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Last Updated: Apr 1, 2024

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Why do restaurants and cafes need an Instagram presence?

Visual satisfaction

Instagram is a visual platform, and food is a visually appealing subject. Sharing high-quality photos and videos can attract attention from potential customers. These can include images of dishes, drinks, and the restaurant’s interior or atmosphere. Posting pictures of food can increase people’s appetite for your dishes. Photos of food have the power to make people want what you’re offering. It will increase the profit of the restaurant or cafe.

Brand exposure

Instagram provides a platform for restaurants and cafes to boost their brand exposure. Instagram has over one billion active users. It provides a large audience to showcase your offerings. You can reach potential customers locally and globally. 

Brand loyalty and trust

Social media can help to build brand loyalty.  It creates a direct personal connection to the clients. Restaurant or cafe brands showcase the brand’s personality by sharing behind-the-scenes content. They introduce their team members using reels, stories, or photos. They also post beautiful or funny content. This personal connection helps customers relate to the brand emotionally. Communicating with clients daily through comments or direct messages builds trust. It also shows that the brand values its customers. Because of that many of the customers can become regular and loyal clients of the restaurant or cafe. 

Menu promotion

Instagram provides a dynamic platform to showcase a restaurant or cafe’s menu. Posting appealing visuals and descriptions of dishes and drinks can persuade customers to visit and try the variety of dishes. Posting information about specific dishes can influence people’s decisions. This can make the decision-making process faster and easier for them. 

Behind-the-scenes insights

Restaurants and cafes can use Instagram to share behind-the-scenes moments. They can also introduce their team and show them the kitchen and cooking process. This allows customers to see how dishes are prepared for them. This helps build a genuine connection with the clients and also attracts them by showcasing interesting and beautiful experiences. 

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How to start an Instagram for restaurants and cafes?

Create a business account

If you want to use Instagram to promote your brand, creating a business account is better that a personal one.  Business profiles are free and they let people get in touch with you easily. They also allow you to schedule posts for the future. You can access audience insights, like post-performance and interaction. This will improve your social media management. Restaurant and cafe owners can use business accounts to set up Instagram shops. These shops are for home deliveries. This can increase customer demand and profit. To create a business account, you must first have a personal Instagram. This personal account can then be converted into a business profile.

Optimize your profile

Firstly, you need to use a recognizable profile picture, preferably your restaurant or cafe’s logo. The next step is to create a fully optimized bio. It is one of the most important parts of the profile. It’s the first thing people will see when they visit your page.  So, the bio should include all the necessary information. For example, the category of food your restaurant or cafe serves. It should include hours of operation and location. If you put an address link it will be easier for the visitors to find your place. A link to your restaurant’s website is also important for people to instantly see the dish variety. 

Post regularly

Consistency is most important on social media. To keep your followers engaged you have to create a posting schedule. You have to post at least a few posts per week. By regular posting, you can connect your customers more personally. Afterward, you will gain more regular and loyal clients. 

Use Instagram features

Use Instagram’s different features such as polls, questions, and quizzes in stories. They will help you interact with your followers more easily. Experiment with different kinds of content, including reels, long videos, or live streams. You have to find out which type of content is gaining you more views

Track your audience

You have to know what your audience likes. Pay close attention to Instagram analytics, such as story views, likes, shares, and more. These metrics will provide valuable insights into your audience’s needs. Then it will be easier to create an effective strategy based on the data. Instagram will give you all the necessary information that you have to use effectively. 

Instagram automation 

Finding your target audience will connect you with potential customers faster and more easily. There are a few ways to use Instagram automation. Instagram provides built-in analytics for business accounts. It provides valuable information about your audience, including demographics and location. Analyzing this data will help you adjust your content strategy and reach the targeted audience. You can also use hashtags. It will boost the views of your posts and reach a larger audience. This can help you connect with users who are interested in your restaurant or cafe. 

What kind of Instagram should restaurants and cafes have?

