14 Top Instagram Video Downloaders (2022 List)

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Last Updated: Jun 8, 2022

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An Instagram video downloader is a must-have tool for today’s true Instagram fans.

With these handy tools, you can download the videos you love from your Instagram feed, making it easier to re-watch them later, repost content (with permission), and gather inspiration.

Today, Instagram continues to be one of the most popular tools in the world for sharing visual content. Every day, the platform sees a new avalanche of content in the form of Instagram Reels, IGTV videos, clips, photos, and Stories. Unfortunately, saving the creations you love isn’t always easy. That’s why Instagram video downloaders exist.

Today, we’re going to explore 14 of the top Instagram downloader apps on the market.

Remember, before you do anything, it’s worth checking out Instagram’s policies regarding copyright and content reposting. Sharing content without the original poster’s position can get you into some serious trouble.

14 Top Instagram Video Downloaders

There are plenty of Instagram video downloaders out there capable of giving you quick and easy access to Instagram content. Some focus completely on videos, while others give you access to extra tools, like image downloads.

1.  Bigbangram

Bigbangram is a collection of social media tools intended to help you accelerate your growth on various platforms. Alongside your Instagram downloader, you also get tools for downloading content from Facebook and Twitter. Other features of the platform include:

·         A direct messenger for connecting with contacts

·         An Instagram bot

·         Post scheduling

·         Font and hashtag generator tools

·         Auto unfollowing

Bigbangram instagram video downloader

The downloader is extremely easy to use. Just open the application on your phone and visit your Instagram account to copy/paste the URL of the video you want to download into the search bar. You can even bulk download all video content from a profile at once.

2.  iGram

iGram is a simple and effective tool for downloading Instagram content. You can download both videos and photos in the same place, and access IGTV content if you want to view it later. The technology works on any mobile, tablet, or computer.

iGram Instagram downloader

To use iGram, all you need to do is log into Instagram and find the URL for the content you want to download. Paste the link into the “Download” bar and click the button to immediately download your video. Make sure you check how much space you have on your device before downloading. iGram does give you the option to choose which quality you want, so you can save space that way.

3.  Inflact

Inflact offers an Instagram video downloader as part of a comprehensive social media management toolkit for Instagram. The full portfolio of products comes with access to chatbots and auto-replies, targeted bulk DMs, CRM functionality for managing customer connections, and an advanced “Direct Messaging” manager.

Inflact downloader

Aside from downloading videos, you can also access smart targeting, growth analytics, influencer search tools, and a profile analyzer. There’s also the option to check hashtag trends, generate hashtags, and schedule your posts to publish at the perfect time.

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4.  Video Downloader For Instagram

Available on the Google Play Store, Video Downloader for Instagram is a simple tool for downloading Instagram stories, posts, highlights, Reels, IGTV, and more. The application is completely free to use, and you get to choose the quality you want for your video or photos too. You can copy tags and repost the content you’ve collected on Instagram instantly, too.

The app is super easy to use. After you’ve downloaded it from the Google Play store, you just visit the video you want to download and click the “Share To” option. From there, you can share the link straight to the downloader. Once you’ve downloaded the content, there’s an option for one-click reposting, too.

5.  IGDownloader

This Instagram downloader service supports users in downloading all kinds of Instagram content as quickly and conveniently as possible. You can immediately access photos videos, profile information, IGTV content, and Reels, all on the same platform.

IG downloader tool

Like many of the top Instagram video downloader options, IGDownloader works by asking you to copy/paste the URL for the content you want into a search bar. Once you’ve downloaded your content, you can save it to any device.

6.  Insta Offline

Another top Instagram video downloader, Insta Offline ensures you can download all of the content you love from Instagram with a couple of clicks. You simply copy the URL of the video you want to save into the download bar and hit the button underneath.

Insta offline downloader

Alongside a video downloader, you also get access to an Instagram downloader for Reels and Carousels, there’s even a “private Instagram downloader,” where you can access private Instagram videos and content, though we’re not sure how well this works.

