Clean Girl Aesthetics on Instagram: The Define Guide

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Last Updated: Apr 1, 2024

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Nowadays, social media has changed the perspective of the world. In modern society, many people have different senses of style. 

Some people tend to dress modestly, and some of them want to dress like it’s 2010s. 

Today, I want to talk about one of the most common styles, the “Clean Girl Aesthetic”.

What is a Clean Girl Aesthetic?

Clean Girl Aesthetic is based on a minimalist approach and a natural beauty. 

The girls following a clean girl aesthetic tend to have a “no-makeup makeup look”. They try to show their natural beauty. 

Clean Girl aesthetic followers never use colorful or vulgar makeup, they keep their nails short and soft in color.

Clean Girl Aesthetic is a style that is followed by many young girls, as well as women. If you research a clean girl aesthetic, you will see a lot of females dressing in the same way and doing a lot of skincare.

Girls with a clean girl aesthetic often dress in very expensive fashion brands, like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Ralph Lauren, and others. However, you don’t have to worry, because it is not necessary to dress very rich. 

The main goal is to look rich, not to be one. 

Hailey Bieber's clean girl aesthetic.

Well, let’s discuss what type of people have a clean-girl aesthetic. If you have Instagram, TikTok, or Pinterest, you can see many girls dressed in a clean girl aesthetic. Most of them look very rich, old-money, clean, and elite. 

The main goal of this style is to look very modestly like you own the whole world. 

Girls who look in a clean-girl aesthetic way are most likely to be called fashionable. However, their goal is to look very chic and basic at the same time. 

If you see the clean girl aesthetic pictures, most of the girls are very beautiful not because of their looks but because they are not trying so hard. 

What Type of People Have a Clean Girl Aesthetic?

The main idea of a clean girl aesthetic is to be very soft and modern. Girls with a clean girl aesthetic will never wear vulgar dresses, put on tons of glitter, or very long, fake eyelashes. Clean girl aesthetic followers show their calmness, kindness, and support with their looks. 

They look like real-life ballerinas.

Types of clean girls OOTD.

Where Did a Clean Girl Aesthetic Come From?

In my opinion, a clean girl aesthetic has existed for a long time, but TikTok made it more famous. 

Little girls learned how to dress in a clean girl aesthetic style from TikTokers. 

Moreover, a lot of fashion influencers follow a clean girl aesthetic style and they post their pieces of advice on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok.

During the quarantine, people were sitting at home and had nothing to do. So, famous influencers decided to blog their routines every day. Because they had nowhere to go during quarantine, their make-up and looks looked very natural and ‘basic.’ After the quarantine ended, girls noticed that these basic looks were giving off more and more energy. 

This way, a clean girl aesthetic has become more and more famous. 

Moreover, the clean girl aesthetic suits every type of girl, because promoting your natural beauty is very rare nowadays. With a natural look, you can have a clean girl aesthetic and achieve a lot of compliments from people. 

Clean girldetails.

What Is the Clean Girl Aesthetic Personality?

The clean girl aesthetic itself promotes kindness, softness, shyness, and everything kind and positive a girl can have — and that’s one of the ways to get real followers for instagram.

The clean girl aesthetic followers try to be very supportive of other women. Moreover, they always try to give others some advice and share their thoughts. 

The clean girl aesthetic is based on natural beauty and kindness. Girls with clean girl aesthetics are soft with looks, as well as personality. 

However, do not think that his type of girl is very unproblematic and forgets everything. If somebody is being abused, this type of soft, kind girlie can destroy the abuser. 

In my opinion, girls with a clean girl aesthetic are as natural and beautiful as they show themselves. Nowadays, not many girls are taught that natural beauty is essential. So, with a clean girl aesthetic, girls can believe that “no effort is still an effort.” 

Even without a ton of makeup, they can still have an aesthetic.

Clean girl aesthetic sports and classy outfits. 

How To Achieve the Clean Girl Aesthetic?

Having a clean girl aesthetic is not hard, but it’s not very easy as well. If you are looking forward to being the most desired girl nowadays, listen carefully. 

So, how to achieve a clean girl aesthetic:

Show Your Natural Beauty

The most important thing in a clean girl’s aesthetic look is to look very natural. 

The girls with this aesthetic use minimal makeup. Remember, having dark eyes, long, fake eyelashes, and a lot of makeup is a big no. You must use minimal foundation, a bit of mascara, blush, lip oils, and short nails. 

Nail Style

Girls with a clean girl aesthetic often have very light-coloured nails. For example, white, chrome nails are very beautiful if you have a clean girl aesthetic. 

However, I am not saying that girls with a clean girl aesthetic never have colorful nails. You must choose very basic, short styles for your nails if you are a clean girl’s aesthetic girlie.

Dress Modestly

Clean girl aesthetic requires you to dress very minimally, however very modestly and stylishly. For example, wearing a Ralph Lauren Polo is very popular in this style. 

Girls with a clean girl aesthetic love to dress classically. You will never see a girl with a clean girl aesthetic wearing vulgar dresses, with high heels and dark makeup. 

How to dress like a clean girl?

First things first, throw away the vulgar dresses, ripped jeans, or very short tops. 

Your goal is to look very classical and modern. For example, wearing light cloth pants, with a polo shirt, is essential. Girls with a clean girl aesthetic often wear ballet flats, Adidas Sambas, or very soft sneakers.

Be Very Kind and Supportive

No matter what you are wearing, remember that you can never be a clean girl if you are rude, cuss a lot, get into fights, and make fun of other people’s styles. 

Girls with a clean girl aesthetic love to love, love to support, and show kindness. 

