniqueness and rejecting the stereotypical norms that are very active in society. 

Have Tattoos and Piercings

The tattoos and piercings are a significant aspect of the Alt aesthetic. 

People from this subculture show their extraordinary style by changing their visibility. Tattoos and piercings are a form of individuality and self-expression. We do not suggest you pierce your body or get a tattoo, but as an Alt person, it would complete your look. 

How To Have an Alt Aesthetic on Instagram?

alt aesthetic girlie wearing all black

Social media platforms are very important if you are an Alt aesthetic follower. 

You must maintain a perfect account where everything is aesthetically pleasant and rebellious at the same time. So, how to have an Alt aesthetic on Instagram:

Post Daily

The Alt people love to share everything on social media. 

Take some advice; do not care whether you look good or attractive in pictures you post. Most of the Alt people are known as “shitposters.” 

They post a lot of dump pictures. The dump pictures are a collection of very random photos combined. Break the norms of social media that say that everybody should look their best in the pictures. Show the world the real you. 

Share Your Favorite Arts

As we’ve discussed before, the Alt people are very artistic and creative. 

If you want to make your style more desirable, you must show your followers how talented you are. When you paint a picture, make a sculpture, or write a piece of music, you can post it online. 

This way, you will get a lot of support and a confidence boost. People love to see your art and get inspiration from you.

Post Music On Your Story

The Instagram feature of adding music to your story is very helpful for the Alt people like you. 

As an Alt person, your music style is very important, and you must listen to very strange music. The Alt people mostly listen to bands that are not very popular. They keep those bands away from the “Posers,” as they say. 

You can always do research on unpopular bands, listen to them, and post them on your story. This way, the Alt people will see your coolest style. 

Tips for Alt Aesthetics on Social Media

Alternative aesthetic, girl with black and white striped t shirt

Being active on social media is very important as an Alt person. You must maintain your TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts to keep your platforms engaged. So, here are some tips for Alt esthetics on social media:

Tips for Alt Aesthetics on TikTok

There are a lot of people getting viral on TikTok for having an Alt aesthetic. 

If you want to receive a lot of engagement on TikTok, you must post daily. 

Try to use the viral sounds that suit your aesthetic as well. TikTok will guess your style with the sounds you use and put your videos on FYP of Alt people. 

Moreover, you can always share some DIY tips and step-by-step guides on how to maintain an Alt fashion style. Whenever you are making your pieces of clothes, record the full process and upload some shorts on TikTok. 

The Alt people are very supportive, so you should share positivity, good vibes, and lots of love online. Try to defend anybody who is being bullied on social media. Moreover, you can always make statements about global problems. Remember, the Alt people have your back. 

  • Use the viral sounds
  • Post your outfits
  • Share DIY tips
  • Post step-by-step guides
  • Be very positive

Tips for Alt Aesthetics on Instagram

Your Instagram account should be like your visit card. 

Make sure that everything you post always shows your Alternative energy. Whenever you get ready in the morning, take a mirror selfie to show your outfit. Your style must always be shown in your pictures, reels, or stories. 

The Alt people are always funny and unproblematic.

You can share some memes and reels on your story to keep your account maintained. 

  • Post daily
  • Share your outfits
  • Take mirror selfies
  • Post memes and reels on your story
  • Share love and positivity

Tips for Alt Aesthetics on Pinterest 

Nowadays, the whole world looks for inspiration on Pinterest. 

So, you can always become a motivator for others. Make sure that the pictures you share on Pinterest show your aesthetic the most. Post your outfits, and teach people how to style them. Moreover, you can show people tips on how you style your vests or make your DIY clothes. 

Some Alt people also post their favorite music collections and suggest to others the artists they should listen to. 

  • Become a motivator
  • Share your outfits
  • Be an inspiration
  • Upload step-by-step tips
  • Share your favorite artists
  • Show others what you listen to 

Which Celebrities (or Influencers) Have Alt Aesthetics?

Nowadays, the Alt aesthetic is very popular among celebrities and influencers as well. 

There are a lot of Alternative TikTok accounts that have millions of followers. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Ivanka Trump, and Kristen Stewart used to be Alt kids growing up. However, some celebrities still have an Alt fashion style:

Machine Gun Kelly

singer Machine Gun Kelly

If you are active on TikTok or love to listen to rock music, you must know who Machine Gun Kelly is. 

He is an artist who became very famous over the past two years. With the dyed hair, nail polish, leather clothes, piercings, and tattoos, he is a real Alt icon. Most of the Alt girls have a huge crush on him. Machine Gun Kelly is a great artist, and his fashion style makes everyone go crazy.

Taylor Momsen

 taylor momsen profile picture

If you have seen some episodes of The Gossip Girl or listened to “The Pretty Reckless”, you must be a fan of Taylor Momsen. She is an idol for the Alt, Grunge, Goth, or Punk people. 

Her lifestyle is as messy as her hair and makeup. She wears a lot of dark eyeshadow, her clothes are mostly leather, and she never cares what anybody says about her. 

Brands Associated With Alt Aesthetic

Some Alt people prefer to dress in second-hand stores or thrift. 

However, if you do not care about your budget, there are plenty of famous brands you can visit. Most of the time, the Alt people dress in Demonia or Dolls Kill. these brands have a huge opportunity and will make your style complete. 

Here are some other brands that are must-haves for Alt aesthetic:

Conclusion: Is Alt Aesthetic for You?

Now, you can proudly say that you know everything about the Alternative Aesthetic. If you love to listen to instrumental music, have a unique and extraordinary fashion sense, and will never set your standards low for anyone, the Alt style is perfect for you. If you are interested in other styles as well, check out our 33 types of aesthetics for girls on Instagram.

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