Barbiecore aesthetic on Instagram: The Definite guide

Barbiecore aesthetic on social media
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Last Updated: Apr 1, 2024

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Nowadays there are a lot of different styles and aesthetics. In the modern world, you can follow a certain aesthetic or make a new one. Today, we plan to discuss the Barbiecore aesthetic and how to achieve it easily. Now, let’s get started!

What is a Barbiecore Aesthetic?

Barbiecore is a fashion trend that evolves around the colour pink. Nowadays, the Barbicore aesthetic has been becoming more and more popular. This style is very feminine, adorable, and for some reason, fun as well. 

The Barbiecore trend is inspired by the Mattel toy Barbie. People who hop on this trend want to look exactly like Barbie Dolls. moreover, this aesthetic is not only about the looks. You can style your house with the Barbiecore aesthetics as well. 

What type of people have a Barbiecore aesthetic?

The Barbiecore aesthetic is more popular among girls and feminine people. There are a lot of LGBTQ+ community members who love to follow Barbiecore aesthetics. Moreover, this fashion style does not care about your gender, sexuality, or any other factors. If you want to be a part of the Barbiecore, you can become one whenever you want.

The Barbiecore aesthetic gives people a lot of positive energy and vibes. People following trends such as Barbiecore aesthetics are very joyful in real life. Moreover, with the Barbiecore aesthetics, it is very easy to gain engagement on social media as well. 

Barbiecore aestetic detailes

Where did a Barbiecore aesthetic come from?

The Barbiecore aesthetic has been present for a while now. It all started when Mattel produced its first typical Barbie Doll. This Barbie doll has blond hair, a model figure, the perfect style, and a lot of different clothes. 

Before the Barbiecore trend became popular among Gen-Z, the millennials had different thoughts about it. A lot of girls had plastic surgeries to look like Barbie. However, nowadays it is not necessary to change your face or body to be a Barbiecore community member. All you have to do is have a great fashion style and be very positive and kind. 

What is the Barbiecore aesthetic personality?

Some of the people think that the Barbiecore girls are very rude. However, this is not true. The modern Barbies are very kind and respectful. The trend is all about the “Girls Support Girls” aesthetic. Followers of this subculture will never be disrespectful to other communities. These girls are just having fun, wearing the colour pink, and enjoying their fancy lives. 

The Barbiecore girlies look very fancy and rich. If you see a girl with this style, you will immediately think that she has been spending a lot of money on her looks. Moreover, the Barbiecore followers love to show others how fancy and powerful they are. 

Members of this subculture are most likely feminists. The Barbiecore supports and protects women from all over the world, no matter their style or fashion sense. This way, the Barbiecore community is a good choice to be in.

Barbiecore aesthetic looks, all pink.

How to achieve the Barbiecore Aesthetic?

If you want to have a Barbiecore aesthetic, this article is just for you. Now, grab your favourite pink drink, put on your favourite pink pyjamas, and we are about to begin. So, how to achieve the Barbiecore aesthetic? 

Have a confidence

Confidence is the key. If you want to have a Barbiecore aesthetic, you must be very confident and know how beautiful you are. The followers of this aesthetic always talk about their beauty, fashion sense, and abilities. The Barbiecore aesthetic does not require you to be shy at all. Moreover, the more confidence you show, the more powerful you seem.

Have your fashion sense

If you want to have a Barbiecore aesthetic, you must have a perfect style. The Barbiecore style is all about wearing everything pink. You must buy a lot of mini skirts, tops, cardigans, pants, and everything as long as it’s pink. Moreover, the Barbiecore aesthetic loves to wear fancy jewellery. 

What type of jewellery is the best?

There are a lot of different aesthetics of jewellery you can try on. However, the Barbiecore jewellery must be very fancy. The fancier you look, the more engagement you will receive. You can style different types of earrings, necklaces, rings, and hair jewellery as well. Take note, that the jewellery can be any colour you want. 

Take care of your beauty

The Barbiecore aesthetic teaches you to take care of your beauty. To look pretty and aesthetic, you must put a lot of effort into your expression. Buy many skincare products, go to the gym, eat healthy, and style your hair in many different styles. Don’t forget your daily affirmations and always remember how beautiful you are. 

Barbiecore aesthetic, scene from Barbie movie

How to have a Barbiecore aesthetic on Instagram

Once you have achieved your desired style, it is time to show it to the world. There are a lot of different fashion Instagram accounts that follow the Barbiecore aesthetics. Moreover, a lot of girls are so in love with the Barbie, that they will immediately become interested in your updates. 