  1. Food photography

It is important to post high-quality photos of the dishes you serve in your restaurant or cafe. Before visiting your place social media users will check your profile. The food photos should increase their appetite so that they immediately come to you. Restaurants and cafes need food photographers for this kind of content. Photograph your health food from directly above to make it stand out. These kinds of photos are visually appealing and have become very popular recently. Also, highlight special, original features in your restaurant or cafe with photos. You can also take photos of the interior. The atmosphere of the place can also attract customers to your restaurant or cafe. 

  1. Follower engagement

You need to interact with your followers. Social media of restaurants and cafes is more about gaining followers. You have to build community if you want loyal and regular clients. By interacting with them online you make direct personal connections. Also rewarding them for engaging customers can allow your profile to reach more like-minded people. You have to comment on photos that clients tag you in. Also, reshare your guests’ Instagram stories and respond to their direct messages. 

customers enjoying food in the cafe

How to gain more followers on Instagram as a restaurant or cafe business?

  1. Influencer collaboration

If you want to increase the number of followers influencer collaboration can help you with that. You can reach different audiences.  influencers tend to give good recommendations about restaurants and cafes. Their followers are likely to believe and trust their taste. You can invite some influencers to taste your dishes. Their audience will want to have the same experience.

  1. Use hashtags

Instagram features such as hashtags can help you gain more followers. Your photos, videos, and stories will have more views with hashtags. You will gain people interested in the restaurant or a cafe. Your posts will show up to everyone who searches your hashtags. You have to choose easy and common keywords for many people to see.  

  1. Targeted ads

Instagram is an advertising platform. It allows you to create targeted ads in order to reach the demographics and interests you want. This is a valid way to increase the number of followers. If you target a local audience you will also gain new customers right away. 

Brands with the most successful Instagram pages in the restaurant and cafe industry

  1. Eleven Madison Park

Located in New York,  this restaurant attracts followers with magnificent food photography. They post close-up pictures of beautifully served dishes. They also post behind-the-scenes content such as reels of farmers who supply them with ingredients. Their profile also includes interior photos which attract customers with their beautiful colors and calming atmosphere. 

  1. Noma restaurant

This Copenhagen restaurant is known for its original cuisine. Their social media page consists of delicious dishes. They also shoot ingredients from their garden and in-action photos of their chefs. By Posting videos of the cooking process restaurants and cafes can connect with followers. 

  1. White-castle

White-castle is a great example of how to engage with customers and build a community. Their Instagram page is mostly user-generated. It is filled with clients having dinner at the restaurant on special occasions. They also repost Tiktoks of customers enjoying their food. White-castle is an example of connecting with followers and gaining clients. 

Is it mandatory for restaurants and cafes to have Instagram accounts?

There are 1 billion active Instagram users. If you want to promote your restaurant or cafe, this platform is the easiest and most effective way. People often search for a place to go and eat on social media. Also, it is important that they trust social media and often make decisions based on how active your restaurant’s page is. Instagram is often used to discover local businesses.

People use social media daily, they follow different influencers and trust them. Moreover, hashtags and story shares can reach people outside your targeted audience. All of this makes your restaurant or cafe famous.

Social media is much more about simply gaining customers. You need to create a sense of community by your account. It can be done by engaging with them online and sometimes rewarding them. You can interact with your audience by responding to their comments. It will also be great to reshare your guests’ Instagram stories about your restaurant. You can reward them by creating Instagram contests. Ask them to post photos of their recent meal at your restaurant or cafe. They will have a chance to win a free appetizer. You can hire a photographer to take pictures of your customers enjoying the meal. You will develop more individual and emotional connections with them. While it is not mandatory, all of these reasons prove that an Instagram profile benefits restaurants and cafes. 

How soon can you establish a strong Instagram presence for the restaurant and cafe industry?

You can establish a strong Instagram presence after a few months if you do all the things above. The use of Instagram features, food photography, customer-based content, and targeted ads will make your Instagram page blow up in just a few months. 

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