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7 of the Best, San Diego-Based Instagram Accounts

7 of the Best, San Diego-Based Instagram Accounts

It’s no mystery that San Diego is both the birthplace and headquarters of so many world-renowned businesses. With such a beautiful climate and endless opportunities to capitalize on the San Diego lifestyle, creative inspiration for entrepreneurship seems to spawn out of the ocean breeze. 

While the California surf and skate culture remains blatantly relevant in San Diego, thousands of highly diverse companies are emerging each year making it a truly progressive hub for running a business.

Any Instagram growth service will tell you that an undeniable perk of being based out of this beautiful city is of course its natural, costal beauty. Having a photogenic landscape for your company is great asset for companies to take advantage of when creating an authentic brand image.

We’ve compiled seven of our favorite San Diego-based Instagram accounts below. Each of which truly embody the city’s cultural identity:

1) Reef

7 of the Best, San Diego-Based Instagram Accounts

Reef is a sandal and apparel company started by two brothers from South America in 1984. It has since become one of the leading names in surf apparel and footwear worldwide.

Whether or not you consider yourself a surfer, their Instagram account is sure to provide enough beautiful ocean shots to persuade you to learn how to shred – or at least dress the part.

2) Zero Skateboards

7 of the Best, San Diego-Based Instagram Accounts

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While Zero Skateboards intentionally steers clear of the “coastal” brand image, they do embody the punk rock roots of skateboarding that derived from southern California.

Although the company has been at the forefront of core skate brands worldwide for over 20 years now, their content stays true to their roots with plenty of high-quality San Diego skateboarding photography.

3) Petco

7 of the Best, San Diego-Based Instagram Accounts

Who doesn’t love adorable pet photos on Instagram?

As a San Diego-based business, Petco certainly hit the jackpot when it comes to an Instagram-friendly industry. Give Petco a follow for your daily fix of cute puppies fix as well as their latest products.

4) Rubio’s Coastal Grill

7 of the Best, San Diego-Based Instagram Accounts

If there’s a single dish that would best describe southern California cuisine, it would have to be fresh fish tacos. What started as a small “New Mex” stand in San Diego by a few college students, has quickly turned into a renowned franchise across the western United States.

Rubio’s Instagram strategy is simple and strong, relying on heavily on their coastal roots and passion for a well-crafted fish taco for all you foodies.

5) Sector9

7 of the Best, San Diego-Based Instagram Accounts

Don’t be mistaken by thinking one skateboard company’s content could be much different from the next. The San Diego skateboard scene is extremely diverse, and as such, brands like Sector9 have taken a more non-threatening marketing approach to serve a broader audience than for example.

These drastic differences truly make for engaging Instagram content. Check out the Sector9 Instagram page for some consistent good vibes and SoCal backdrops.

6) Nixon

7 of the Best, San Diego-Based Instagram Accounts

Since 1997, Nixon’s casual style watches have been a staple in the southern California fashion scene. They have since expanded significantly and regularly promote with sponsored athletes and other social media influencers.

Being a sports-influenced fashion company, Nixon is able to cater to all types of athletes, which makes their page full of action. Give Nixon a follow for a healthy dose of surf, skate, models and lifestyle photos.

7) Suja Juice

7 of the Best, San Diego-Based Instagram Accounts

Being such an active community, San Diego also takes pride in consuming local, organic goods. Since 2012, Suja Juice has taken advantage of this organic juicing trend and created a highly successful non-GMO cold-pressed juice company. In fact, Suja is the largest independent cold-pressed juice producer in the country.

The Suja Instagram account is a great source for daily health tips and cleansing inspiration. They’ve done a beautiful job branding their content with colors as vibrant as their natural juices.

An important task for any aspiring company today is to regularly be checking your favorite brand’s Instagram accounts. Take inspiration, but remain true to the roots of your brand. This will allow for consistently fresh content and you’ll find what works, and what doesn’t with your following.

Consider these tips from an Instagram growth service for the most successful social media marketing campaign possible.

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