Simplygram 2023 Review: Is It Better Than Kicksta?

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Last Updated: Aug 8, 2023

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Growing followers for Instagram is not what you’d call a walk in the park.

You need to invest a lot of time, effort, and resources.

Whether you want to supercharge your growth or you’re just getting started with Instagram, investing in Instagram growth tools like Kicksta and SimplyGram can help you reach your goals. 

Kicksta is a powerful growth tool that helps you get real organic Instagram growth without spam, bots, or fake followers.

Another similar Instagram growth service that has risen recently is SimplyGram, which allows users to gain followers organically with the “Mother-Child Method.” 

This article will take a closer look at these two Instagram growth tools and find out which platform, Kicksta or SimplyGram, is better for your business.

Beyond that, however, this read will help you choose which platform you’ll want to use to strengthen your Instagram marketing strategies. 

Overview Of Two Top Instagram Growth Services

SimplyGram and Kicksta are both Instagram growth services and capitalize on growing your following organically and safely.

As your Instagram followers increase, so does your online reputation.

Although SimplyGram and Kicksta have similar goal, they differ in terms of growth strategy.

About SimplyGram 

SimplyGram claims to provide up to 5,000 new followers every month.

It’s one of the services in the market that grows your Instagram account with a dedicated account manager and AI technology that identifies what demographic will most likely engage with your page. SimplyGram sets up user accounts that send DMs to potential followers via AI technology.

simplygram homepage screenshot

SimplyGram will send DMs to hundreds of people per day through the Instagram accounts they set up on your behalf.

Depending on the package chosen, you can set up an army of Instagram accounts that sends traffic to your account.

One con about this, however, is that by having 25-100 accounts sending messages on your behalf, it may appear spammy and potentially hurt your brand’s reputation.

Having these accounts DM for you may speed up the growth process, however, there’s a risk of it getting you in trouble with Instagram and turning people off from your account.

About Kicksta

Kicksta is a powerful Instagram growth service, designed to help companies and influencers boost their presence on social media and attract more authentic followers.

With more than 8 years of experience in the social industry, Kicksta has earned a reputation as a reliable solution for automating Instagram growth. The company has helped more than 100,000 clients reach a broader online audience, with AI-powered technology, enhanced targeting features, and proven strategies for boosting engagement.

kicksta new homepage

The company offers everything from account, hashtag, and location-based targeting on every plan, to intelligent analytics and insights to help guide your growth. Plus, on certain plans, customers can access gender filtering, welcome DMs, story likes, targeting suggestions, and more.

Rather than sending endless messages to potential customers (which could be perceived as spam), Kicksta uses automated follow/unfollow and like-after-following strategies, to drive customers back to your Instagram profile, and preserve your online reputation.

Main Selling Points

On Instagram, the more followers you have, the more engagement your content receives.

SimplyGram and Kicksta have specific ways of attracting more followers to your brand. 

SimplyGram Main Selling Points

SimplyGram promises users a straightforward way to generate Instagram growth. The company uses AI-powered technology and automation, to increase engagement, and deliver:

  • Rapid audience growth
  • Automated engagement (likes and commenting)
  • Intelligent tools with patented algorithms
  • Hashtag and account targeting
  • Competitor filtering
  • 1-1 consulting
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Compliance with Instagram terms of service
  • Bank-level security
features of Simplygram

Kicksta Main Selling Points

Similar to SimplyGram, Kicksta offers a simple service with no need for any downloads or complicated software management. The company specializes in true organic growth, and offers access to benefits like:

  • Organic, targeted and real followers
  • Automatic whitelisting options
  • Influencer and Competitor targeting
  • Account, Hashtag, and Location targeting
  • A comprehensive analytics dashboard
  • Proven follow/unfollow and life-after-follow techniques
  • 24/7 support on all plans
  • No contracts (cancel at any time)
  • Intelligent targeting recommendations on some plans
  • Bonus engagement options on some plans (such as Story Likes and welcome DMs)

Plus, users of Kicksta’s Ultimate plan can even gain access to Kicksta’s exclusive InfluenceGrid service, to increase their access to diversified audiences with a wide range of micro influencers.

how it works Kicksta

Growth Process

Generally, Instagram growth tools help you get real followers that are relevant to your brand.

