’90s Aesthetic on Instagram: The Definite Guide

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Published: Jun 17, 2024

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The old aesthetics, such as the ‘90s aesthetic, are still very popular in this world. A lot of people are attracted to the old fashion, where everything was positive and unproblematic. 

The topic of our article will be the ‘90s aesthetic and how to achieve it. 

Now, let’s get started:

What is a ‘90s Aesthetic?

The ‘90 aesthetic is a celebration of the fashion trends, styles, and cultural influences that defined the decade. 

Different groups, such as hip-hop and pop culture, characterize this aesthetic. 

The ‘90s aesthetic includes grunge fashion, popularized by brands like Nirvana, and Doc Martens, involving plaid patterns and streetwear. Sporty and casual streetwear also gained popularity in the ‘90s. 

As the fashion industry claims, fashion was at its peak in the ‘90s. 

Then it all went downgrade!

What Type of People Have a ’90s Aesthetic?

People who are very nostalgic for the ‘90s have this aesthetic. However, a lot of young people who weren’t even born in the ‘90s are interested in this style. The TV show “Friends” showed the younger generation how aesthetically pleasant the ‘90s were. 

People who have a ‘90s aesthetic often thrift to find authentic ‘90s pieces. There are a lot of vintage shops that provide them with the clothes they are looking for. 

Moreover, the must-haves are the ‘90s hoop earrings and small backpacks. Nowadays, a lot of fashion pieces from the ‘90s are back to the trend. 

Where Did a ’90s Aesthetic Come From?

The ‘90s aesthetic started in the ‘90s. After the 1990s, a new era has started. However, some of the people preferred to wear vintage clothes and refused to become a new pop culture follower. This way, the ‘90s aesthetic became a style. 

In the 21st century, the ‘90s aesthetic is very popular. 

There is a trend where a lot of girls wear their mothers’ clothes from the ‘90s. Fashion in the ‘90s was very different from what it is now.

The clothes were more classy, the accessories were very extraordinary, and people were more positive. 

What Is the ’90s Aesthetic Personality?  

People with the ‘90s aesthetic are very nostalgic and love a vintage culture. These types of people are very respectful, supportive, and creative. 

People who dress like it’s the ‘90s have done a lot of research about fashion. They want to respect this culture and embrace it. 

Moreover, people who follow the ‘90s aesthetic love to connect to its culture as well. For example, music videos, films, and fashion icons are very respected in this subculture. 

For their style inspirations, they choose the actors from “Friends” or other celebrities.

How To Achieve the ’90s Aesthetic?

If you want to have the ‘90s aesthetic, this article is just for you. 

Let’s see how to achieve the ‘90s aesthetic:

Mix and Match Styles

The ‘90s referred to a mix of styles. 

So, don’t be scared to experiment; try a lot of different looks. You can wear a streetwear style one day and then go out in a fancy Louis Vuitton dress the next day. 

There were many different fashion styles and aesthetics in the ’90s that are still very popular today. Explore thrift stores; you can find a lot of treasure there, including some unique pieces of fashion.

Listen to The ‘90s Songs

People in the ‘90s were melomans. 

There are a lot of artists from this period who are still very famous and popular in the younger generation. For instance, Daft Punk, Oasis, TLC, Nirvana, and many other musicians can go perfectly with your style. 

Binge Watch The TV Shows

In the ‘90s, masterpieces were filmed. 

The TV show “Friends” can teach you a lot about the ‘90s fashion and aesthetics. 

You can dress like Rachel or make your hair as perfect as Phibie’s. Most people are obsessed with the ‘90s style because of Friends. Moreover, films like Clueless are icons in this aesthetic. Watch movies and TV shows, be creative, take inspiration, and make it your personality. 

girls with 90’s aesthetic on camera

How to have a ‘90s aesthetic on Instagram

Social media plays a significant role in everybody’s life. If you have a ‘90s aesthetic, you must have a similar Instagram account. Here are the tips on how to have a ‘90s aesthetic on Instagram.

Choose Vintage Filters and Editing

If you want to make your Instagram look like it’s the ‘90s, you must add a special vibe to it. For example, apply vintage-inspired filters to your photos to give them a nostalgic look. Experiment with grain, vignettes, and color correction to capture the essence of ‘90s photography.

