Skater Girl aesthetic on Instagram: The Definite guide

skater girl aesthetic on instagram
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Published: Apr 16, 2024

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Nowadays there are a lot of aesthetics that suit every kind of person. Today, we will discuss a Skater Girl aesthetic and how to achieve it. This aesthetic stands out as the most dynamic and authentic expression of individuality.

skater girl aesthetic details

What is a Skater Girl Aesthetic?

The Skater Girl aesthetic emerged from the skateboarding culture, which values freedom, creativity, and an independent attitude. The Skater Girls have their own unique and extraordinary style. Moreover, their skills and talent for skateboarding are very important as well. The skateboarding culture requires them to do a lot of different tricks and be very extreme. 

The Skate Girl aesthetic embraces a lifestyle marked by a lot of streetwear. The fashion style of this subculture is very creative and unique. These types of girls choose their comfort overall, they try to wear clothes that are suitable for their skateboarding activities

What type of people have a Skater Girl aesthetic?

Skater Girls actively engage in skateboarding culture. They typically have a free and fearless spirit. They master tricks and explore urban spaces. Being a Skater Girl means being very persistent and overcoming a fear of doing new, sometimes dangerous, tricks. 

Many Skater Girls are also involved in creative pursuits. They have their own fashion style and artistic outlets. They express themselves creatively beyond skateboarding. 

Where did a Skater Girl aesthetic come from?

The Skateer Girl aesthetic has been popular since the day skateboarding was born. Since the 1980s, the Skater Girls have been actively promoting their style and lifestyle. Skater girls often feel a strong sense of community, that’s why they connect with fellow skaters and make their community wider. 

Nowadays, the Skater Girl aesthetic has become popular on social media. Some platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok promote the lifestyle of this subculture. These type of people share their passion for the sport and what it represents. 

girls crossing the street with skates with colorful styles

What is the Skater Girl’s aesthetic personality?

Most of the Skater Girls have their unique personality and fashion sense. These types of girls are very inclusive and independent. Learning to skateboard and navigate urban landscapes requires a degree of self-reliance. This subculture breaks down traditional barriers and shares a love for skateboarding. Some people think that this sport only suits boys, but the Skater Girls are breaking down these stereotypes. 

How to achieve the Skater Girl Aesthetic?

If you want to have a Skater Girl aesthetic, you have a lot to learn. Here are the tips on how to achieve the Skater Girl Aesthetic:

Learn how to skateboard

To suit this subculture, being a skater is the most important aspect. First things first, you must buy a good quality skateboard. Find a smooth and flat space for practice. It is important to avoid the areas with heavy traffic. In the skate parks, you can find people your age that will teach you how to skateboard as well. This way, you will become good at skateboarding and have some new friends with the same interests as you. It is important to have confidence in riding. You will fall, hurt yourself, and bleed, but the goal will be achieved. 

Become friends with the Skater people

It is very important to suit some groups of the Skaters. Most of the time, people from this subculture hang out in the skate parks. Be very friendly, talk with them, ask them to teach you some tricks and show them your skills as well. You need to be a part of the skater friend groups to proudly say that you are a Skater Girl. Do not be afraid if some people are rude to you. Most of the skater guys will support you.

Have a unique fashion style

The Skater Girls choose to wear comfortable, layered streetwear. They embrace oversized graphic tees, hoodies, distressed denim, and comfortable sneakers. Sneakers are very important in skateboarding. Most of the Skater Girls wear brands like Vans or Converse. Make sure that your clothes are always on point and make your life more comfortable for skating.

skaters style, wearing baggy jeans, adidas and vans sneakers 

How to have a Skater Girl aesthetic on Instagram

The Skater Girls maintain very aesthetically pleasant social media platforms. Their Instagram is full of skateboarding videos, selfies, stories of partying, and many more. Let’s discuss the Skater Girl Instagram in detail: 

Post skateboarding videos

If you want to show others how you skateboard, it is important to upload a lot of videos. Post Instagram reels of you or your friends skateboarding. Moreover, you can always teach beginners how to do some tricks and flips. This way, your Instagram account will be very encouraging and motivating as well. 