But understanding how the growth happens is helpful in knowing which tool matches your marketing strategy. 

SimplyGram Growth Process

SimplyGram grows your Instagram account using the Mother/Child method.

The first thing you’d need to provide is a few Instagram accounts and hashtags with followers you want to attract.

After that, a dedicated account manager goes to work, and the Mother/Child method begins. 

SimplyGram will set up anywhere from 250-100 Instagram accounts on your behalf.

These accounts will DM hundreds of people per day with a message similar to this: “Hi! Thanks for checking out my page. Please visit my other page @username for more great content!” Like we mentioned earlier, having this many accounts sending messages to strangers may come across as spammy.

Plus, those messages could sit in a person’s “Requests” for a long time before they see it. There’s no guarantee it’ll reach the person on the other end, even though Simplygram guarantees 5,000 new followers each month. Simplygram reviews have complained about the lack of real engagement they received from this method, with most new followers being profiles that either weren’t real or weren’t active.

Kicksta Growth Process

Kicksta takes a proven approach to Instagram growth, using AI, automation, and high-level targeting features. Once you sign up for an account, you’ll be asked to provide target accounts (such as competitor or influencer accounts) with fans you’d like to reach for your own Instagram profile.

Kicksta’s intelligent tools then connect with the accounts following these other users on your behalf, following and unfollowing potential fans, and “liking” their photos after following to encourage them to return to your profile.

kicksta targeting 2023

The company also offers a range of ways to boost your chances of reaching the right audience, depending on your plan. Some packages come with access to targeting suggestions and gender filtering options, as well as Welcome DMs and Story Likes.

Plus, the InfluenceGrid services on the “Ultimate” plan provide access to a guaranteed 2,000 followers per month, leveraging the services of Kicksta’s powerful micro-influencer network.


Kicksta logo

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SimplyGram and Kicksta allow you to reach the right audience without breaking a sweat from your end with their distinct features. 

SimplyGram Features

SimplyGram boosts Instagram followers with features that include a proprietary optimization engine called IntelliBoost, one-on-one consulting, AI-powered optimization, 24/7 support, and blanket-level security.

SimplyGram reviews specify that the growth tool focuses attention on interacting with targeted potential Instagram followers through hashtag and account targeting. 

Intelliboost Simplygram photo

Kicksta Features

The features of Kicksta are designed to make growing your Instagram account faster and easier. Not only does the company have its own smart targeting algorithm, but it also uses state-of-the-art automation, to help you engage with followers at speed.

The platform features extensive targeting options, covering hashtag, account, and location targeting, as well as influencer and competitor targeting. Teams can access whitelisting and blacklisting tools, clean home feed options, an analytics dashboard, and more.

Plus, depending on your plan, you’ll be able to unlock a range of other bonus features, such as story likes and welcome DMs, AI-driven targeting suggestions, micro-influencer networks, and VIP email support, in case you have any issues with your service.

Reporting And Statistics

In any marketing campaign or strategy, monitoring metrics, analyzing data analytics and statistics, and generating reports are essential for Instagram success. 

Simplygram Reporting And Statistics

While Simplygram does have a personal account manager to help with strategy, there is no dashboard or method of analyzing data or monitoring metrics after signing up with the platform.

Besides looking at Instagram analytics, there isn’t really a way to track growth while using the company.