7.  Save Instagram

An Instagram video downloader compatible with all kinds of iPhone, Mac, Windows, and Android devices, Save Instagram is a quick and easy way to preserve the Instagram content you love. The app offers quick and easy access to Instagram photos, as well as Reels, standard videos, and Instagram Stories. You can also download videos in full 4K quality, which is great for when you want to share user-generated content with your followers.

save instagram video downloader

The Save-Insta site works like many Instagram downloaders. You copy the link for the content you want into a bar and hit the download button. From there, you’ll be able to choose your preferred video quality. There’s also a “profile download” option available from this website, too.

8.  IVSaver

Built specifically for Instagram Reels, IVSaver is a convenient app for your smartphone. This free-to-use service allows you to immediately download reels by copy/pasting the URL for the Reel you want into the application. You can access the videos you collect in IVSaver and repost them (with the permission of the creator) at your leisure.

IVSaver for Instagram

The IVSaver experience is simple and straightforward, plus you get the added benefit of a lightweight app, which shouldn’t take up too much space on your phone, depending on how many videos you want to download and save.

9. GramSave

With GramSave, users can quickly and easily download any video they like from Instagram with a couple of clicks. All you need to do is download the app, or go to the Gram Save app, and open the Instagram video you want to download in another tab. Copy the link into the search box and click on the download button.


If you’re new to downloading videos on Instagram, GramSave also has some handy guides on how to make the most of your video content.

10. Keeppost

Keeppost, previously known as DownloadGram, is a web-based Instagram video downloader that allows users to download videos as high-quality files. The website is pretty simple, with just one search bar where you’ll enter the URL of the video you want to download.

KeepPost Instagram

Keeppost does have a few ads attached to it, so you might find that hitting the download button causes another tab to open. You can just ignore that tab and return to the download tool.

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11. W3Toys

W3Toys is an online platform that enables Instagram fans to download videos and photos in a matter of seconds. You can store the content you save in your smartphone or computer libraries, and there’s nothing to pay for the service.

Like most Instagram downloader tools, you’ll enter your video URL into the search bar and download your files in high-quality MP4 format. You might need to scroll past an ad to get to your video downloads, but that’s it.

12. Regrann

Regrann is an application for Instagram designed to help you repost content from your influencers and followers. If you’ve ever had trouble downloading and posting user-generated content, Regrann is sure to be helpful. The technology even removes watermarks from images and videos.


Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can log into Instagram and click the three dots on the video to copy the Share URL of your video. Regrann will activate and give you the option to save the post or post it straight to your Instagram feed.

13. Leawo Video Downloader

Leawo is an HD video downloader that allows users to download videos, music, and content from thousands of sites around the web. This paid service doesn’t just give you access to Instagram videos, it also allows for video downloads from sites like YouTube, Hulu, and Vevo.

Although Leawo isn’t free, like most of the other Instagram video downloaders we’ve covered, it’s still quite affordable, and very simple to use. Like most apps, you’ll simply input the URL of the content you want to download to get instant access to the file.

14. Toolzu

Toolzu is an Instagram growth service and Instagram downloader in one. You can use the service to download a range of videos, including Instagram Stories and IGTV posts, quickly and conveniently. Registration with the site isn’t necessary to get started, and you can rest assured that all of your video files will be high-quality.


Toolzu is available to use on any device, including smartphones, and computers, plus it’s completely free. There are no restrictions on how many videos you can download at any given time, so you’re free to collect all the content you like.

Instagram Video Downloader: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to download a video from Instagram?

Using an Instagram video downloader can be safe, provided that you’re familiar with the Instagram terms and conditions. You’ll need to ensure that if you’re planning on reposting the content you download, you have the permission of the original content creator.

How do I download a video from Instagram?

Most Instagram video downloaders ask you to simply copy-paste a link from the Instagram content you want into a search bar to get your download. It’s a very straightforward process. You can sometimes choose the quality of your download, too.

How do I download a video from Instagram without getting the watermark?

Most of the Instagram downloader tools mentioned above will allow you to download videos without the watermark. You can use them by downloading an app, accessing a browser extension, or copying the URL of the video you want to download.

Get Access To Amazing Content

Downloading Instagram content can seem like a tricky process at first. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools out there to help you access amazing content. Just remember if you’re planning on using the videos you download as part of a UGC strategy, make sure you follow Instagram’s terms and conditions and get the permission of the author. 

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