Show your outfits

The Skater Girl fashion style is unique and also popular among the younger generations. Whenever you go out for skating, take some mirror selfies or pictures of your outfit. Make sure that you wear different clothes in every post. Moreover, you can post some pictures or videos on your story as well. Just imagine how much engagement your posts will have when you are wearing a fire outfit while skating. 

Add music to your stories

To look more extraordinary, you can add music to your stories. This will make your style more complete. The Skater Girls love different types of music, so every one of them is unique in its way. For example, some people from this subculture promote local bands. By posting your friend’s bands, you can help them receive an engagement as well. 

skaters sitting in the skater park

Tips for Skater Girl aesthetics on social media

The Skater Girl aesthetic is very popular on Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest. You have an opportunity to be popular and cool on every platform of social media. So, here are some tips for social media:

Tips for Skater Girl Aesthetics on TikTok

There are a lot of skaters going viral on TikTok. For more engagement, you have to post videos daily. Try to choose the sounds that are already viral and post your skateboarding videos on them. Moreover, you can teach others some tricks on TikTok and add a voiceover of you explaining them. The TikTok community is obsessed with fashion, so it is your time to shine. Post your outfits, and hop on the “Get Ready With Me” trends. The TikTok platform is your way to people’s hearts. 

  • Post videos daily
  • Post skateboarding videos
  • Upload your outfits
  • Participate in different challenges
  • Record “Get Ready With Me” videos
  • Share tips on skateboarding
  • Become a motivator

Tips for Skater Girl Aesthetics on Instagram

As we’ve discussed before, it is important to have a very cool Instagram feed. Whenever you upload a post, make sure that the colours are very aesthetically pleasant and promote your fashion style. Do not be shy; always be confident. Share your outfit inspirations and tips on how you style your clothes. Remember, that the main aspect of your style is skateboarding. Even if you fail, post videos of you doing the tricks and how you learn them. 

  • Post skateboarding reels
  • Promote your style
  • Do collaborations with local brands
  • Share music on your story
  • Promote local musical bands
  • Be very confident

Tips for Skater Girl Aesthetics on Pinterest 

Pinterest is a great source to learn something or find your favourite hobbies. This way, you can promote skateboarding and show others how great this port is. A lot of girls use Pinterest to find outfit inspos. Post your outfits daily, and make sure that your clothes are seen. Moreover, you can upload pictures of step-by-step guides on some skateboarding tricks. There are a lot of people like you that need guidance on this lifestyle. 

  • Be an inspiration
  • Become a motivator
  • Share your outfits
  • Post step-by-step guides on skateboarding 
skaters with their skateboards

Which celebrities (or Influencers) have Skater Girl Aesthetics? 

A lot of celebrities used to skateboard in their teenage years. However, some of them still promote this style and show younger generations that skateboarding is not dead. Here are some celebrities that have a skater-girl style:

  • Avril Lavigne

Everybody knows the song “Skater Girl” by Avril Lavigne. This song is a masterpiece for the Skater Girls. Avril Lavigne broke down the stereotype that the “ballerina” type of girl will always win the hearts of boys. The Skater Girls have great potential to be seen. If you are a Skater Girl and have not found your style yet, try to dress like Avril Lavigne, because she is an idol.

  • Leticia Bufoni

Not many know who Leticia Bufoni is. She is a professional skateboarder and a winner of the gold medal in skateboarding. Besides her skateboarding skills, Leticia has a unique style. Her colourful hair, a lot of tattoos, and urban fashion style are what make her an idol. A lot of Skater Girls dream of becoming like her.  

Brands associated with Skater Girl Aesthetic

Always remember that the Skater Girl aesthetic is all about comfort. Some people call the Skater Girls “tomboys” as well. The main reason for this is that they often wear pants and baggy clothes because of their lifestyle. Here are the most suitable brands for the Skater Girl aesthetic:

Conclusion: Is a Skater Girl aesthetic for you? 

If you are in love with skateboarding you can already become a Skater Girl. Your unique fashion style, personality, and incredible skills are what define you as a Skater Girl. the community is waiting for you so grab your skateboard and make your dreams come true. 

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