Streetwear Aesthetic on Instagram: The Definite Guide

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Published: Apr 18, 2024

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Nowadays people care a lot about their looks and how others see them. Because of this, many different fashion styles and aesthetics are going viral. Today, we will discuss the Streetwear Aesthetic and how to achieve it.

What is a Streetwear Aesthetic?

Streetwear is a fashion style that emerged from urban culture, influenced by elements such as hip-hop, skateboarding, and graffiti art. It is characterized by casual and comfortable clothing focusing on self-expression and individuality. Achieving a streetwear aesthetic involves blending various elements to create a look that reflects personal style and urban influences. 

For example, girls with the Streetwear Aesthetic choose to dress comfortably. Oversized T-shirts, cargo pants, layered clothes, and a lot of accessories are very popular in this subculture. Some of the people call this aesthetic a “ghetto” style.

streetwear aesthetic: pink baggy Dickie trousers 

What type of people have a Streetwear aesthetic?

The Streetwear Aesthetic attracts people who appreciate its casual, urban, and self-expression-oriented style. People from various backgrounds are part of this subculture. Most of the time, people who live in urban environments are often drawn to streetwear. Moreover, this aesthetic is influenced by hip-hop, skate culture, and street art.

This subculture involves people who are real artists. The Streetwear Aesthetic lets its followers gain a passion for self-expression through art and graffiti.

Where did a Streetwear aesthetic come from?

The streetwear aesthetic has been present for a long time. It became popular in the ‘90s and still gains more and more engagement. Nowadays, platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest make this style more popular among the younger generation.

The Streetwear Aesthetic has mostly gained popularity because of the hip-hop artists. For example, Tupac Shakur is the best example of the streetwear aesthetic. His style was very comfortable, he wore oversized pants, hoodies, and tees. Moreover, a lot of people wear bandanas on their heads like 2Pac used to. This way, artists like Tupac had a huge impact on this aesthetic. 

What is the Streetwear aesthetic personality?

Personally, people with the Streetwear Aesthetic are very independent, free-minded, and often have an attitude. Girls with this aesthetic are sometimes rude, they will never let others disrespect them. These types of girls are never shy, they have a lot of cuss words in their dictionary.

Moreover, the Streetwear Aesthetic community is very creative and talented. There are a lot of films about this culture. Most of the people from this subculture have a lot of hobbies like dancing, rapping, painting, and many others. 

streetwear style details, such as sunglasses, binnies, jewelry 

How to achieve the Streetwear Aesthetic?

If you want to have a Streetwear Aesthetic, this article is suitable for you. Let’s discuss how to achieve the Streetwear Aesthetic in detail:

Have a unique style

This subculture requires you to have a specific fashion taste. Build your streetwear wardrobe with essential basics like pain t-shirts, hoodies, and comfortable shorts or jeans. You can also invest in graphic tees that reflect your style. Look for designs, unique graphics, or pieces from streetwear brands you admire. Experiment with layering by combining different textures and lengths. For example, layer a hoodie under a jacket or pair an oversized tee with a denim jacket.

DIY and customize

Get creative and personalize your streetwear pieces through DIY projects. Adding patches, custom embroidery, or distressing can give your clothing a unique touch. This way, your clothes will be more unique and you will receive a lot of positive compliments from others, remember, that the Streetwear Aesthetic followers value talent and you should be very creative. 

Have a hobby

If you want to be a part of this subculture, you must do something. For example, you can learn how to street dance. If dancing is not for you, you can write rap songs or read them in battle. You can also learn the graffiti art. This way, your talent will make you more valuable and respected in this society.

young people with streetwear style on the streets

How to have a Streetwear aesthetic on Instagram

In this world, it is very important to maintain a perfect Instagram account. Now, let’s discuss how to have a Streetwear Aesthetic on Instagram. 

Share your fashion style

When you decide to post something on Instagram, make sure that your followers will see your outfits in detail. You can also Blend fashion-focused shots with lifestyle content. Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your day, street-style photos, and close-ups of your favorite streetwear accessories. The Instagram community is obsessed with fashion, so your outfits will get a lot of engagement and likes.

