Raver Girl Aesthetic on Instagram: The Definite Guide

raver girl aesthetic on instagram
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Published: Apr 15, 2024

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In the modern world, there are a lot of different aesthetics that suit different kinds of people. Today’s topic is the Raver Girl Aesthetic and how to achieve it on social media. 

What is a Raver Girl Aesthetic?

The Raver Girl aesthetic is characterized by vibrant, colorful, and eclectic fashion choices that reflect the culture of rave events and electronic dance music (EDM) festivals. Rave culture is known for its energetic and inclusive atmosphere, and the aesthetic embraces bold and expressive styles. 

Raver Girls often embrace bold prints and patterns, including tie-dye, geometric designs, and psychedelic motifs. These prints add an element of visual interest to the outfit. Moreover, they often use face jewels, gems, and glitter makeup, which are common for Raver Girls. They add a touch of sparkle and enhance the overall fantasy-like appearance.

What to wear as a raver girl 

What type of people have a Raver girl aesthetic?

The Raver Girl aesthetic is not just about clothing; it’s about embodying a positive and inclusive energy. Ravers often celebrate unity, self-expression, and acceptance within the community. The Raver Girl aesthetic is about embracing individuality, self-expression, and a sense of freedom. It’s a celebration of music, art, and community, where creativity knows no bounds.

Individuals with a Raver Girl aesthetic typically have a deep passion for electronic dance music. They may follow various EDM genres, have favorite DJs, and enjoy exploring new sounds within the electronic music scene.

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raver girl aesthetic style details

Where did a Raver girl aesthetic come from?

The Raver Girl aesthetic is rooted in the culture of raves, which emerged in the late 1980s and became more prominent in the 1990s. Raves are large, all-night dance parties that feature electronic dance music, vibrant light displays, and a communal atmosphere. The Raver Girl aesthetic is a manifestation of the fashion and style preferences that developed within this subculture.

Rave culture embraced a DIY ethos, encouraging individuals to express their creativity through handmade and customized clothing. Raver Girls often engaged in creating their outfits, incorporating bright colours, sequins, and unique accessories.

What is the Raver girl’s aesthetic personality?

These types of girls are very open-minded, they support any kind of people and are very positive and fun. For example, if you feel unsafe around somebody and spot a Raver Girl nearby, run to her, and she will kick their asses. 

Rave culture is known for its inclusivity and sense of community. Those who identify with the Raver Girl aesthetic are often social, and welcoming, and enjoy connecting with others who share their love for music and the rave experience.

How to achieve the Raver Girl Aesthetic?

If you want to achieve the Raver Girl Aesthetics, this article is just for you. Here are the tips on how to achieve the Raver Girl Aesthetic:

Listen to electronic music

If you want to be a Raver Girl, you must have a desire to listen to electronic music. There are a lot of different DJs on Spotify or Soundcloud who share their music with others. Moreover, you can meet other people who love to listen to this type of music and vibe with them. Remember, that the Rave Girl Aesthetic is all about positivity and good vibes. 

Have a Raver fashion style

The Raver Girls have a unique fashion style. If you go to the electronic music festivals, you must wear something extra. For example, the platform shoes, short skirts and leather tops are already a vibe. Moreover, add some spice to your hairstyle as well. Try to have an extraordinary hairstyle and makeup when you go clubbing. This will make you shine more. 

Share love and positivity

The Raver Girl aesthetic is all about sharing love and positivity. These types of girls could care less about what others think about them. They are carefree, so you should be like them. Most of the time, Raver Girls shares positivity online as well. So, take notes and become the best version of yourself. 

Girl styles on a rave

How to have Raver Girl aesthetic on Instagram

Social media activity is very important for aesthetics like the Raver Girl Aesthetic. Here are the tips on how to have a Raver Girl Aesthetic on Instagram:

Post your outfits

Most of the Raver Girls have extraordinary outfits and sharing them on social media is very important. When you wear your unique clothes, take a picture of them and upload it immediately. This way, you will receive a lot of engagement and your followers will be obsessed with your looks as well. 