Take Candid Pictures

In the ‘90s, candid pictures were very popular. Embrace the canid and carefree spirit of ‘90s snapshots. Capture spontaneous moments, genuine smiles, and candid expressions to evoke the casual charm of the decade. This way, your account will become more nostalgic, and people will love your ‘90s vibes. 

Choose the Right Outfit

If you are referring to the ‘90s fashion, you must wear clothes that suit this aesthetic the most. For example, create your wardrobe to reflect ‘90s fashion trends. The elements like denim, plaid tops, chokers, and oversized clothing were very popular in the ‘90s. Try to post your outfits of the day, at least in your stories

Tips for ‘90s Aesthetics On Social Media

90’s work out aesthetic with vintage tape recorder

Social media is making the ‘90s aesthetic more romanticized and popular. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest are full of pictures referring to the ‘90s. Here are tips for ‘90s aesthetics on social media:

Tips For ‘90s Aesthetics on TikTok

The ‘90s aesthetic is very viral on TikTok. 

Many influencers give tips on how to have hair like Rachel Green, dress like Monica Geller, sing like Phoebe Buffay, and many other references. 

If you want to have the ‘90s aesthetic on TikTok, you must share your outfits every day. Film “Get Ready With Me” videos and follow the “OOTD” trends

The TikTok platform will adore your ‘90s style and will make you an icon. 

  • Post your outfits
  • Film “Get Ready With Me” videos
  • Participate in an “OOTD” trend
  • Share tips on makeup
  • Share tips on hairstyles
  • Refer to “Friends”

Tips For ‘90s Aesthetics on Instagram

As we’ve discussed before, your Instagram platform must be like your visit card. 

A lot of people will stalk you and find inspiration in your pictures. You must post your outfits daily and share some tips and step-by-step guides on how you style your clothes. 

Moreover, make your Instagram feed vintage and full of candid pictures. The ‘90s were full of memories, so your Instagram account will be similar now. 

  • Post your outfit
  • Share tips on hairstyles
  • Share tips on makeup
  • Post candid pictures
  • Post vintage pictures
  • Add vintage filters to your photos

Tips for ‘90s Aesthetics on Pinterest 

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration. 

If you want to get a lot of engagement on Pinterest, you must post daily. For example, the Pinterest community loves to see your outfits. 

Post some mirror selfies to show the girls what you wear daily. Moreover, you can upload aesthetically pleasant pictures of nature or the city you live in. It would be great if you posted some “Friends” quotes or fan art.

  • Post your outfits
  • Share mirror selfies
  • Be very positive
  • Share your fan art
  • Post quotes from the ‘90s movies

Which Celebrities (or Influencers) Have ’90s Aesthetics?

A lot of celebrities are still remembered because of what they looked like in the ‘90s. 

This era was very elegant, chic, and problematic as well. Some of the celebrities, like Britney Spears lost their spark after the era was finished. However, here are the celebrities that are rocking the ‘90s style:

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts was a true diva in the ‘90s. 

Her beautiful face and figure, combined with her aristocratic manners and personality, made her unforgettable. Nowadays, a lot of people feel nostalgic when they see her pictures. Julia has changed her style a lot, but her ‘90s fashion sense is still alive. She chooses to dress modestly, and that’s why she is an icon for everyone.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss has been more popular nowadays than ever. 

Girls who are interested in fashion and design are obsessed with her style. Kate Moss was an idol in the ‘90s. Besides the rumors about the “Cocaine Kate,” she managed to build a beautiful life for herself and her daughter Lila. Kate Moss is still very popular among the ‘90s aesthetic followers. 

Brands Associated With ‘90s Aesthetic

In the ‘90s, a lot of popular brands were actively worn by celebrities, as well as average people.

Unfortunately, the style that was in the ‘90s has changed, and the brands have created a lot of new clothes. Now, if you want to look like the ‘90s girl, you must look in second-hand stores and thrift. 

These are the brands that were killin’ it in the ‘90s:

Conclusion: Is ‘90s Aesthetic For You? 

It is hard to feel nostalgic all the time. 

However, here is the solution: if you miss the ‘90s, love to dress in high fashion, love to collect vintage items, and often watch the show “Friends,” you can always have a ‘90s aesthetic and live your best life. 

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