Light Academia Aesthetic on Instagram: The Definite Guide

light academia aesthetic on Instagram
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Last Updated: Apr 1, 2024

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Nowadays, there are a lot of different aesthetics going viral on social media. Some of them are all about fashion style, some of them are connected with music, and so on. Today, we will be discussing the Light Academia aesthetic and how to achieve it.

What is a Light Academia Aesthetic?

The Light Academia Aesthetic is characterized by its emphasis on classical influences, intellectual pursuits, and a romanticised view of academic life. The Light Academia aesthetic draws its inspiration from old libraries, classical literature, and the art and fashion of the old times. The Light Academia Aesthetic teaches you to love learning and making it your way to be more positive and happy. 

The Light Academia followers have a huge obsession with academic validation because they want their goals to be achieved. These types of girls always try to be the best in every subject and everything in life. They found peace in literature, art, and knowledge. 

light academia aesthetic girlies on  

What type of people have a Light Academia aesthetic?

Very intellectual people, love to read books, are interested in arts, and are mostly drawn to the Light Academia Aesthetic. This subculture romanticizes the pursuit of knowledge. You can never see a Light Academia Girl without her favourite book by herself.

This aesthetic is very popular among the young girls. Moreover, these types of girls also love to binge-watch the show “Gilmore Girls.” They often imagine themselves as Rory Gilmore, who is an idol for the girls who love to read. The Light Academia Girls also create a dreamy and nostalgic atmosphere around them.

light academia aestehtic girl details, heels, perfume, accessories

Where did a Light Academia aesthetic come from?

The Light Academia aesthetic has become famous from Tumblr. A lot of girls used to romanticise the lifestyle they had. Their favourite activity was reading books, drinking a cup of coffee, and listening to the sounds of rain. From them, the Light Academia Aesthetic has become popular on TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

 What is the Light Academia aesthetic personality?

Personally, the Light Academia girls are very shy and live in their own world. Most of the time, they are reading books and do not have enough time to interact with other people. These types of girls are very mysterious and desired all at once. Girls like Rory Gilmore attract a lot of people towards them, but they decide to push away anyone who stands between them and their books. 

Moreover, the Light Academia Girlies are very intellectual. If you ever argue with a girl with this aesthetic, you will be defeated. These girls spend most of their time reading and learning the main aspects of this life. From Dostoevsky to Franz Kafka, these girls know everything by heart. 

How to achieve the Light Academia Aesthetic?

If you want to achieve the Light Academia Aesthetic, this article is just for you. Here are the tips on this style and how to achieve it:

Read a lot

It is not a surprise that you need to read a lot to achieve the Light Academia Aesthetic. Compared to the Dark Academia Aesthetic, Light Academia is more about having fun and resting from the outside world while you are reading. The first book you must read is The Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. So, as a Light Academia Girlie, read everything that makes you feel like you are in a dream. 

Use the neutral colour palette

The colour palette in Light Academia is mostly neutral, involving colours like beige, ivory, dusty rose, or olive green. These colours make their style more feminine and soft. The Light Academia girls always look very positive. These types of neutral colours make them look like real princesses and fairies

Have a classical fashion

Light Academia fashion is all about classic and vintage-inspired outfits. These types of girls often wear flowing skirts, blouses, and dresses that are timeless. Some of the Light Academia Girlies love to wear clothes with flower patterns that scream femininity. As an accessory, these girls often wear glasses, they make their look complete with pearls and vintage-style stationery. 

light academia aesthetic picture collages

How to have Light Academia aesthetic on Instagram

The Light Academia girls are not so active on social media. However, most of their Instagram accounts are aesthetically pleasant and gorgeous. Here are some tips on how to have a Light Academia aesthetic on Instagram:

If you want to learn more about aesthetics, check out our 33 types of aesthetics for girls on Instagram and find the best that suits you. 

Create a cozy feed

The Light Academia aesthetic is all about comfort and cosiness. Whenever you decide to upload a picture, make sure that it suits your feed and the vibe is very calming. People from this subculture often post aesthetically pleasant pictures of their workspace or their room. Take pictures of everything you find calming and upload them on Instagram. 