Post makeup tutorials

The Raver Girl makeup is very famous on social media. Every raver girl has her makeup style and tutorials. They use a lot of glitter and shiny things on their face. Moreover, they use a lot of colorful eyeshadows and lipsticks. This way, if you post videos of your makeup you will receive a lot of engagement. 

Share your favorite music

To prove to others that you are a true Raver Girl, you must post a lot of videos of DJs. moreover, you must support the local and beginner DJs as well. Always remember, that some clubs do not allow you to record videos of the events. So, make sure that when you pull out the phone you won’t get blacklisted. 

raver girl aesthetic on instagram, neons and accessories

Tips for Raver Girl aesthetics on social media

Nowadays, the Raver Girl Aesthetic is very popular on social media. Here are the tips on how to maintain the perfect account on TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest as a raver girl. 

Tips for Raver Girl Aesthetics on TikTok

Create dynamic outfit transformation videos showcasing your Raver Girl style. Use quick transitions and music to highlight the different elements of your outfit. Participate in dance challenges or create dance performances set to popular EDM tracks. Showcasing your dance moves adds an interactive and energetic element to your TikTok content. Share TikTok tutorials on DIY fashion for rave outfits. Demonstrate how to customize clothing, create accessories, or achieve specific makeup looks associated with the Raver Girl aesthetic.

  • Post a lot of videos
  • Post transformation videos
  • Post dance tutorials
  • Share tips on makeup
  • Share tips on hairstyles

Tips for Raver Girl Aesthetics on Instagram

As we’ve discussed before, the Raver Girl Instagram account must be very colourful and entertaining. Post a lot of videos of you dancing in the clubs and rave events. Share your outfits, hairstyles, and makeup, because they are unique in their way. Moreover, you must support the local artists as well. This way, you will receive a lot of engagement and have your goal achieved.

Tips for Clean Girl Aesthetics on Pinterest 

Curate Pinterest boards that serve as mood boards for your Raver Girl aesthetic. Include images of fashion, makeup, accessories, and rave event inspiration. Develop separate boards dedicated to Raver Girl fashion and makeup inspiration. Pin images that align with the neon, glittery, and bold elements of the aesthetic. Pin DIY tutorials for Raver Girl fashion and accessories. Include step-by-step guides on customizing clothing, creating unique accessories, and achieving specific makeup looks.

  • Post your outfits
  • Share makeup tips
  • Share DIY tips
  • Share clothing inspirations
  • Create your boards

Which celebrities (or Influencers) have Raver Girl Aesthetics? 

There are a lot of celebrities and influencers that have the Raver Girl aesthetic. They maintain a very positive and fun life. Here are some celebrities or influencers that have Raver Girl Aesthetics:

  • Sydney Carlson

Sydney Carlson, a fashion influencer and founder of the brand Wildflower Cases, has been known for her eclectic and bold style, which occasionally includes elements of the Raver Girl aesthetic. Her outfits are always on point. Moreover, she has her makeup style and people are obsessed with her.

  • Charli XCX

Charli XCX, a singer and songwriter, has been associated with the pop and electronic music scenes. Her music and fashion choices at times reflect a bold and dynamic aesthetic, resonating with elements of rave culture. Some of Charlie’s songs are very good for clubbing and the artist embraces this lifestyle. 

Brands associated with Raver Girl Aesthetic

There are a lot of brands you can dress in if you are a Raver Girl. Here is a list of the brands associated with the Raver Girl Aesthetic:

Conclusion: Is the Raver Girl aesthetic for you? 

If you love clubbing and have a very positive lifestyle, the Raver Girl Aesthetic will suit you the most. Now, you can dress in your rave outfit, get your hair and makeup done and go clubbing.

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