Post on your story daily

If you want to be successful on Instagram, you must at least share your story daily. Your followers are interested in your updates, so you have to give them something to look at. For example, post your or your friend’s graffiti, and share videos of you reading rap or dancing to hip-hop. Instagram, as we as Streetwear Aesthetic, values talented people. 

Collaborate with others

Collaborate with similar streetwear enthusiasts or brands. Feature each other in your posts, participate in style challenges, and tag relevant accounts to expand your reach within the streetwear community. This way, you will become more popular and your style will be more famous in the Instagram community. 

Tips for Streetwear aesthetics on social media

Nowadays, social media platforms are very important in our daily lives. Platforms like TikTok Instagram, or Pinterest make your life more fun, as well as easier. If you have a Streetwear Aesthetic and want to be famous on social media, listen carefully:

Tips for Streetwear Aesthetics on TikTok

Keep up with TikTok trends and challenges. For example, create short, engaging videos showcasing your streetwear outfits, styling tips, or hauls. Use popular music sounds and effects to get more engagement. Experiment with outfit transformation videos. Start with a more casual look and transform it into a full streetwear ensemble, highlighting each piece along the way. Join and create TikTok challenges related to streetwear. Engaging with popular challenges can increase your visibility and connect you with a broader audience.

  • Hop on different trends
  • Share a lot of videos
  • Use viral sounds
  • Share your outfit videos
  • Do transitions
  • Share fashion tips and skills
  • Use filters and effects

Tips for Streetwear Aesthetics  on Instagram

As we’ve discussed before, your Instagram must be as perfect as your style. To get more engagement, you can engage with your audience through Instagram Stories and Reels. Share short clips of your streetwear looks, highlight favorite pieces, and take advantage of trending music and challenges. Use Instagram’s features like IGTV for longer-form content, IG Live for real-time interactions, and Instagram Shopping to tag and promote your favorite streetwear pieces.

  • Post daily
  • Upload your story
  • Share your outfits
  • Post outfit inspos
  • Use IGTV or share reels 
  • Promote your fashion style
  • Do collabs with influencers

Tips for Streetwear Aesthetics on Pinterest 

If you want to receive the desired engagement on Pinterest, you must take some basic and simple steps. Pin high-quality, visually appealing images. Always post crisp and clear photos that showcase the details of your streetwear looks or images that inspire your style. Pin high-quality, visually appealing images. The Pinterest community loves to take inspiration from you, so they will save your pictures and try to take a lot of advice from you. 

  • Post your outfits 
  • Share your fashion style
  • Post tips on how you dress
  • Share a lot of tips and guides
skaters, and young people with street styles

Which celebrities (or Influencers) have Streetwear Aesthetics? 

Nowadays, there are not a lot of celebrities with a Streetwear Aesthetic. However, most of the artists used to wear streetwear in the ‘90s. Here are the celebrities who used to have Streetwear Aesthetics:

  • Billie Eilish

Everybody knows who Billie Eilish is. If you listen to her music you will know, that she has a very calming voice. However, her style is not as close as her voice. She has a Streetwear Fashion Style. Most of the time, Billie wears oversized shorts, pants, hoodies, or T-shirts. She is a girl rocking this style from boots to the top.

  • Eminem

If you are a fan of the hip-hop culture, Eminem must be your idos. If we look at Eminem’s style, we can proudly say that he has a streetwear aesthetic. This artist never cares what the occasion is, he will wear his favorite baggy jeans, and a baggy hoodie, and still be the most handsome artist in the hall. 

billie eilish’s streetwear style 

Brands associated with Streetwear Aesthetic

People who dress in streetwear most likely tend to shop at second-hand stores or thrift their clothes. Nowadays, there are very few brands that offer you a true streetwear fashion outfit. However, in the last period, Balenciaga has acknowledged Streetwear and styled some oversized clothes. You can always go to the Balenciaga store and purchase the oversize items. Here are the brands associated with this aesthetic:

Conclusion: Is Streetwear aesthetic for you? 

Now, you can proudly say that you know everything about the Streetwear fashion style. If you are very talented, love to listen to hip-hop, and do not care what others say about you, this style is the most suitable for you. 

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