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Published: Apr 22, 2024

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Nowadays nobody doubts the importance of social media marketing as we live in the era of technology. Accordingl y, a strong presence on online platforms and well-organized social media accounts are necessary for the visibility of any company, business, and even art gallery.

Today, Instagram is the best platform for art galleries to show off their mesmerizing masterpieces and connect with people because of its visual nature. In this guide, we’ll share with newly established art galleries how to get the most usage out of Instagram and expand audiences on a global scale. Using social media properly could be a great marketing tool for any business and, therefore, art galleries. 

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Why do art galleries need an Instagram presence?

Instagram is an online gallery where art lovers can look into and view thousands of wonderful artworks. This is a guide to simple tips for art galleries to light up their presence on Instagram, bringing the world of art closer to an international audience.

  1. Captivating Imagery

One of the main reasons people love Instagram is its visual nature. As for the art and art galleries, the visuality of beautiful artworks is the main thing they have to show the world.  To increase the exposure of the art gallery, you can post high-quality pictures and showcase different stunning masterpieces to the audience from every part of the world. 

  1. Vast audience 

Instagram is a huge platform with over a billion users per month. Because of this, it is perfectly suited for showing off artwork. Every kind of person uses Instagram: art enthusiasts, collectors, artists, and just ordinary people who are considered to be potential visitors. Instagram allows art galleries to communicate with all these people, reach the right audience, and increase sales. 

  1. Sharing stories beyond the canvas 

Every art or artist has its story and concept. Galleries need an Instagram presence to share contexts behind every exhibition or every artwork. Galleries can accompany brief stories to each post in the captions. Instagram is the best place to share interesting stories and intriguing details. If the artist’s background is interesting, or if the piece has a special significance, it’s already alluring and interesting for the audience.  With this narrative approach, people can grasp art in a more personal way and get more sympathy for the gallery. 

  1. Opportunity of collaborations

I think one of the main features of Instagram is networking. This huge platform connects people to people, business to business, and gallery to gallery. With the use of Instagram, your art gallery can easily make connections with other galleries, artists, or influencers that will lead to interesting collaborations, partnerships, and joint exhibitions. This can be a great way to expand the audience and communicate with people.

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 How to start an Instagram account for an art gallery?

  • Create an Instagram account for your art gallery:

Firstly, you have to download the Instagram app and sign up using your gallery’s email or a dedicated email for social media. Choosing a username is also very important as it should reflect your art gallery’s name or niche.

  • Optimize your profile

The next and quite important step is to complete your profile with a recognizable profile picture, like your gallery’s logo, a laconic and appealing bio that describes your art gallery’s focus, style, or concept, and a link to your website.

  • Plan your content strategy:

It is very important to create an Instagram content strategy and know what type of account and content you want in advance. The main key is posting mesmerizing, eye-catching pictures and mastering other Instagram features. The account should follow one style and be organized according to it. 

  • Utilize Instagram Stories: Engaging with Quick, Lively Updates

Head to Instagram Stories for every update. Post videos shot on location, and people’s photos in your art gallery. Write new information about your artists, artwork, or your gallery. Stories are only temporarily available and then disappear, which makes people want to view your account after catching a glimpse of your wonderful art gallery and artworks.

  • Smart Hashtag Use: Helping People Discover Your Gallery.

In your posts, use hashtags – just like labels pointing people to your gallery. Add in popular art hashtags, and create one of your own. In so doing, art lovers can easily locate you and peruse your collection.

Use Instagram automatons:

Lastly, you can use Instagram automatons to help you run your account. Automatons are bots that allow you to relax, while they take care of mundane tasks, like responding to usual customers’ questions in DMs or comments, and automating likes while allowing a social manager to do more important work. 

Instagram automatons can save people’s time, energy and most importantly, increase the number of followers faster. Automaton tools can help you learn more about your target audiences’ preferences, which is crucial for having effective results from an Instagram account. You can buy Instagram automation tools on Kicksta, which is a platform that can help you get more followers by automatically attracting real Instagram accounts, based on your target audience.

What kind of Instagram should an art gallery have?

  1. Consistent Aesthetics: Crafting a Distinct Gallery Identity

Keep a visual theme for your gallery’s Instagram. employs the same colors and styles in each picture simplifying recognition. Unique style and stability will distinguish your gallery from others and will stick to the mind of the viewer.

