How To Save Instagram Videos Using Popular Android And iOS Apps

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Last Updated: Aug 22, 2022

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Are you trying to save Instagram videos to your collection or your phone? It isn’t as difficult as you might think. With Instagram’s built-in features plus a variety of third-party Instagram Story saver apps, you can download or save Instagram videos in just a few simple steps. And once you have that content in hand, you’re ready to repurpose it, save it for future use, or just keep it safe and secure on your device. Here’s how to save Instagram videos on the app or download those videos to your phone. 

How To Save Instagram Videos To Your Collection

It’s easy and fast to save Instagram videos to your collection. When you see a video you’d like to save, tap the banner at the bottom right-hand corner of the post. A bar will pop up that says “Save to Collection” and the post will be saved to your collection of saved posts.

saving instagram videos to a collection

If you’d like to add a post to a specific collection, tap and hold the banner. You’ll see a “Save to” section pop up. From there, you can select the collection where you want the post to go. 

'save to' section for instagram

You also have the ability to create a new collection for the post by tapping the + sign:

saving to a new collection on Instagram

Access your collection of saved photos and videos by navigating to your profile. Go to the menu (the three horizontal bars in the upper right-hand corner) and tap “Saved.” This is where you can scroll through the posts you’ve saved — either by viewing all posts at one time, or looking at one category at a time.

scrolling through 'saved' posts

How To Save Instagram Videos From Your Stories

You can save your Instagram Story to your camera roll during the 24 hours your Story is live. To do this, open your Story and tap the three dots in the bottom right-hand corner. Select “Save” from the list of options.

saving an Instagram video from a story

Next, choose whether you want to save only that individual video, or save your entire Story.

selecting 'save video' or 'save story'

After you hit “Save,” you can find the video in your camera roll.

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Top Third Party Apps To Save Instagram Videos

If you’re looking for an Instagram Story downloader, there are plenty of options out there that’ll help you save the videos you want. Take a look at these choices for Instagram Story saver apps for both iOS and Android. 

iOS Apps


Reposter is an iPhone app that lets you download and repost Instagram Stories and IGTV videos. The app will automatically copy the caption, and there won’t be a watermark on your reposts. You can repost to your feed or your Story and choose whether or not to add attribution. This Instagram Story saver allows you to repost an unlimited number of photos and videos. Finally, you also have the ability to mark photos or videos as Favorites, and you can even schedule posts to regram later.

Reposter app preview


iOS app QuickRepost is a fast and simple way to reshare photos and videos on Instagram. QuickRepost will let you share Instagram Stories with just a few taps, reposting videos in full quality. You can even repost videos from private accounts — a feature that most repost apps don’t offer. However, keep in mind that users only receive five reposts before having to upgrade and pay $10 to continue using this Instagram Story saver.

QuickReport app preview


The FastSave app lets you save photos and videos to your device — downloading the videos and then reposting them if desired. The app is safe and secure, with a fast download speed. You can save multiple photos and videos and easily organize them into a handy dashboard where you can view all content at once. Then create photo slideshows or repost videos directly from the app.

fastsave for Instagram

Android Apps

Video Downloader

Video Downloader is a free, Android-supported Instagram Story saver that gives you the capability of downloading videos from the Internet onto your device. All download formats are supported — from mp3 to mov to avi and more. You can download several files at once and save them in a password-protected folder. The download manager is also extremely easy to use, allowing you to pause and resume downloads or download a video in the background. 

Video Downloader Android App


StorySaver lets you download Instagram Stories and Story Highlights in just a few simple steps. Enter the Instagram username of the account whose Story you want to download. From there, you can view their Story and Story Highlights and select the videos you need. Then it takes just a few more seconds to save the videos to your phone.


QuickSave for Instagram is a free Instagram Story saver that has over three million users. To download an Instagram Story, open the menu (the three dots at the top of the screen) and choose “Copy Link.” You’ll paste this link into the QuickSave app to download or repost the video. For Android 10(Q) and above, use “Share To” and select QuickSave.

QuickSave for Instagram

Tools to Use to Save Instagram Videos On the Web

Trying to save Instagram videos from the web is different from saving videos from the app — and at first glance, it might seem trickier. Use these Instagram Story savers to get Instagram videos off of the web. 


Inflact is a marketing toolkit for Instagram that offers several different features. Among other things, Inflact allows you to download and save content for smart repurpose and entertainment. Copy the link of the video or post you’d like to download. Then paste the link into the Inflact downloader, and choose the folder on your device where you want to save the video. 

Inflact downloader


iGram is an online Instagram story saver to help you download all types of Instagram videos. Copy the video link and paste it into iGram. Then select the quality and download the video. iGram can be used on any device, whether desktop or mobile. In addition to downloading an IGTV video, a Reel, or a singular video posted in-feed, you can also download multiple videos from carousels. 

iGram downloader


Social media promotion service Bigbangram provides an Instagram Story saver tool to let you download videos from any device. The process just takes two clicks: Paste the video link into Bigbangram’s tool and then click download. The video will be downloaded in the same quality in which it was originally posted.

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The final Instagram Story downloader you can use to save Instagram videos from any device is Toolzu. With Toolzu, you’re just three steps away from saving any Instagram Stories that catch your eye. Open the downloader, enter an Instagram username, and click “download.” Toolzu will display all of the Stories available for those 24 hours and you can select the ones you want to save. The videos will be downloaded to your local storage.  

Toolzu Instagram story downloader

Save Time With Instagram Story Downloaders

Instagram Story savers make it easy to save Instagram videos from any device, at any time. Once you’ve saved the videos you need, you can easily access them as you continue to map out your content strategy, repurposing old videos or selecting user-generated content to post. With these Instagram Story downloader options, saving Instagram videos is easier than ever!

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