Make your account pink

As you know, the main colour of the Barbie is pink. So, what does it mean to make your account look pink and glittery? Whenever you post pictures, try to have something pink on the background or as an outfit. This way, the pink colour will become the main feed colour. 

Post your outfits

If you want to have a lot of engagement on Instagram, you must become an inspiration for others. The Barbiecore aesthetic followers will be very interested in your outfits. Style your pink, glittery wardrobe in different ways and take many pictures. Your pictures can be very aesthetically pleasant if you try hard enough. Do not forget to smile, and show gratitude and love. 

Be very positive

To gain more engagement on Instagram, you must show a lot of love and positivity. For example, when you post a new story, apply a lot of colourful emojis to your picture. Moreover, you can write some positive thoughts and advice in the caption. You can also write some quotes on your bio, like “A Barbie Doll” or something similar.  

Barbiecore aesthetic Polaroid pictures


Tips for Barbiecore aesthetics on social media

The Barbiecore is very popular on Instagram and many other social media. There are a lot of Barbie girls on TikTok with a lot of engagement and fans. So, how to achieve popularity on social media as a Barbiecore follower?

Tips for Barbiecore aesthetics on TikTok

If you do research on TikTok about the Barbiecore aesthetic you will find a lot of different accounts. The TikTok platform loves to see your outfits and listen to your thoughts. Take some “Get Ready With Me” videos or hop on the “OOTD” trends. The “OOTD” trend means “Outfit Of The Day.” Once you get ready to leave the house, film your outfit, and post it, and you will see the engagement you will get. 

As a Barbiecore subculture member, you can also post tips about your skincare routine or your hairstyle. There are a lot of young girls who require your advice. Always remember, that a lot of people are interested in your style, so you should allow them to look out for you. 

  • Post “Get Ready With Me” videos
  • Post “OOTD” videos
  • Share some quotes
  • Share meaningful thoughts
  • Give a lot of advice 

Tips for Barbiecore Aesthetics on Instagram

Your Instagram account must be like your visit card. The more you post, the more accounts will follow you. Imagine the pink, glittery account you can build, with a lot of positivity, a boost of confidence, and lots of love. 

Moreover, you can share your favourite music on Instagram as well. For example, post a “Barbie Girl” song on your pink account once you post a story. This way, you will be closer to your Barbie dream style.

  • Post a lot of pictures
  • Post a lot of stories
  • Share your favourite music
  • Use a lot of colourful emojis
  • Be as positive as you can

Tips for Barbiecore Aesthetics on Pinterest

The Pinterest platform is all about sharing and taking inspiration. If you want to be popular on this platform, you must share every tip about your fashion sense and life. For example, once you take pictures of your outfits, choose the best ones and post them on Pinterest. Moreover, you can also share your skincare routine, hairstyle tips, gym suggestions, and everything you think people will be interested in. 

  • Show your outfits
  • Post advises 
  • Share tips

Which celebrities (or Influencers) have Barbiecore Aesthetics? 

The Barbiecore trend is very popular among influencers and celebrities. If you are a member of this subculture, you must remember the Barbie icon. Paris Hilton is the face of this trend.

  • Paris Hilton

Everybody knows who Paris Hilton is. Her life is as beautiful as the real Barbie’s. Paris is very fancy, her hairstyle is always perfect, and her jewellery is always made of diamonds. In one of her interviews, she said that the only thing she wished for Christmas was “A Pink Bentley”. If you want to be a true Barbie Girl, you must be like Paris Hilton.

  • Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie became a Barbie icon after the movie “Barbie”. She looks like a real-life Barbie, with her blond hair, beautiful smile, and perfect body. Margot Robbie gives off positive vibes as well, so the fans adore her. Compared to Paris Hilton, Margot is not so interested in diamonds and fancy life, but her life is still a dream come true.

Paris Hilton in her Barbiecore aesthetic

Brands associated with Barbiecore Aesthetic

There are a lot of different brands that support Barbiecore aesthetics. Remember, this fashion style is all about being fancy, so you must choose the brands you want to wear wisely. For example, if you know the Channel Pink Suit, it is the best for the Barbie girl. Chanel gives off an old-money Barbie vibe. 

Conclusion: Is Barbiecore aesthetic for you? 

So, if you are a person who loves a fancy life, wants to shine like a diamond, and always be at the centre of attention, the Barbiecore style is for you.  This subculture teaches you how to love yourself first, and then show this gratitude to others. 

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