Kicksta Reporting And Statistics

Designed for beginners, Kicksta’s dashboard doesn’t require you to have any analytical expertise. Included in all plans, the dashboard makes it easy to track your progress toward any growth goals you might have. You’ll be able to see your overall monthly account growth, as well as any followers you’ve gained in the last 7 or 30 days.

kicksta dashboard

The dashboard also includes insights into which accounts you’re targeting, and the “follow back rate” each account offers. This means you can alter your targets at any time based on their performance. Plus, you can visualize your growth over time with charts, and monitor your number of posts.


Choosing between two growth tools usually boils down to pricing and plan features.

Depending on your budget, SimplyGram and Kicksta offer various plans that can help amplify your marketing strategy.  

Simplygram Pricing

SimplyGram features three plans: Individual ($69 weekly), Influencer ($99 weekly), and Pro ($199 weekly).

The Individual designed for personal accounts assures 40 Instagram accounts sending you traffic.

The Influencer plan is for accelerated growth design for upcoming businesses and influencers and allows up to 80 Instagram accounts to send you traffic. The Pro plan promises the fastest growth rate with up to 200 Instagram accounts.

All three plans come with a 3-day trial period. 

Simplygram pricing photo

Kicksta Pricing

Kicksta’s plans are pretty straightforward and easy to understand. All plans come with access to 24/7 chat support, as well as key features like account and influencer targeting, analytics dashboards, and whitelisting and blacklisting options.

new kicksta pricing

Plus, there are no long-term contracts on any plan, so you can cancel at any time if you feel the service isn’t working for you. The options include:

  • The Starter Plan: Kicksta’s Starter plan costs $69 per month and comes with standard growth speed, influencer, and competitor targeting, as well as hashtag, location, and account targeting. You’ll be able to use Kicksta’s follow/unfollow and like-after-following methods, as well as the company’s whitelisting and blacklisting tools, and analytics dashboard.
  • The Advanced Plan: Available for $129 per month, Kicksta’s Advanced plan covers everything you get in the Starter package, as well as a medium level of growth speed. You also get story liking and welcome DM options, gender filtering capabilities, AI targeting suggestions, and VIP email support from the Kicksta team.
  • The Ultimate Plan: Kicksta’s Ultimate plan for $219 per month includes all of the features of the Advanced plan, as well as maximum growth speed, and a few bonus features. This package comes with access to Kicksta’s InfluenceGrid network of micro-influencers, ensuring you’ll gain at least 2,000 new followers each month.
Kicksta logo

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Customer Service

Good customer service is important in marketing success.

This is why it’s necessary to determine how customer service and success are experienced in SimplyGram and Kicksta.  

Simplygram Customer Service

SimplyGram reviews are mixed when it comes to customer service: Some said that they make themselves available 24/7 for any need that arises, while others complained of gaining followers who were fake bots, and had no real help resolving the issues.

Others complained of a lack of friendliness from the support team and being charged during the free trial period despite canceling in time. Some were even double-charged and never received their money back.

Kicksta Customer Service

Kicksta is fully committed to excellent customer service, offering 24/7 chat support on every plan. If you upgrade to the Advanced or Ultimate plan, you’ll also get AI-driven targeting suggestions and VIP-level email support from the customer service team.

No matter which plan you choose, you can rest assured Kicksta will be on-hand to answer any questions you might have about your service, or address any issues as quickly as possible.

Kicksta vs. SimplyGram: Boosting Social Influence Through Organic Growth 

Kicksta and SimplyGram both claim to capitalize on organic growth as an effective way to grow Instagram followers.

However, it’s worth noting that SimplyGram’s growth methods may be seen as spammy and disruptive by some Instagram users. SimplyGram sends endless messages to customers, and comments on posts, while Kicksta uses proven tactics like follow-unfollow and like-after-following.

What’s more, Kicksta has unique features to offer, like its micro-influencer network, advanced targeting solutions, and excellent analytical dashboard.

If you’re looking for quick growth in terms of numbers, and aren’t worried about coming across as spammy, Simplygram may be the best bet.

If you’re looking for real traffic that generates new leads for your business, focusing on genuine growth, then Kicksta is the best option for you.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to get growing!

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