  1. Themed Content Days: Consistent Engagement

Establish specific themes for designated content days. For instance, designate a “Throwback Thursday” for reminiscing about memorable moments or an “Artist Spotlight” day for in-depth explorations of particular artists. Having consistent and set themes gives your followers something to look forward to each day and, in addition, it keeps your content organized. 

  1. Limited-Time Offers: Creating a Sense of Urgency

Announce exclusive promotions or discounts for art enthusiasts following your gallery on Instagram. This motivates followers to take immediate action, either by visiting your gallery or enjoying exclusive offers. The tactic creates a sense of urgency and excitement.

  1. Art History Tidbits: Educational and Engaging Insights

Share intriguing facts about art history, notable artists, or specific art movements. Integrating educational content enriches your feed and positions the gallery as an informative resource for art enthusiasts. 

How to gain more followers on Instagram as an art gallery?

1. Connect with Your Followers: 

  • Build a Friendly Community

Answer when people comment on your posts. Answer questions and express gratitude. This is how you get in touch with your followers and make your gallery a warm, friendly place. This is the main guarantee of creating a loyal audience and therefore gaining more followers.

  • Live Moments on Instagram: Sharing What’s Happening

Experiment with live broadcasting on Instagram to share moments from your gallery as they’re happening. Discuss new works of art, or provide a virtual tour. It’s a great way to interact personally with your fans.

  • Art Challenges: Spurring Creative Participation

Host art challenges for your followers’ participation. For example, have them draw something based on your gallery and post it with a special tag. It stimulates your audience’s active participation and enthusiasm.

  • Insights from Your Followers: Understanding Preferences

See Instagram Insights for information on your posts. This will help you understand what your fans enjoy. Based on this, do more of what connects with your audience and holds their attention.

2. Share Behind-the-Scenes: Unveil Your Art World

Offer a sneak peek into the inner workings of your gallery. Showcase the behind-the-scenes action of curating exhibitions, preparing artworks, and introducing the faces working behind the scenes. Adding this personal touch brings authenticity and intrigue to your Instagram content and leads to building connections with your followers.

3. Interactive Polls: Engage Your Audience

Encourage audience participation through Instagram’s interactive features, such as polls. Seek their opinions on upcoming exhibitions, future content ideas, or let them vote for their favorite artworks. This transforms your Instagram into a lively and interactive space. Creating interactive content is the number one rule of digital marketing and plays a crucial role in gaining more followers. 

4. Use Instagram automation to gain niche followers quickly

Another way of gaining followers is using Instagram automatons. Kicksta is a platform that helps your account grow by interacting with real Instagram users who match your target audience. After a brief initial phase, they’ll begin following and later unfollowing these targeted accounts, stimulating them to engage with your content. This approach will remarkably boost your visibility, interactions like comments, likes and your follower count.

Art galleries with the most successful Instagram pages  

  • White Cube – @whitecube
  • Victoria Miro – @victoriamirogallery
  • Hayward Gallery –
  • Hauser & Wirth – @hauserwirth
  • Gagosian – @gagosian

Is it mandatory to have Instagram for an art gallery?

For me, having an Instagram account is mandatory for any business, especially for new ones. And art galleries aren’t the exception. Instagram’s visual nature and its huge user base are exactly what an art gallery needs to reach the target audience, establish a loyal community, and showcase mesmerizing artworks to art enthusiasts. 

How soon can you establish a strong Instagram presence for an art gallery?

Generally, a strong Instagram presence needs months and even years to build loyal connections between the agency and its followers. However, if you want to strengthen your Instagram account and gather a large audience in a maximally short period (1-2 months) you must contact Kicksta and get their help to gain more followers with the use of Instagram automatons.


Lastly, getting your gallery to shine on Instagram requires a heavenly combination of exposing the curtain behind magic making; reveling in the success achieved; sharing interesting stories and concepts; and, of course, enchanting people with the magic of great artworks. Sharing the detailed art layout with your viewers and asking them to vote on their favorite may not change anyone’s life much. Still, it definitely brings another level of immersion and makes people feel involved in what you are doing.  

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