How To Have a Clean Girl Aesthetic on Instagram

Clean girl aesthetic clothes and furniture. 

Once you have achieved your desired style, it is time to show it to social media. Clean girl aesthetic girlies have a beautiful Instagram feed. 

Let’s discuss how to achieve a clean girl aesthetic feed: 

Have a Minimalistic Instagram Account

Girls with a clean girl aesthetic never post too many stories, posts, or Instagram reels. My advice is, to keep your life private and post only on special occasions. 

The main goal is to show people that you have a life besides Instagram, leaving them with a little topic to talk about your life. 

Think about your username and bio

To have a clean girl aesthetic Instagram feed, you must listen to our advice. 

First things first, always have your real name as your username. Clean girls don’t like to have usernames like “bloody-mary” or “a real clean girl.” To be more minimalistic and real, have your real name as a username. 

Moreover, never write a lot of things in your bio. You can put your favorite thoughts or words from your favorite book. 

However, never fill your bio with a lot of emojis or facts, such as your work, university, or your foot size. 

Post Minimalistic Stories

Stories are very important for your Instagram feed. Upload the stories that show your clean girl aesthetic well. 

For example, post your breakfast, your gym pictures, a book you are reading, or more. It is very important to have stories that show how interesting and perfect your life is. Moreover, don’t forget to add your favorite stories to the highlights. 

Upload Posts

Model taking pic for clean girl feed on Insta.

Girls with a clean girl aesthetic always upload very beautiful, natural, and high-quality photos. You can post a selfie or show your looks in your posts as well.

 Most of the girls with a clean girl aesthetic love to upload very aesthetically approved posts. The colours in your feed are necessary to be very aesthetically proven and stylish. 

Tips for Clean Girl Aesthetics on Social Media

Girl wearing a clean girl outfit. 

Clean girl aesthetic is very popular in social media

As you can see, people love to look at girls with a clean girl aesthetic. A lot of teenagers watch how the girls with a clean girl aesthetic get ready and put on makeup, and they listen to their advice. 

Tips for Clean Girl Aesthetics on TikTok

If you want to have a clean girl aesthetic on TikTok, listen carefully. 

My advice is always to record your outfit before you leave the house. Clean girls often film “get ready with me” videos and achieve a lot of views. Moreover, filming “A Day with me” is also not a bad idea. 

Always try to be very natural and real in your TikTok videos; that’s what people love. 

  • Film “Get Ready with Me” videos
  • Film “A Day with Me” videos
  • Post your outfits for a day

Tips for Clean Girl Aesthetics on Instagram

To have a clean girl aesthetic on Instagram, remember to share your Instagram stories daily. Begin your day by taking a picture of your breakfast and posting the stories with smart and motivational quotes. 

Moreover, remember to support other Instagram accounts as well. To be kinder, try to reply to messages from the fans as well. 

  • Post stories and pictures
  • Share motivational quotes
  • Share love and support

Tips for Clean Girl Aesthetics on Pinterest 

If you are active on Pinterest, this advice is for you. Most of the girls are looking for the clean girl aesthetic style on Pinterest. They are looking for outfit inspiration, makeup guides, and other advice. 

This way, you must post your looks and advice on Pinterest. 

Remember that little girls are looking forward to having a style like yours! 

  • Post an outfit inspiration
  • Share makeup ideas
  • Give others’ advice
Girls with clean girl hairstyles. 

In conclusion, to have a clean girl aesthetic style on social media, you don’t have to change your personality. Clean girl aesthetic requires you to be real to yourself, as well as others. Love yourself, take pictures, post them, take videos, and show other people how beautiful and perfect you are. 

Remember, that social media is like a mirror; you should be you. 

  • Be real to yourself and others
  • Show love to yourself and others
  • Take videos, stories, and posts
  • Know that you are beautiful

Which Celebrities (or Influencers) Have Clean Girl Aesthetics?

There are a lot of celebrities and influencers with a clean-girl aesthetic. But, let’s discuss the main ones. 

Sofia Richie Grainge

Sophia Richie in a wedding dress.

Most of the girls on TikTok call her an icon. 

Sofia Richie has a real, clean-girl aesthetic. Her hairstyle, nails, makeup, and looks are the goal of every girl with a clean girl aesthetic. 

Moreover, Sofia Richie is active on social media as well, so you can see her posts and get Inspiration. 

Hailey Bieber 

Hailey supports natural looks, she likes to show off her natural beauty with looks and makeup styles. Hailey Bieber often posts pictures in the gym, gives advice, and begins her day with a healthy, beautiful breakfast. 

Brands Associated With Clean Girl Aesthetic

As I’ve mentioned before, there are a lot of brands associated with a clean girl aesthetic. Remember, that vulgar and strange style is a no for us. 

Girls with a clean girl aesthetic must have U.S Polos, Ralph Lauren Polos, Chanel dresses, Louis Vuitton bags, and fashionably approved designer designs. However, how you dress is more important than what you are dressed in. 

You can be a girl with a clean girl aesthetic and still wear a brand nobody’s heard of. 

  • Ralph Lauren
  • Chanel
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Prada

Conclusion: Is a Clean Girl Aesthetic for You?

So, now you know what girlies with a clean girl aesthetic are like. 

They are very natural, beautiful, soft, kind, respectful and supportive. If you want to be a girl with a perfect life, a healthy lifestyle, and a great reputation, a clean girl aesthetic is for you. Remember that no matter if you have a clean girl aesthetic or not, it is important to be kind to others. 

Your beauty is hidden in your personality, not your looks!

Louis Vuitton shop gallery.

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