Share your favorite quotes

The Light Academia Girlies love to share their favourite quotes and thoughts. For example, there are a lot of Instagram accounts made especially for sharing quotes. However, you can combine your personal life with these quotes and upload them on your feed. You can upload inspirational quotes like “Go bravely, go deeply, do not go.”

Share love and positivity

Girls who have the Light Academia Aesthetic are very positive and loving. To prove your love to the Instagram community, try to write a lot of posts about gratitude. You can even combine your positivity and literature and share your love with famous quotes from books. “We have art in order not to die from the truth,” as Nietzsche said. 

light academia aesthetic, girls laying under the sun 

Tips for Light Academia Aesthetics on Social Media

The Light Academia aesthetic is very popular on other social media platforms as well. There are a lot of different videos going viral from this aesthetic. Here are some tips for this aesthetic on social media:

Tips for Light Academia Aesthetics on TikTok

If you want to have the Light Academia aesthetic on TikTok, you must choose what you post wisely. Girls from this subculture often use calming sounds for their videos, such as “Space Song” by Beach Bunny. These types of music create a very nostalgic, romantic, and calming vibe. Moreover, it will be great if you share your outfits as well. This subculture has an extraordinary clothing style, so you must show it to the world. 

  • Create a calming vibe
  • Upload aesthetic videos
  • Use calm sounds
  • Have a positive vibe
  • Share your outfits

Tips for Light Academia Aesthetics on Instagram

Girls from this subculture maintain an Instagram account that is very aesthetic and fashionable. Always post pictures with the same filters and the same vibes. Make sure that your posts scream the Light Academia energy. Whenever it’s rainy, light a candle, grab your favourite book, and take aesthetic pictures. Trust us; your Instagram will be immaculate and full of vibes after you post these pictures. 

  • Have a cozy vibe
  • Have an aesthetic feed
  • Post pictures with the same filters
  • Share positivity
  • Post your outfits

Tips for Light Academia Aesthetics on Pinterest 

To maintain a Pinterest account as a Light Academia subculture member, you must be very careful about what you post. Pinterest is looking for inspiration, so your account will be the best. Take pictures of your favourite quotes from the books and upload them. For example, start with the quote, “To the readers who look up at the stars and wish.” By sharing these types of motivational thoughts, your followers will have an emotional connection with you.

Moreover, people from Pinterest also love to see your outfits. Post some inspos, teach others how to style their clothes for any occasion. Be always positive and supportive, people need you by their side. 

  • Post quotes
  • Share your favourite books
  • Be motivating and inspirational
  • Support others
  • Post outfits
  • Teach others how to style their clothes

Which celebrities (or Influencers) have the Light Academia Aesthetics? 

A lot of celebrities have the same vibes as the Light Academia Aesthetics. Some of them are connected to this style for the roles they play, but some of them are like this in real life. So, which celebrities have the Light Academia Aesthetics?

  • Emma Watson: 

Known for the “Harry Potter” films, Emma Watson is a true Light Aesthetic Girlie. She loves to read books and make them her personality traits. Girls like Emma teach other girls how to be feminine, independent, and strong all at once. Emma Watson tries to make the world a better place, and we are thankful for her efforts. 

  • Taylor Swift:

Everybody loves to listen to Taylor Swift. But did you know that she is a true Light Academia Girl? Taylor is smart in a book-smart way. She said in her interviews that she loves to read. And it is quite clear from her songs that she is very smart. A quote from her song, “I could build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at me,” shows how talented this artist is. 

Brands associated with Light Academia Aesthetic

The Light Academia Girls have an extraordinary fashion style. Some of them love to dress in an old-money aesthetic way, but some of them try to thrift their clothes. Here are the brands associated with Light Academia Aesthetic:

Conclusion: Is the Light Academia aesthetic for you?

The Light Academia aesthetic is not so hard to achieve. If you love to read and find peace in reading, have a unique fashion style and love to listen to the rain, this aesthetic is waiting for you with its hands open.  

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